16 July 2015

Dads view on #BabyBaker

Hi guys 

I've been meaning to do this post for a few weeks now but for some reason I seem to have lost my blogger mojo.

I don't know why but I can't seem to get the lap-top out and start putting stuff together, but I'm here now and typing away so I hope u enjoy the story I'm about to tell you. 

But wait...just my luck, like I said I've been struggling to sit down and write and when I finally do...my son needs a hand building his Minecraft world.

*one hour passes*

Right I'm back now, after building the longest wall on planet earth, so, let me carry on. 

You all probably know that I am going to become a dad for the second time soon and if you didn't know, well you do now.

My first born is now 9 and they will be a 10 year gap between him and his little sister who is due in October.
It is quite a long gap but I've spoke to loads of parents who have kids with similar age gaps and they all say it will not be a problem, which I didn't think any way because my son is super excited and can not wait for his baby sister to arrive.

He has stated though that he will not be helping out in any of the nappy duties.

We actually never thought we would have a 10 year gap between children and we started trying for another baby about 3 years ago, but it never happened and I just kind of thought that's that - I had it in my head that it was never going to happen. 

Until around 6 months ago that is.

I've got a bit of a cheesy story to tell, and to be honest I wasn't going to share it but stuff it, it may be true...let me know what you think...

I'm still kind of new to the blog scene, I've been blogging about 7 months now, and I did mention in one of my first ever posts that since I started blogging it's made me such a happier person, it's one of the things the wife noticed straight away.

So basically what I'm getting at is did me starting blogging help and play a part in us getting pregnant?

I mean, like I said, we had been trying for 3 years...

And all the dates add up...

Told you it was cheesy

A real Blogger Baby!

Announcing our news on social media was amazing, we got so much love from everyone especially other bloggers - I actually think that a few were more excited than us, and we also got the baby it's own little hashtag - #BabyBaker - which was given to us by some very "Talented Talkers". 

It was a weird feeling for me knowing that I was going to be a dad again and it took ages to sink in.

I think we got lost in all the excitement and didn't actually sit down and think about things like where will the baby sleep and what do we need to do to make our home baby ready. 

We only live in a two bedroom house which isn't overly massive and I wouldn't say it has tonnes of storage space either.
We are definitely (unfortunately) not in any position to move house financially, so what would we do?

At first we thought about totally redesigning the upstairs of our house by building walls, changing windows and running new pipes and cables for the electrics and heating.
We started pricing up and the cost plus time needed just wasn't worth it.
Plus we had to think if it would add value to the house in the long term or devalue it due to the bedrooms being super tiny. 

We scrapped that plan thankfully and decided to just decorate our bedroom, making room for all of the baby stuff and kind of separate it from our space.

And obviously we decided to redecorate our son's bedroom at the same time. 

It was about this time we were contacted my the amazing people at Asda George who said that they had heard about #BabyBaker and wanted to kit out our nursery and give us and helping hand in the first few months of baby's life.

I was truly gobsmacked by this news and still can't believe it now.

Until you have a baby yourself you will not understand the relief you feel when people offer to help out in situations like this.
Its like a big weight had been lifted off of your shoulders and quite a few boxes on our list of essentials could be ticked off.

I'm not going to get in to all the little details of what I had to do in the the house but I will let you look at the before and after photos - you will see for yourself that it was quite a lot of work and was all done by my very self.

Well, I didn't fit the carpets but I did do everything else - I took a week off work and was putting in 12/14 hour days to get it all finished - I even had to miss my personal training session on a Saturday because I couldn't move my back.

As you can see in the photos the baby will have it's own little area in our bedroom and we have some amazing bits of baby bedroom furniture - all supplied buy George at Asda - such as the moses basket,  the baby changing plus a boat load of babygrows and things like that.

We were also lucky enough to be sent a bottle warmer, a bottle steriliser set, baby monitors and quite a lot more...to be honest the list is quite endless.

Yep that's right, our baby girl has definitely been looked after.

Like I said before it wasn't only our bedroom we were had to sort, my son's was included too - we really wanted to spoil him and really kit his bedroom out to make him feel special, important, not left out and to help him be more independent and feel all grown up.

He loves his new room and I would have loved to have something like this when I was younger.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and I'm sure they will be plenty more posts from me giving my view of all things Baby Baker in the near future.


1 July 2015

My first tech post featuring earphones

Hey guys 

This post is something a bit different to my normal posts

I usually post about beard oils, male beauty products, fashion, lifestyle and on the odd occasion, music, but this will be my first ever kind of a tech post. 

