24 June 2015

Ginger Nuts Beard Products

Hey Guys 

Since I started blogging I've done a few beard related posts, well I've done one every month actually, and surprisingly I've found that my readers really seem to like them - both male and female.

I have had great feed back from guys saying they are wanting to start growing a beard and ask me what I would suggest is best or I get them saying that they have struggled to grow one in the past and they wished they had known about beard oil because it may have stopped the itchiness which caused them to give up and shave it off.
Many say they are now going to purchase some oil and try again.

I've also had feedback from ladies saying that they thought about getting, or have actually got some products for their partners after reading my posts.

I mean I'm no expert on beard products but I'm so glad I can help.

So because of all of the positive the feed back I am going to try and keep up with my beard posts - this month being no exception.

I've only been using oils for about five months and when I used my first one I was really impressed, however, apart from smelling different I just assumed that they were all the same, but I was so wrong...every oil I have used has been totally different. 

But before I let you in on this month's oil, let me tell you a little more about it...

The oil in the spotlight is:

  The Good Day Organics Beard Oil 

You can get this product at what I think is possibly the best named website ever - Ginger Nuts

The reason I love this name so much?

Well my brother and sister are both gingers so I obviously don't have anything against ginger haired people...but I'm glad I've got dark hair - and that's all I'm going to say... :)

The website is amazing, if you're after anything to do with male grooming then just take a visit, you will be amazed at the amount of cool stuff there is on offer.

You can also get some really cool bits of of clothing too - this t-shirt grabbed my attention immediately

I will be putting this on my birthday list (which is only a few weeks away now)

Now, on to the Good Day Organics Beard Oil

As you can gather from the name. it is an organic product and it is great to know that it only has certified organic ingredients within it and is totally vegan friendly and cruelty free.

I'm really loving the fact that I've been using loads of organic and natural products lately.
To be honest I think it is a must in this day and age and I may go as far to say that I will possibly go down the route of only using this type of product.  Ever

Who knows 

The oil is also sensitive skin friendly and is perfect for beards both short and long.
The mild ingredients provide long term moisturisation to the beard and skin underneath without leaving an oily residue.

But how does this oil differ from the others I have used?

Well let me tell you.

This oil is really quick thick - when I first used it I thought to my self that it looks a little bit like vegetable oil (hmmm...I wounder if I could fry my bacon in it?)

 Well...it is an all natural, organic product...

This was also the first beard oil I had used which had no scent and I didn't find this a bad thing at all because sometimes the smell of the oil really gets up your nose. 

When reviewing an oil I normally like to use it for about a month but because I was on a bit of a blogging break recently due to some home improvements I've used this one for almost two months now.
There is still quite a lot of oil left in the 50 ml bottle too which is amazing to say I have used it twice a day, daily within that two months.

As the oil was quite thick it was a little harder to wash off my hands after I had applied it to my face and I have found thinner oils much easier to do this with.
After reading on a fellow bearded blogger Alan's post this issue was solved in no time - if you wet your hands a little first before applying the oil it washes off a lot easier.

Cheers for tip pal

I love reading other blog post about stuff I'm interested in - I always pick up hints and useful tips and you guys should definitely check his blog out too.

So, what do I think?
Well I have become a real fan of this oil.  It does everything a beard oil should do - it keeps the beard feeling fresh, soft and itch free and it also helps it to really glisten in the sun...
I mean you have got to make yourself stand out in them selfies don't you...

There's a few of my Touch And Pass rugby pals who always make comments and jokes about how my beard smells and how shiny it is.

Personally I just think they are jealous - some of them will never have a need for beard oil, they can only manage to grow a bit of bum fluff on their faces no matter how much they try... 

I really hope this post has been useful for you


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