15 June 2015

Candy Hero sweet treats

Daft question... but who likes sweets?

Well if you don't it doesn't matter because I do.

So when I was invited along to my local Candy Hero shop - which happens to be only a 15 minute drive from my house - I was over the moon, I mean who wouldn't be.

The shop isn't on the high street or in a town centre, it's in what you would call a small trading estate.

First, let me tell you a little about Candy Hero if you haven't heard of them before.

Candy Hero Ltd was founded in West Yorkshire by two brothers in December 2008. Their mission was to supply the largest variety of unique, specialist, and just plain tasty, selection of candy from around the world to the UK, Europe and beyond.

Their on-line shop opened on 2009 and by 2010 the original offering of around 20 products had doubled to 40!

Now in 2015 they are huge and are still growing the range with well over 2500 products for you to choose from.

They also promise that they are always on the lookout for more amazing products to add to the range too.

When I visited I found that the shop itself was only small but it was packed out with loads of amazing stuff, take a look at the few pictures I took whilst I was walking around, drooling.

I didn't realise that Pringles came in so many flavours, I defiantly need to check out the Jalapeno flavour, I think they would go really well with a nice salsa dip.

Looking at all the different sweets it was definitely taking me back to my childhood, my mouth was watering, I could only imagine what would be going on in a kids head walking around the store. 

I'm not the biggest fan of Reeces Pieces but if you are you will be in heaven in the store

Also in store they have an online touch screen computer so you can order all of the goodies you want if they don't have it on the shelf and you can check out the latest deals.
I had a quick play with it and found it really easy to use and the deals were amazing.

You can also build your own hamper which is cool.

A lady and her son were putting a hamper together as I was walking around, it was packed with all sorts of goodies and I overheard them talking and telling the guy behind the counter that it was a gift for her younger son - when she got the bill she couldn't believe how cheap it was.

I wouldn't complain if some one got me a gift like that...
(Hint Hint to the wife - its my 33rd birthday soon)

Well I was a very lucky guy as it turns out, and I didn't have to wait untill my birthday for some amazing treats, the store had put together a little box of goodies for me to sample.

You can imagine the big grin on my face when they handed it over to me :)

 I didn't open the box straight way I was a good dad and waited until I got home so my wife and son could share the goodies wth me. 

We all sat at the kitchen table and I tipped the box out - my sons face lit up.

 Wow these crisps were red hot, I didn't manage to eat them all but I tried my best, if anybody fancies a challenge and thinks they can handle then I would suggest definitely giving these a go.

The mint chocolate chip gum has got to be the best chewing gum I have ever tasted, the flavour lasts for ages and tastes exactly like mint chocolate chip.

 I mean who doesn't love nerds right!

They were my sons favourites and I didn't really get a look in but to be fair I've eaten a fair few box's in my life time to know I like them.

If I'm honest with you, I could talk about Candy Hero all day but I'm not going to.

I just going to tell you to visit the online store found (here) or if you live in the following areas -
Leeds, York or Bradford
- I suggest you go visit the stores also.

If you do visit the online store or go into a shop let me know what you think - I can only apologise if I made you hungry whist reading this post 

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