21 June 2015

Me and My Mini Me On Father's Day

Hi everyone 

This is my third Father's Day post now but is probably the one I most enjoyed writing and that's because it's all about me and my boy. 

You may have seen one of my earlier posts, well I say earlier, it was one of my first posts when I started blogging...which was only six months ago and it was a post about the bond me and my son have - how strong it is and how important it is.

But f you did miss it, don't worry you can find it (here) - I would love to know what you think of it. 

Anyway, the bond between us is stronger than ever - he's brilliant - we regularly play the Xbox together and spend time everyday talking about everything- mostly it's wrestling related (my son is obsessed!) and at the moment, his main goal in life is to become a professional wrestler.
And naturally, myself and his mum will fully support him if that is what he wants to do. 

You may remember me telling you before that my son is making the most of this Father's Day because it is the last one where he will have me all to his self with the upcoming arrival of his baby sister in October...but you will know all about that if you follow my wife Married To A Geek - it's all we talk about at the moment, but I don't think our friends mind really, they seem to love chatting about it with us too.

In fact our baby girl even has her own little hashtag on Twitter - #BabyBaker

This Father's Day - today - could potentially be a really busy day for me - my son has a rugby game this morning (he has promised me a good game and will even try to score a try for me - I've told him as long as he plays well then that will make me happy) and later, weather dependent, we are possibly going over to a family BBQ where three generations of father's will be eating, laughing and having a brilliant day.

I'm definitely praying for sunny weather

With Father's Day being so busy this year, we went on a little early adventure-outing yesterday, just to make sure myself and the boy had a little quality time together this year.

Before I go into details of the day I think it's important that I explain just how myself and my son are so similar...

Obviously I don't mean looks wise, my son is way too young to grow a beard ;) and now he's older I don't think he looks too much like me - he did when he was a baby, but not so much now, he is more lie his Mum...which I'm pleased about because she is very beautiful...and so is my son. 

When I say we are similar I mean in the way that we act and our sense of humour - those are very much the same...maybe because I still act like a kid most of the time and have been known to tell the worst jokes ever - even my son rolls his eyes and says "Dad, that was rubbish" but it doesn't stop me telling them.
(I get it from my dad because - he is well known for rubbish joke telling...and so is his Dad...)

Our similarities also come from the style of clothes we like to wear.

We don't walk around in matching outfits like twins but we both love to wear shorts, joggers, t-shirts and hoodies - comfort first - but on the odd occasion, when we really need to, we do know how to dress smart, just with our own spin on things. 

So, back to our little Father's Day adventure

We headed over to my mum's for the day - she basically lives next door to a beautiful forest and we love nothing more than taking a walk through when the weather is nice.
It's so peaceful

There is nothing better that climbing through the trees and bushes on our own little adventures, letting our imaginations run wild.
It normally turns into a bit of a story too, usually with us having to escape from some monster or other.

We did the same a few years ago and I managed to slip into one of the ponds and ended up soaking wet...lets just say I wasn't amused at the time, but I came around later once I had dried off.

Obviously my snap-happy wife brought her camera along on our walk so here are a few pictures from our adventure.
I will let you make your own mind up if you think y son is a total mini me...

Please let me know in the comments section below

* All items of clothing were sent to me by Next as part of their Mini-Me campaign - all words opinions and photos are my own


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