1 October 2015

Non-Iron shirts from T.M.Lewin

Right, if I start this post by talking about ironing please don't stop reading, I promise it's going to get better...well I hope it is anyway.

So who remembers that part of growing up when your parents always had a set ironing day - and when I say day I do actually mean a full day.
Stacks and stacks of clothes on the kitchen units or the sofa, one by one each item gets ironed then either folded up or put onto a coat hanger, and then they were all put in separate piles for each family member to take.

We had five people in my house...there was a lot of ironing...I can only imagine what it was like for anyone with a family bigger than five... 

An actual launderette springs to mind.

So you might think that seeing all of this would have helped embed the "ironing day" rule into me - but nope, I'm certainly not up to those big, waste of a day ironing sessions - no thank you.

In fact I will only iron an item of clothing if I am going to wear it that day and it really needs doing. 

Don't get me wrong I don't dislike ironing - in fact I find it prity relaxing, I get in a little zone by putting my favourite music on and then I just get on with it - my son and wife's clothes usually end up materialising on top of the pile too I must add - but even so, I don't want to do it for hours on end.

By the way, can I just ask why on earth are female items of clothing so hard to iron?

They are always a funny shape or made from so many different materials that you have to change the iron settings about 50 times so you don't burn holes all over the place....

This aside though, I do try to just hang clothes up when they are dry and hope the creases fall out so I can simply stick them on and head out, but obviously this only works with a few things - shirts are a major no-no for this.

But maybe not.

(Here's the exciting bit)

What if you could wash and dry a shirt, hang it up and then just put it on when it was needed without having to touch it with an iron.

The amazing people  at T.M. Lewin have designed and manufactured a product which they believe is the new ultimate non-iron-shirt and will allow you to do just that.

This quote was sourced from their webpage and explains how they've managed to create this -

The secret’s in the technology…

Regular non-iron shirts are good. But put very simply, we think this one is better. The secret’s in the special coating we apply to every inch of the 100% cotton fabric, even the seams. Each shirt is then baked at extremely high temperatures so the technology can work its magic.
We’ve left no stone unturned. Every crease-prone inch of every new Non-Iron Shirt has been treated so all you have to do is wash it, hang it out to dry, and then wear it.

Sounds good doesn't it!

I was lucky enough to have one of the shirts from the non- iron shirt range sent to me so let me tell you how I got on with it and if it really was as "non-iron" as it claimed.

My first impressions of the shirt were that it looks like any normal shirt.
It didn't have any magical aura around it which would stop it from creasing or anything.

Upon trying the shirt on it did feel a little heaver than most shirts I currently have - I don't mean heavy like you are wearing a shirt made of chain-mail, but just a little heavier material wise - quite thick really - which would be perfect for the colder weather I can see us having very soon.

I was going to wear this for a blogger event I was invited to but it was a warm day so I decided not to - instead I just screwed it up and chucked it into the washing basket.
A few days later I put a load in the washing machine...OK, I'll tell the truth...my wife put the load into the washing machine and in went the shirt too.

Later that day I removed the load from the washing machine and hung the stuff out to dry, including the shirt and it was out most of the day. 

Check out the results 

What do you think?

The shirt is almost 100% creaseless.

There were a few towards the bottom but only small and noticeable if you picked the shirt up and give it a full inspection - once it was on you couldn't tell at all.

I only wear shirts on the odd occasion so I know I don't appreciate the idea of a non-iron option being available as someone working in an office who has to wear them daily - I can only imagine how much of a pain it would be getting a fresh shirt ready late at night or early in the morning every single day.

A non-iron shirt would certainly save a lot of time in situations like these.

If I ever do move from a manual laboring job into to the world of office work then I would definitely think about getting a few more from this non-iron section on the website.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you have found it useful.

Please let me know in the comments section below what you think. 


This shirt was sent to me to review but all the opinions and pictures are my own

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