17 November 2015

Denham The Jean Maker

A few weeks ago I was delighted to be invited along to the new Denham jean store in Leeds.
The store is located in the Briggate retail district and the main doors open onto the main street which is a prime location on what is probably one of the main shopping streets in Leeds.

It's been a while since I last visited Leeds so I thought I'd make the most of it and go for a hair and beard trim first at my favourite chop shop - I mean you've got to look your best for an event, right?

I actually didn't think I would make it to Leeds to be honest, I had a little dilemma that morning, I didn't know which shoes to wear.

 I know, drama or what!

Do you like this photo - I almost look like I know what I'm doing don't I.

I feel like I have to try to look my best when attending events like this, I'm not a vain person but I feel a lot more comfortable when I feel I'm dressed well.

Anyway, the brand Denham was very unfamiliar to me and I was intrigued about the event, in particular to learn more about them. 

Denham was founded in Amsterdam in 2008 by not only a Englishman but one who is a proud Yorkshire man like my self named Jason Denham.
Jason is now known as "the jeanmaker" and after reading this post you will understand why and will agree with me that he has earned that name.

Denham have stores located all over Europe and even have some dotted around the world in places such as New York and Sydney, so why choose Leeds next?

Like I said, Jason is a proud Yorkshire man so why not, and Leeds is probably one of the fastest growing places in Yorkshire for shopping, so it makes sense really.

The store houses two floors you can find menswear items on the main ground floor and you can find the lady's clothing range in the basement.
I find this quite cool to be honest because it's normally us men who have to travel up or down some stairs to get to our section in the shop, but not here,

I didn't really venture through the woman's section - I was more focused on the offerings for myself if I'm honest - and because I was the only male blogger in attendance I had my own free reign of that section to take loads of nice photos of some of the amazing items on sale.

Not only do Denham produce and sell some amazing jeans but all of the other products for sale were quite amazing too.
I don't think I saw one item which I wouldn't wear, which is really strange for me, just ask my wife I'm very picky sometimes with my clothing.
Denham have definitely got it right with this collection, everything they have on sale is right on trend.

Looking at the photos you will notice that there is a theme going on throughout the store with all of the scissor designs and there is a good reason and story behind that - scissors, jean making, cutting fabric is kind of the obvious explanation but another reason is that Jason is an avid collector of scissors and the older the better.

He apparently he has a huge collection and searches eBay and other selling sites quite a lot and if you look closely on every single pair of jeans made by Denham you will find a scissor symbol made up of 691 stitches, that attention to detail really is amazing and it shows that they really do care about every item made.

The shop is really special, it's very minimalist but everything inside really stands out, you can even have a coffee whilst you shop too which I think is a nice touch...and it's very nice coffee too I must add.

I think this coat is great by the way - it stood out to me a mile.

So, not only is Denham a great shop, but it also has something really special to offer too.

There is a private wardrobe area which can be booked out and is totally separate from the store.
If you are the sort of person who likes to shop but who hates busy stores and the hassle of waiting in queues for the changing room then this is perfect for you.

This service is free of charge and the private room is kitted out with refreshments so you can come in with friends, sit back, relax and try on fabulous clothes in a nice, calm, relaxing manor.

Perfect for a girl or boys day out - you can even get picked up from your home and be driven to the store in total luxury, but obviously this part of the service will cost you.

I think it's a great idea, book in, give your sizes and the sort of stuff you are after and it will all be sat waiting for you when you arrive. 

Perfect if you ask me

I was lucky enough to be treated to a pair of jeans whist I was at the store, but me and denim have a bit of a history, so I felt sorry for the sales assistant who was assisting me. 

My problem with denim is that I just never feel comfy in it, I can honestly say that in my whole life I have only felt comfortable in one pair of jeans, and that was over 15 years ago.
I had just left school and had started a job straight away so was earning quite good money for my age and I spent the majority of it on clothes, which is how I found my perfect pair of jeans costing £180 pounds.
(I'm not going to tell you the make of the jeans but the symbol was like a funny shaped MacDonald's sign)
They were so comfy and almost felt too soft to be jeans but that's just how I liked them. 

And this particular pair of jeans lasted me over 10 years.

As I got older, I settled down and had a son which stopped my excessive spending.
I began buying cheaper clothing and this is where my fall out with denim started, I began spending no more than about £40 pound on a pair of jeans and I used to hate wearing them - none of them felt good, they were too stiff and the shape was all wrong so I only wore them when I really had to. 

So back to trying some on in this shop.

It didn't take too long before the shop assistant pointed some out to me after a brief chat about what sort of styles I liked and what problems I had faced in the past.

Unfortunately they didn't have my size, the waist was fine but the leg was too long.  I was asked if I wanted to use the tailor service which the store offered, they told me they would take the legs up to fit my leg perfectly, but I would have to call back in a hour or so to collect them.

I think this is a great service but unfortunately I didn't have the time to wait so we looked at some other styles and found the perfect pair, they were so comfy and fit perfect around my thighs, which normally is a pain area for me because I have big thighs because of all of those years of rugby. 

The jeans were £155 and got me to thinking that I've only had two pairs of jeans in my life that I have enjoyed wearing and each was quite expensive, but I think you get what you pay for.
I will be thinking twice about the jeans I buy in the future and will definitely pay a bit extra than normal to get the perfect pair from now on. 

To be honest I could talk all day about Denham and their brilliant range but if you are wanting to find out more about them or check out the full range of products, male or female, then I strongly recommend visiting the webpage
(found here) 


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