3 September 2015

MCR Fashion Industry SS15

So, if you are a big twitter user you may have noticed that a few weeks ago there was a big event going on in Manchester called the SS15 Blue Hues, put on by the amazing people at
 MCR Fashion Industry

If you didn't see it, well, its tough luck now because it's over.

But, if you carry on reading you will find out all about it...

It was Manchester's biggest fashion event and I was lucky enough to be invited over to participate in everything as a VIP visitor.
It seems so weird when I put myself and VIP in the same sentence, I mean why would any body want to invite little old Carl, the automatic door fitter from Bradford to a fancy fashion event where a few celebs will sure to be hanging out?!

I'm not complaining though, I think its about time I stopped putting my self down really and face facts - I may actually be quite good at this blogging thing.

Well that's enough about me, I'll save that for another post, lets talk about the event.

The first part of the event was held at The Restaurant Bar Grill which is just located just off Deansgate - this is where the pre-party was going to take place and also the fashion show itself.

Then later, the after party was to be held at The Milton Club, also on Deansgate, which was great because it didn't mean there was a long hike or a taxi drive between venues, and also, because I had my VIP ticket I had access to both venues.

You may have noticed above I mentioned the event was call Blues Hues, which means it was blue outfit time.
 Which presented a problem, I didn't own anything blue apart from a pair of trousers, so what was I going to do.

I was on "Mission Find Blue Stuff"!

Me being me, and also knowing the the place was going to be packed with dapper looking guys and glamorous looking ladies, I knew I needed to stand out and hopefully wear something nobody else would be, try to out do some of the celebs a bit.

But before I go in to the outfit I wore I want to tell you a bit about the build up to the event and how I prepared, I wanted to do something a bit different and because it was a event where blue was the theme I just wanted to use as many blue things as possible. 

So that morning I woke up and used full fat milk with the blue lid on my cornflakes...only joking I think that would be taking it a bit too far :)

But everything else I used was blue including my hair styling and beard grooming products which all came from the amazing people at The Blue Beards Revenge who for me are massive in the male grooming product game
Look out for my review in the near future.

What do you think?
Did the products do a good job?

Right, so that was the hair products, what about the rest of the grooming routine?

That sounds so funny to read, "grooming routine", if you had of asked me a year ago what was my "grooming routine" I would have just said "a splash of water", because that's all I used to wash with but now I try all sorts of different products and have found some real beauties.

And because the Wellman range is blue that's what I used to keep with the blue theme.
My favourite item from this collection is the eye serum as it smooths away the fine under eye lines which is a must when you get to my ripe old age. 

With that, the grooming is done, now lets get on to the eagerly awaited outfit.

This is where I made the biggest blogger mistake ever, I forgot to take a photo of me wearing this amazing blue scarf.

Fit in well with my "blue theme day" didn't it.

It also complemented my outfit really well, but it was a warm afternoon so I left it in the car in the end which is why I didn't get any pictures.

But what I love most about the scarf is that it's not only made well and looks fabulous, it also has a great story behind it.

It is made by the amazing Yorkshire Company Glenbrae UK who offer fine British knitwear.
It was made in remembrance and in honour of the Battle of Britain in its 75th Anniversary and sports the distinctive commemorative 'spitfire' emblem.
The scarf is made from the finest merino wool too and I promise I will get some pictures of me with it on especially in the colder winter days whilst watching my son play rugby.

Now on to footwear.

I wore these amazing London Brogue Gatsby's and to be honest they got a lot of people talking.
I was complemented on them by loads of people, even a few celebs who I was chatting too.

Well I'm not shy I will chat to anyone :)

Now - the suit 

I was very, very lucky to have this sent to me by the amazing people at Next.

Its a blue nep fabric skinny fit suit which I completed with a white shirt with blue trim, a tan colour belt and a navy blue bow tie - also from Next.

I've never worn a skinny suit before but I fell in love with this one the moment I put it on - it was a bit tight on my calf area but fit perfectly everywhere else.

I felt really comfortable in the suit which is a must for me - comfort most certainly is key.

In my opinion the full outfit works really well together, I would love to know what you think in the comments section below.

I didn't attend the event alone I attended with Stephen, the Dad from the amazing blog A Blogs Life who himself looked very dapper on the night in this swish French Connection number.

We arrived at the Resturant Bar And Grill a little early so we sat down stairs and sampled the lager from the bar.
I didn't really want to spend too much time down there because the smell of the food was making me so hungry - hopefully one day I'll head back there and sample whatever was teasing my taste buds.

Anyway, after a short while we were invited upstairs to take part in the evening.

The place looked amazing and because it was a nice afternoon we headed out onto the balcony because that seemed to be the busiest place. 

I was having a great time mingling with some very well dressed people, everyone was so nice and I met some really cool people and even got a few cheeky selfies in. 

Everybody who was involved in the making of the event must have worked their socks off and the amount of brands and people involved was immense.

 See the picture below for a list of just a few of them.

The main event of the night was obviously the catwalk fashion show which was held on the balcony featuring some stunning young models from Vanita Model agency, with make up by the Cassie Lomas Academy and hair styled from Esmie Studios.

If I put all of the pictures on here that I took my post would be a bit picture heavy so I've put together a little video so you can check them all out.

After the show ended we headed downstairs again, ready to make our way up to the after party at The Milton Club when we spotted a young lady doing some illustrations of fellow guests.

The young lady was @Lapetitsalope and you should definitely give her a follow and check out her work

Me and Stephen wanted a piece of the action too of course...

It looks just like us.

Then it was time for a quick pose.

I must have been having a good time - I almost cracked a smile!

After a few more photos we headed up to the Milton, after swiftly dodging the paparazzi - to be honest, I think they must have been changing their batteries or memory cards when we walked out because I can not remember any flashes going off...

After a five minute walk we landed at the The Milton Club which was starting to get very busy.

The Milton Club is an amazing venue, the music was right up my street from a bit of old school 
hip-hop to modern dance and chart music.
Everybody walking and dancing around looked great in their blue outfits,

We even got some front row viewing of the fire-breathing girls...which neither me or Stephen complained about...

We didn't stay too late, well, when I say "too late" I mean we left around midnight when but then in true Bradford-Boy style we ended the night with a nice kebab.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I would like to thank the guys at MCR Fashion Industries for the invite and I look forward to seeing you guys in the future.


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