1 December 2015

Joy Of Plants...Can A Plant Make Me Sexy...?/ad


Possibly not the most exciting of words I could choose to start a blog post off with now is it, but yes, today I am talking plants.

Yep, you did read that right - plants - as in those luscious green things that I'm responsible for keeping alive.
Not so much the ones growing in the garden though, no, I'm focusing more on the ones we have dotted around our house...

the ones my two terror cats find any opportunity to dive into and knock over.

So - plants - what do I think of them?

Well actually, I really like having them in my house if I'm honest.

For one, well, they do look nice don't they and they really help to make any room look a whole lot better.
I actually think they help to "finish off" a room and make it look more homely, more lived in and almost help to give it some personality.

Then there's the fact that having plants around seems to help to bring about a real sense of calmness - I know they generally make me feel a lot happier just by being near them that's for sure.

Sometimes (a lot of the time) I work really long hours and when I eventually do get home I tend to feel so tired, sometimes quite run down and all I want to do is get on that sofa and slob out.

Walking into a house with plants dotted about really helps to lift my mood and, I'm not sure if it's the freshness or the natural colouring of them, but somehow they really just work for me.
One of the first things I see when I walk through my front door is our nice Peace Lily Plant...

It's a really nice looking plant, not too big and not too small. It sits perfectly on the window ledge below the arched window in our hallway. It kind of sets the tone for our house, hopefully gives off a great impression to our visitors. Not that we get that many that is, but when we do get them the Peace Lily always gets compliments.

So really, I should throw my faith towards all things green more often shouldn't I.
I mean they've made my life easier once, I'm sure they'd help do it again.

My wife is really house proud you see, she likes things to look just "so" and thinks plants help to finish off a room nicely...especially plants with "miracle", smell removing powers.

Well, she has to be obsessed with something and it's either plants or ornaments and I'm totally sick of those silly little things - I've broken more than I care to admit to - plants certainly get my vote that's for sure.

I'm coming to the conclusion that I need to make sure I take care of the ones we have more, or maybe even bring a few others home to surprise her with - it would definitely put my other half in a good mood if I did.

And if she's in a good mood then I'm in a good mood, making our home instantly a happier place.

And - come on - let's go there, if I've made the wife happy, brought her a gift, helped spruce up the house and improved the mood all round she's got to see me as a bit of a hero hasn't she?!

Heroes are all irresistible aren't they, irresistible, and shall I say it - sexy?

Woah - plants can help up my sex appeal?!

Who knew!?!

It's a blooming good job I only live about a mile away from our local garden centre is all I can say!!

But I suppose it does make sense - whether attached or living a bachelor lifestyle - having a clean, fresh, plant-filled home not only helps show a sense of style and pride, but it also helps put across the point of being patient and caring.

If a man can nurture and care for a plant, help it grow from nothing and watch it thrive, then surely he must have a loving, nurturing, warm personality too...traits that he would surely lavish on a partner.

It sure makes sense now.

We need more plants guys!

And there are loads of different types out there - with the plants I favour, I tend to prefer the cactus and bonsai tree varieties, with my favourites being the Venus Fly Traps
If you are of a similar age as me (33!) then you will probably know why these are my favourites...

"Feed Me Seymour"

...those ever famous words should ring a bell...

Little Shop Of Horrors - what a film!

Anyway, we had a teeny Venus Fly Trap a few years ago - it was boring and quite pathetic really (it certainly didn't eat people anyway), so when we decided to get my son into all things nature we opted to take our lead from the brilliant Karate Kid movies instead - a bonsai tree it would be to add to his little planty collection.

(Let's just take a minute to note just how many great films have a focus on plants - who knew!)

Now this "collection" of plants my son currently has is in the beginning stages - the one in his room at the minute is very low maintenance and the perfect starting block for him - he definitely thought it was fun anyway.

It's his own little cactus.

And a cactus of the novelty kind at that, all dressed up as a Mexican, complete with 'tash and Mexican hat (what are they called again?) which sits in pride of place on his computer desk amongst all of his treasured Minecraft figures.

He loves it.

And that was my plan...I mean if plants really do help to up a guys sex appeal I've got to get him used to having them around and knowing how best to maintain them now haven't I.

Get him prepared for the future because he's going to have a house full of them...he's obviously going to be a ladies man - just like his Dad - now isn't he...

So it would seem that having plants around really does have a whole lot more bonuses than I ever thought possible.

"Plants are just for women"...hmmm...very obviously not...

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