16 September 2015

New AW15 shirts from Guide London

I know its sad to say it but the spring/summer season is officially over...
Yep I know what you're thinking
 "Did we even have a summer?"

Well not really, we had a few days which meant I got to put my shorts on and get my legs out but to be honest it doesn't need to be red hot for that to happen - I'm definitely a lover of shorts, rain or shine.

I'm the sort of guy who has one year round wardrobe and if I could get away with it I would wear shorts every day.

But things are actually changing.

Since I began my blog there's been a real change in my image and it's not only because I've had some amazing opportunities to work with some great brands - although that has played a big part in it - but one of the main reasons is that I now actually want to dress nice and look smart, and not just for special occasions either - I want to look my best all of the time.

Social media has had big part to play in this image shake up too - Twitter is full of pictures of amazing clothes worn by celebs, models and even fellow male bloggers - they all look so good and I want to fit in this category too.

And then there's Instagram - I love it but hate it at the same time.
There are so many nice pictures around men's fashion, fashion that I want a bit of - and I must admit, I regularly have a hashtag search for some future outfit inspiration.

So, SS15 has ended, but not to worry, there's now AW15 to get our teeth into and this only means one thing - new lines, new outfits from all of the brilliant labels will be on offer.

This year will be probably the first time ever my wardrobe will change depending on the season - away all my shorts will go, well, maybe not all - I will still keep the odd few pairs out just in case the sun does want to play out, and they will be replaced with smart pants, jeans and what ever else I find that will look good.
Most of my t-shirts will follow the shorts too - apart from my polo's - to be replaced with smart casual tops and also some smart look shirts. 

I now have a few new numbers to add to my shirt collection, including this one by Guide London

And if you haven't heard of them before then let me introduce them to you.

Guide London is a British menswear brand that has been trading for 28 years.
The brand started out offering just a range of shirts, but they now offer a full range of stylish menswear including knitwear, denim, tailoring and out wear.

The main focus of the Guide London brand is detail: they are the British brand and every detail really matters.

The shirt I have is the polka dot print shirt with a cutaway collar in sky ad it can be found in the shirt section

The shirt looks quite plain until you get close too it and then see the amazing red and sky blue printed polka dot pattern.
The design really helps take the shirt away from being just another boring plain white shirt.

I love how the collar, having the cutaway detail, helps give the shirt a real sharp looking neck line - it makes it a little bit different.
I was also impressed that the shirt is slim fitting - there's nothing worse than wearing a shirt way too big for you.

I like a shirt to be,well, kind of figure hugging really - but not too much that all of the buttons pop after a nice meal.

This shirt is a large and fits perfect around my 42 inch chest.

And it arrived at the perfect time for me because I had a friends wedding to attend recently.

And I obviously wore it to that...

I wore the shirt with a nice pair of plain blue trousers, and as I mentioned before the shirt has a cutaway collar so I decided not to wear a tie because I really wanted the cut of the collar to be on show.

I pulled on a pair of vintage blue braces instead and I think they really brought out the best in the shirt.

What do you think of the outfit?

Did it work?

Let me know in the comments section below.

So now I've told you how great the shirt is and shown you how good the shirt can look.

So what would you say if I were to say...

 " You can win one for yourself "

Amazing right!

And it doesn't have to be this exact shirt either but can be any shirt from the range up to the value of £80.

All you have to do is enter the competition below and follow the rules by signing up the the Guide London mailing list.

That's it

And if you want an extra chance of winning, visit their Facebook page, follow them on Instagram and then tell your friends.

The winner will be announced on the 16th of October - which could be the day my baby girl is born...

Good luck and don't forget to follow me - all my social media links are at the bottom of this post.

Enter Competition

This post was in collaboration with Guide London, The shirt was sent to me by the to review, all pictures and opinions are my own.

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