20 November 2015

Becoming The ultimate Gentleman, Guest Post

A Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Gentleman

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If you are an average man then it is a pretty safe assumption that you are able to dress yourself properly and that you scrub up not too badly. While this all well and good, how many of us actually want to be considered average? Failure to stand out from the crowd can ensure that you are stuck on the side-lines as a meagre spectator, watching life slowly pass you by as others feast on life’s rewards.
How often have you been out and about on the town and seen a dapper-looking bloke who is attired in the latest threads? What’s more, he even seems to have that haircut that you have always wanted but simply never knew how or what to ask for.
Unfortunately for us men, we are required to educate ourselves in all elements of style and sophistication, basically it just doesn’t seem to come naturally to us. Luckily though, it is indeed possible to educate oneself and ingrain gentlemanly traits that will last you a lifetime.
Fortunately for you this guide to being the ultimate gentleman can be considered to be something of a cheat-sheet and will enable you to impress with minimal effort over the upcoming Christmas period.
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Every Second Counts
There comes a time when a man finally realises that every second in his life is crucial and that it needs to be accounted for; this usually occurs around the time that you start work and have a host of responsibilities forced upon you. When you need to ensure that every second is spent valuably, what better place to keep track of it than on your wrist?
Basically, you need to start a watch collection. While this seems like something that is relatively straight-forward, it needs careful consideration if you are to be the envy of others.
The first consideration needs to be the amount of money that you wish to spend on starting and developing your watch collection. Unless you are able to spend around £3,000 to £10,000, you aren’t going to be able to afford something that would be considered to be an investment piece. Ensure that you take some time out to do your homework and consider all of the available options. You need to be completely sure that you love your watch, there is nothing worse than splashing the cash and then realising that you don’t actually like it.
Less is often more in these situations and it is better to go down this route than opting for something that is too flashy or extravagant. Go for something simple and you will be able to wear it with a variety of clothing and on multiple occasions. If the watch is too big for the cuff of your shirt to fit over it then it is too big, it’s as simple as that.
The next decision is whether you want you want your watch to be automatic, or if you want to wind it up yourself. This isn’t such a big deal, but you need to remember that your watch will stop working if you don’t wind it up. If you do decide to go down the manual route, then a watch winder by the likes of WOLF would be an ideal purchase and is the tell-tale sign of a true gentleman.
Finally, you need to decide on what style of watch you wish to purchase. There are various options available but deciding on vintage is a good idea, it takes a bit more time to be able to find one which is suitable but when you do you will realise that it was time well spent. If you are looking to pick up something that is unique and stylish, then consider heading to a local flea market.


Make Sure That You Don’t Inflict #GiftFace
While the concept of #GiftFace is something that is a relatively new phenomenon, it is has actually been around for thousands of years (probably). It forms part of Harvey Nichols Christmas 2015 marketing campaign and focuses on avoiding that “thanks for disappointing me” face that we often see around the Christmas tree each year.
Despite the fact that you like to believe that you are up to date with the latest fashions and trends, the truth is that you actually more than likely have absolutely no idea what to buy your younger brother or cousin this year. As you hark back to your younger days of receiving the latest PlayStation, or dare I say, a Mega-Drive, you may realise just how out of touch you are with today’s youth.
Being a gentleman means that you are able to effortlessly be up to date with the latest fashions and trends across a variety of different age groups. Unless you are naturally aware, then this is going to have to be something that you keep up with by yourself.
As you would expect, there are still the yearly trends dominating and dictating what you should be buying this Christmas. The latest craze for boys is quadcopters; if you aren’t too sure that these are, then these are basically miniature drones that you can fly and record images. Yes, I am sure that it is as fun as it sounds. On the other hand, if you are tasked with buying a gift for the fairer sex, then you need to invest in a pixel bag.
Sort Your Barnet & Face Out
There is no better feeling than walking down the street and having knowing that all eyes are on you. It is a major confidence booster and can ensure that there is an extra spring in your step and you perform better at work, university, or whatever you do.
We all know that fashions change ever so quickly and that there is always a haircut that everyone seems to have. While it can be tempting to simply follow the herd and do what the others do, this is possibly one of the worst ideas that you can have. You need to ensure that you keep your hair looking fresh and unique. If you have the same haircut as everyone else, then how can you claim to be a gentleman? A gentleman is something of a trendsetter, not a follower; as soon as the others start adopting your hairstyle, you should be moving onto something else.
There are various places to take inspiration from when deciding on a new style, but remember that you need to go for something that actually suits you and makes YOU feel good. That is what is important here, this all about your own self-confidence and not what you think others want to see; a gentleman is confident and calm in his own skin, which will ensure that you exude the right vibes to others.
Deciding whether to opt for a beard or not is a question that has plagued men for centuries and centuries. Luckily for us, beards are well and truly in; if you are one of those men who has difficulty in growing one, then there is no better way to say this than, unlucky!
As you are aware, there are various beard styles that can be employed by the modern gentleman, but it is better to keep it simple. Ideally you should be looking to go for a full beard that is kept trimmed regularly. When I say regularly, I mean at least once a week, not every few months. It is also important to keep your beard nicely shaped and ensure that it doesn’t venture down onto your neck too much, this is also an excellent way of enhancing, or creating, a strong looking jawline.

Invest In Your Threads
Most men are now aware that it is a fact of life that they are unable to skimp when it comes to buying clothes. It is perhaps true that thirty to forty years ago you could get by without spending more than a few quid on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Now, however, you are expected to make an effort with your appearance and the fairer sex expect you to take a passing interest in the clothes you wear.
Again, this is a matter of personal preference and you need chose a style which you are comfortable with, it is too easy to tell when someone has gone for a style that is simply not them and they look ever so out of place. Basically they just don’t look comfortable in their own skin and this is a major turn-off and is certainly not behaviour which constitutes a gentleman.
There are various sources of information if you are looking for a bit of advice and have no idea where to even begin. A mistake which is often made is to opt for clothing that is bright and screams ‘look at me’. It has long been a belief within certain circles that ‘peacocking’ is a guaranteed way of seducing an individual. However, in reality you will earn nothing but a few sneering laughs and provide the entertainment for whatever party you find yourself at; you should aim to buy clothing with colours that could be considered understated, this a classic look for men and is a guaranteed winner.

Again, and this cannot be stressed enough, avoid any fads of fashions that are copied by the majority as this is not the behaviour of a gentleman.


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