Technology posts are something I would love to do more of but I've not had the time or the opportunity yet.

I wouldn't say I'm an expert in technology but I do know what I like and I'd like to think I'm a good judge and know how to use stuff. 

In the future I really want to get more into gaming posts and videos...so watch this space. 

Like I said, this is my first tech post, I bet you're all dying to know what sort of technology I will be talking about aren't you?

Well it's something that fits in with my lifestyle really well and is probably something that you may use yourself a lot of the time too. 

 And it is earphones.

For me I don't think there is any better way to relax than laid out on the bed, earphones plugged in,  listening to and watching your favourite YouTube videos, whether it be music or one of your favourite Vloggers and Youtubers. 

We have loads of pairs of earphones in our house though, but they are not the best quality ones in the world - they just do the job they are meant to
(I think most households will have a pair of these, you know, the ones you get free with phones)

But when it comes to wanting to use them they all seem to go missing at the same time - don't ask me where they go to but I always seem to get the blame for some reason...

If you know me or follow my blog, you will know that I'm a big fan of music and have been since I was young.
In fact certain songs really got me through a few hard times as a kid, I think this is part of the reason I carried on being such a music fan. 

Listening to music is something I do most days whether it be in the van at work, in the gym or just been lazy and chilling at home. 

I love listening to it in the van where I can play it as loud as I want to and can have a good sing along too - I bet people in vehicles next to me think "What a weirdo!".

In the gym musics normally blasting out through the speakers which I find really helps me get in to the zone.

But it's at home where I use earphones/headphones the most - I do actually have a very expensive pair and without naming them I bet you can imagine which ones they are...if you don't know then here's a clue...

They are made by a Dr and his name rhymes with Jay....

But when I wear these I really struggle to get comfy especially when I want to lay on my side, they are just too bulky.
I've attempted to wear them to the gym a few times too but I could only use them when I did my exercise bike routine - everything else was a no go and so is where small earphones come in handy. 

Let me introduce you to the earphones I've been using for the last few weeks and let me fill you in on how I've been getting on with them...

You can get the The earphones from Amazon

The earphones are the Brainwavz S5 which are a dynamic driver based earphone, fitted into sleek, all-metal housing with tuned speakers for extra balance providing you with detailed sound and a smooth bass. 

The over the over-the-ear design and flat cable allow the S5 to securely fit into your ears - even during physical activities - I put this to the test and took my bike out for a ride for the first time this year and they really didn't disappoint - they didn't fall out once. 

You also get a really cool case to house the earphones in too - perfect for protecting them in my gym bag.

There is also a selection of tips included tips to suit all ear sizes, you get standard tips, bi-flange and Tru-flange tips and all are either foam or silicone.
I found this really interesting because I've never been able to find a type of earphones with tips to fit my ears, normally they always fall out, which I find very annoying.

I was pleased I was able to find the perfect size fit and also the fact that they are really easy to change over was a bonus.

The earphones have a really sleek design and look like a real high end item. 

I'm not going to bore you with the spec on the earphones, I will just tell you how they performed. 

Due to everyone having a music taste which can be very different to mine, I wanted to test the earphones using a few different styles of music.

First, because the music I like is Rap with as hard a hitting base as possible to go with some great vocals this was the option I looked at first.

I tried the earphones on a few devices - IPhone, laptop and IPad - and was really impressed - you didn't miss a beat and you could hear every word spoken really clearly...even the swear words ;) 

I even cranked the volume past the red on the iPhone and the sound stayed balanced and didn't start to crackle...but of course I wouldn't suggest you do this - it was very loud. 

I found the ear tips to be great sound blockers which I realised because I did the hoovering and lawn mowing whilst listening to music through them and I could hardly hear the machine noises at all.

Quite brilliant for an earphone because it is normally the larger headphones which act the best sound blockers.

I also watched a number of my favourite Vloggers too to see what the sound was like with no music and just people talking.
Once again everything was really crisp and clear, almost as if I was in the room with them. 

I even went out of my way and listened to a bit of classical music too and once again there was no fault - the sound was great and the higher pitched vocals sounded just amazing...but I'm not a big fan of this music so it didn't get tested for that long...

I can see these earphones getting plenty of use in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who uses earphones a lot and may be looking to gain as much sound quality as possible through earphones.

I hope you enjoyed my post and please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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I was sent this item to review, but all photos and views are all my own
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