9 December 2015

Enjoying A Spa Day

A lot of you will probably know that my life has just become really busy lately due to the birth our baby girl Willow.
You girls don't need me telling you, but it's a tough 9 months being pregnant, well I'm only going of what my wife says.
To be honest I don't think I could cope carrying all of the added weight around, I feel uncomfortable if I've eaten to much and my pants and shirt become too tight. 

But like I said, its been a tough 9 months for her so a treat was definitely in order.

What better treat is there than a spa day? 

Yep that's right spa days are amazing and I was really happy that I'd be invited to Alexandra House in Huddersfield to review some of the treatments they offer.


You didn't think I was going to treat the wife did you?
I didn't think you had to do that stuff anymore especially when you have been together so long.

I'm not really that bad of an husband, I've promised I will get her booked it at some point.

So lets talk a bit about Alexandra House.

Alexandra House is a holistic spa in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.
Their beautiful spa days offer you blissful pampering in a magical peaceful setting. 

Sounds perfect...so let me show you and tell you how I got on, and lets see if I came away relaxed, pampered, revitalised and refreshed.

When I first arrived I was really impressed with the building and the surrounding gardens, it wouldn't look out of place in the stunning countryside somewhere.

I was told by the owner that the leaves had only just fallen the day before and I think they give the place a real rustic feel.

Alexandra House offer an amazing amount of treatments but I opted for the back massage and hot foot soak because my back has been in a bad way since I was involved in a quite nasty car accident.
I've struggled of late with sleeping and getting comfortable in general, so I was hoping that this was going to help.

After I got my self booked in (which was nice and quick) I was directed towards the mens changing room to change in to my robes.

When changed, I was directed to the relaxation room, where I could enjoy a nice beverage - I chose a refreshing smoothie which came with an amazing shortbread biscuit.
The room had a real calm aura about and just screamed out
"I'm comfy, park your backside and relax"

After a few minutes my first treatment started.

My feet were left to soak in the hot water for around 10 minutes whist I sat back and relaxed and then they were dried off my a member of staff.
The room was so nice and definitely relaxing, I could have stayed in there a long longer than I did but I was invited to the treatment room to start my main treatment - the back massage. 

Once again the room was so calm and relaxing, this theme spread all through the spa which is a must if you are wanting to feel at ease during your stay.

I can not say much about the back massage because I think I fell asleep, which was totally out of character for me, especially lately as it has been taking me a couple of hours a night just to get comfy.

All I remember was laying down and feeling a nice bit of light pressure on my back, working all my tense areas which went on for around 10 minutes and then for the next 20 minutes I don't remember anything until the member of staff who was performing the treatment said she was going to leave the room so I could put my gown back on.

Which shows how relaxed I was I think.

I was then invited to another room where I had a nice glass of ice cold water and was told to take as much time as I needed to come round.

It was great.

To sum up my time at Alexandra House I can only say good things.
If you looking for a place to get away from the outside world and put all you worries to one side, this is the place for you.

It has a real sense of calmness and relaxation throughout - I didn't leave disappointed anyway.

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I was invited to the spa to review, all pictures and opinions are my own.

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