17 June 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Hi everyone

If you're a father like me then you will know what day is just around the corner. 

Yep that's right Father's Day, the one day where I might get breakfast in bed, but due to me only just finishing decorating my bedroom - complete with new bed, bed covers and carpets - I don't think it will happen this year.

But I'm not one to complain, I will settle for some crumpets and a nice cup of coffee at the kitchen table. 

I've never been one for big presents on Father's Day and the best present is normally a lovely cute personalised card made by my son at school.
He always adds a funny picture, normally of me, and I can not wait to see what my beard looks like on this one. 

This will be the last time it will be a sole Father's Day card from my son - next year it will be from his little sister also. 

I'm quite a big fan of novelty gifts and I've had my fair few given to me over the years - I've also been known to give a fair few out too - my favourite has got to be a No1 Dad coffee cup, but I don't get one that often because my wife tells me I will just end up leaving it in my work van for months on end...which I can not argue with...

So, like I said I do like novelty ideas, so I would just like to introduce you to a few which I wouldn't mind receiving this Father's Day. 

First up is a traditional brand cheese board set

This is such a great crafted item made from Hevea wood, which I have found out is environmentally friendly - a big plus in this day and age.
The feel of the board is really solid and the etching is nice and quite deeply carved into the wood.
It can also personalised with names, surnames, and even with a special date - perfect for a day such as Father's Day.
Obviously mine says "Carl's Cheese" so wife and son stay away...

It also opens and closes with a nice smooth action to reveal a integrated speciality knife compartment which looks really smart.

The compartment contains three different types of cheese cutting tools all made from stainless steel with wooden handles.
I've got to admit it's a really nice piece of kit and I will be definitely using this on the special day to make my self a bit of cheese on toast.

So that's some nice, easy, comfort food sorted for Fathers Day all I need now is a nice drink and normally I would be really happy with a large cup of coffee, but this year I may push the boat out and have a tipple of alcohol - but I don't just want a bottle just getting for me, I want it getting for me in style...

Maybe in something like this personalised garden beer trug

Just like the cheese board this item is very solid as it is made from walnut wood, which gives it a darker look.
It can be personalised with up to 35 characters top and bottom and it holds up to 6 large bottles of what ever tipple you fancy - the words "Super Dad" just sum me up perfectly too...even if I do say so myself....

Oh - beer not included though

I'm not the biggest drinker in the world but this year I'm off to a family BBQ on Father's Day and with the wife being pregnant and designated driver, I may just fill up my trug and take it along with me.

I really hope this post has given you a few cool ideas for ways to treat your father on his special day - but if not, make sure you pop over to Treat Republics website found (here) and I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of Dad-Appropriate personalised goodies they have on offer.

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I was sent the above Items to review but all of the photos and views are my own.

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