3 December 2015

A Formal Christmas Party Outfit


How is Christmas only a few weeks away? 

For me, a father of two now, this is one of my favourite times of the year.
Not only do I get to spend a lot of time at home with my family but we also spend quite a bit of time with our extended family, whether it be going to their houses or going out for meals together.

And this year I am hoping to be doing more of the same.

For me, family time is so important and spending time with each other on these special occasions is key for a great Christmas.
This is why the family on my wife's side always go out for a big Christmas lunch at the same place every year and have done so for years and years - I've been going ever since me and my wife got together and this will be my son's eleventh time going now (he was a month old on his first trip) but this year will be extra special because we have just had a baby girl and she will be coming to join in the fun and continue the tradition.

So with all these factors coming in to play, Christmas, parties, food, family and of course plenty to drink, it means only one thing, well one thing that I especially like to do anyway, and that's "dress for the occasion".

The venue isn't a super posh place where you have to dress in your smartest attire but people tend to really make the effort, there's always a good mix of festive jumpers or men in their smartest shirt and ties and then there's the ladies, who always look amazing - especially my wife.

I suppose it's more of a formal/casual type of a dress code.

We always buy new outfits for the day and this year I don't want things to change, so I'm going to make my outfit extra special, I mean I'd better keep up with my "male fashion influencer" status now hadn't I
(I have actually been told I've become this since I started my blog and I will take that compliment any day)

Let me introduce you then to the outfit I will be wearing this year and also tell you where you can get one just like it.

The items are all from the Debenhams Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant Designer department and by J at Jasper Conran.

First up, my trousers.
If you have read older posts of mine then you will know I'm all about the comfort with trousers so this year I have gone for the Hammond &Co. grey raw denim slim fit jeans.

These are a really comfy fit for a jean - perfect for a long day sat down at the table.

And like I said above, it will be a fairly formal dinner so whilst I don't want to be overly smart I still want to look the part so I'm going for a really nice waistcoat which is the J by Jasper Conran Navy wool blend checked waistcoat.

I love the detail in the woollen check on the front of this waistcoat.
The navy blue complements the grey jeans really well and is perfect for the festive season. I'll be wearing it over a long sleeve shirt which also has a hint of blue in it's pattern.

When I put together an outfit I like to try have a focal point, whether it be a stunning pair of shoes, a nice pair of stylish trainers or even just a nice statement t-shirt - something to make everything stand out a little.
This time I wanted to finish my outfit off with a nice colourful tie, which would definitely add detail to the outfit and make it a little bit more formal.

The tie I chose is the Hammond & Co Gold polka dot silk tie

I think the tie certainly is a focal point, a kind of "Look at me, I'm amazing" type of a tie.
The colour of tit really stands out, yet goes so perfectly with the rest of the outfit. 

What do you think of the whole lot together?

Well, if you like it and think that this is the outfit for you then check out the products in more detail by giving the links a little click.

Also, if you are to visit your local Debenhams store then make sure you check out their gift guides available to help choose gifts for loved ones #foundit

I think I'll be using them to help me sort out something nice for the wife this year...I need all the help I can get...


this post is in collaboration with debenhams, all photos and opinions are my own.

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