23 December 2015

The perfect winter jumper

It's officially freezing outside, so this means only one thing... Get the jumpers and all those warmer clothes out from the back of the wardrobe.

I've never been the biggest jumper fan really but I do own a couple but I don't really wear them much because I always feel too restricted in them and I hate feeling too warm.

But Christmas is the time to be jolly and all of the people who wear novelty jumpers look great and really festive.
My wife actually owns quite a few now, from fairly plain ones with Santa's on to an awesome one complete with a fireplace which looks as though it is alight due to it's battery operated effects.
This year she has a really cool lime green one with a huge Grinch face splashed across the front...it reminds me a little of myself.

I'm seriously lacking in the festive jumper department and this year I wanted to join in on the action a little bit but typically I still couldn't find a novelty jumper I liked so I decided on one which looks smart, isn't too thick but still has a little bit of a festive look.

So I went for the Luke 1977 Hortons grey Cable Knit Sweater From Woodhouse.

Woodhouse have been around for 40 years with a boutique in Notting Hill.

The Woodhouse website is packed with amazing items and is definitely a site which I will be heading back to in the New Year - you guys should check it out too.

Right, now back to my jumper.

 The jumper is constructed from a cable knot cotton jersey and features a crew neck collar, long sleeves, ribbed cuffs and a straight hem and as with all to the Luke 1977 clothes it has the signature logo sitting proudly on the chest.

I know it's not the most festive jumper in the world but it is a start and who knows, I may get myself a novelty one at some point.

The jumper is quite thick but doesn't seem so when it is on, in fact I think it feels quite light and not too clingy at all which is perfect for me.

To bring a festive element I decided to wear the jumper whilst decorating the tree...OK...I tell a lie, I just stood next to the tree and pretended to add some tinsel to pose for a few photos, my wife actually started (and finished) the tree and we didn't even use tinsel!

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* I was sent the jumper for review, all pictures and opinions are my own.

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