24 August 2015

Mark Wright - The Grosvenor Gent

On Monday the 27th of July I took my first blogger trip to London, in fact it was my first trip down since I went with school a lot of years ago.

To be honest when I first got the invite I wasn't sure that I was going to attend with it being so far away but I already had the day booked off work so I decided to say yes.

But then I realised it would mean me getting the train down, alone, and then having to brave the tube for the very first time

 " All by my self "  

I know what you are thinking! 

How super brave of me :)

My train journey was fine, I only had one change and the tube was OK too - I don't know what I was so worried about.  

Someone even tweeted me whilst I was in the Leeds train station saying that they had spotted me.

With me heading down to London super early and the event not starting till 6.30pm I had plenty of time to have a look around and I even managed to slip in a important meeting whilst I was there...but I will tell you guys more about that in the near future.

Anyway, I had a good nosey around London and found so many cool places to eat and drink, but me being me I headed for my favourite place - Subway - and yep, I went for it - I only get foot-longs.

But let's move on to the more important stuff - the event itself.
It was held at the Grosvenor Casino Barracuda 

Very nice I know

And was set up to help launch their new social media campaign entitled 'Grosvenor Gent'

The casino have teamed up with none other than television personality Mark Wright who they believe  is the ideal man to bring the campaign to life. 

A series of top tips and 'How To' videos, all hosted by Mark. will run on the casino's social media sites for several weeks starting on 6th August.

In the videos, Mark will share his casino-based advice and will cover everything from casino style to casino etiquette to the ideal things to look for when choosing a suit and even how to make a good first impression.

Here's a preview of one of the videos:

At the event itself, Mark was to be chatting to us about the things within the videos and answering a few of our questions.

Obviously I know who "Mark Wright" is - I'm sure most people do.

He's on TV shows, is in most magazines and I'm sure everyone has seen his wedding pictures by now, but did I really like him?

Well I didn't dislike him - I don't really dislike anyone - but I know I only really came around to him when he appeared on I'm A Celebrity where you got to see him for what he actually is - just a normal guy.

And I was pleased to have the opportunity to actually meet him in the flesh to see if my opinion was right.

The event was held in the White Room of the casino - it was a fairly swanky VIP style set-up really with a few of the more popular casino games set up plus a small seated area where Mark would be having his chat.

There was a nice little bar in the corner with a selection of drinks - which I gladly sampled - for once I wasn't driving so it was only right that I had a couple.

Before the talk began I had time to speak to a few of the guests there - some being from the press, some staff members - and everyone was really nice, I could have chatted to them for ages to be honest I felt that much at ease and comfortable.

I was asked if I wanted a few trail games on the roulette table and I was actually really keen to have a go - I've never been to a casino properly before, I was invited to go watch the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight a few months ago, but as far as gambling I had no clue so I gladly took the opportunity to have a crash course on the starter tables.

I really enjoyed playing the games and think I know the basic rules now - the guy who took us through everything was amazing and didn't even get annoyed with my six million questions asking how much would I would have won if we were using actual money.

Not that I would have been putting chips down the way I was if it had been real money, but it wasn't so I was just throwing them down...oops.

After all of the game playing fun we were invited to sit down and wait for the talk to begin.

Mark arrived, looking as smart as ever in an amazing looking suit which I wouldn't mind having myself actually.

And I have to admit, he is a very good looking guy - his hair and skin were perfect, and his teeth...can a guy have teeth envy??

They were perfect!

Mark explained to us what it means to him to be asked to be the face of the campaign and be called the 'Grosvenor Gent'.

He gave us tips on dating, male grooming, men's fashion, how he likes to place bets when he's in the casino himself and things like what he likes to wear when he visits casinos and how much fun you can have there, whether it be with the lads or on a date with your partner.

He mentioned he likes to do a lot more of this now and spoke about how being a gentleman isn't just about looking the part it's also about being polite and well mannered - things he explained he believes stemmed from his childhood and the way he was brought up.

He let us in on his icon and role models too - the people he looks up to for fashion and looks inspiration and I can actually see this persons style in Mark...who else could it be but Mr David Beckham himself.

The talk with Mark was more along the lines of an informal chat between friends.

The interaction from him towards everyone in the room was really good and easy-going, there were even a few jokes thrown in and he had the whole room in laughter at one point.  

Mark really did come across well - he was very well spoken, very polite and definitely had all the attributes to be called the...

 'Grosvenor Gent' 

I can totally see why he is the face of the campaign. 

Once we had wrapped everything up I had a brief chat with Mark before making a run for it up Baker St to get my tube in time for my train.

But hopefully I'll be back at the casino before too long...I have a twenty-five pound chip that needs using...

Check out my small clip of Mark explaining how he likes to place bets below:

If you are keen to learn what other tips Mark has to offer please visit (here)

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