24 June 2015

Ginger Nuts Beard Products

Hey Guys 

Since I started blogging I've done a few beard related posts, well I've done one every month actually, and surprisingly I've found that my readers really seem to like them - both male and female.

I have had great feed back from guys saying they are wanting to start growing a beard and ask me what I would suggest is best or I get them saying that they have struggled to grow one in the past and they wished they had known about beard oil because it may have stopped the itchiness which caused them to give up and shave it off.
Many say they are now going to purchase some oil and try again.

I've also had feedback from ladies saying that they thought about getting, or have actually got some products for their partners after reading my posts.

I mean I'm no expert on beard products but I'm so glad I can help.

So because of all of the positive the feed back I am going to try and keep up with my beard posts - this month being no exception.

I've only been using oils for about five months and when I used my first one I was really impressed, however, apart from smelling different I just assumed that they were all the same, but I was so wrong...every oil I have used has been totally different. 

But before I let you in on this month's oil, let me tell you a little more about it...

The oil in the spotlight is:

  The Good Day Organics Beard Oil 

You can get this product at what I think is possibly the best named website ever - Ginger Nuts


21 June 2015

Me and My Mini Me On Father's Day

Hi everyone 

This is my third Father's Day post now but is probably the one I most enjoyed writing and that's because it's all about me and my boy. 

You may have seen one of my earlier posts, well I say earlier, it was one of my first posts when I started blogging...which was only six months ago and it was a post about the bond me and my son have - how strong it is and how important it is.

But f you did miss it, don't worry you can find it (here) - I would love to know what you think of it. 

Anyway, the bond between us is stronger than ever - he's brilliant - we regularly play the Xbox together and spend time everyday talking about everything- mostly it's wrestling related (my son is obsessed!) and at the moment, his main goal in life is to become a professional wrestler.
And naturally, myself and his mum will fully support him if that is what he wants to do. 

You may remember me telling you before that my son is making the most of this Father's Day because it is the last one where he will have me all to his self with the upcoming arrival of his baby sister in October...but you will know all about that if you follow my wife Married To A Geek - it's all we talk about at the moment, but I don't think our friends mind really, they seem to love chatting about it with us too.

In fact our baby girl even has her own little hashtag on Twitter - #BabyBaker

This Father's Day - today - could potentially be a really busy day for me - my son has a rugby game this morning (he has promised me a good game and will even try to score a try for me - I've told him as long as he plays well then that will make me happy) and later, weather dependent, we are possibly going over to a family BBQ where three generations of father's will be eating, laughing and having a brilliant day.

I'm definitely praying for sunny weather

With Father's Day being so busy this year, we went on a little early adventure-outing yesterday, just to make sure myself and the boy had a little quality time together this year.

Before I go into details of the day I think it's important that I explain just how myself and my son are so similar...

Obviously I don't mean looks wise, my son is way too young to grow a beard ;) and now he's older I don't think he looks too much like me - he did when he was a baby, but not so much now, he is more lie his Mum...which I'm pleased about because she is very beautiful...and so is my son. 

When I say we are similar I mean in the way that we act and our sense of humour - those are very much the same...maybe because I still act like a kid most of the time and have been known to tell the worst jokes ever - even my son rolls his eyes and says "Dad, that was rubbish" but it doesn't stop me telling them.
(I get it from my dad because - he is well known for rubbish joke telling...and so is his Dad...)

Our similarities also come from the style of clothes we like to wear.

We don't walk around in matching outfits like twins but we both love to wear shorts, joggers, t-shirts and hoodies - comfort first - but on the odd occasion, when we really need to, we do know how to dress smart, just with our own spin on things. 

So, back to our little Father's Day adventure

We headed over to my mum's for the day - she basically lives next door to a beautiful forest and we love nothing more than taking a walk through when the weather is nice.
It's so peaceful

There is nothing better that climbing through the trees and bushes on our own little adventures, letting our imaginations run wild.
It normally turns into a bit of a story too, usually with us having to escape from some monster or other.

We did the same a few years ago and I managed to slip into one of the ponds and ended up soaking wet...lets just say I wasn't amused at the time, but I came around later once I had dried off.

Obviously my snap-happy wife brought her camera along on our walk so here are a few pictures from our adventure.
I will let you make your own mind up if you think y son is a total mini me...

Please let me know in the comments section below

* All items of clothing were sent to me by Next as part of their Mini-Me campaign - all words opinions and photos are my own


17 June 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Hi everyone

If you're a father like me then you will know what day is just around the corner. 

Yep that's right Father's Day, the one day where I might get breakfast in bed, but due to me only just finishing decorating my bedroom - complete with new bed, bed covers and carpets - I don't think it will happen this year.

But I'm not one to complain, I will settle for some crumpets and a nice cup of coffee at the kitchen table. 

I've never been one for big presents on Father's Day and the best present is normally a lovely cute personalised card made by my son at school.
He always adds a funny picture, normally of me, and I can not wait to see what my beard looks like on this one. 

This will be the last time it will be a sole Father's Day card from my son - next year it will be from his little sister also. 

I'm quite a big fan of novelty gifts and I've had my fair few given to me over the years - I've also been known to give a fair few out too - my favourite has got to be a No1 Dad coffee cup, but I don't get one that often because my wife tells me I will just end up leaving it in my work van for months on end...which I can not argue with...

So, like I said I do like novelty ideas, so I would just like to introduce you to a few which I wouldn't mind receiving this Father's Day. 

First up is a traditional brand cheese board set

This is such a great crafted item made from Hevea wood, which I have found out is environmentally friendly - a big plus in this day and age.
The feel of the board is really solid and the etching is nice and quite deeply carved into the wood.
It can also personalised with names, surnames, and even with a special date - perfect for a day such as Father's Day.
Obviously mine says "Carl's Cheese" so wife and son stay away...

It also opens and closes with a nice smooth action to reveal a integrated speciality knife compartment which looks really smart.

The compartment contains three different types of cheese cutting tools all made from stainless steel with wooden handles.
I've got to admit it's a really nice piece of kit and I will be definitely using this on the special day to make my self a bit of cheese on toast.

So that's some nice, easy, comfort food sorted for Fathers Day all I need now is a nice drink and normally I would be really happy with a large cup of coffee, but this year I may push the boat out and have a tipple of alcohol - but I don't just want a bottle just getting for me, I want it getting for me in style...

Maybe in something like this personalised garden beer trug

Just like the cheese board this item is very solid as it is made from walnut wood, which gives it a darker look.
It can be personalised with up to 35 characters top and bottom and it holds up to 6 large bottles of what ever tipple you fancy - the words "Super Dad" just sum me up perfectly too...even if I do say so myself....

Oh - beer not included though

I'm not the biggest drinker in the world but this year I'm off to a family BBQ on Father's Day and with the wife being pregnant and designated driver, I may just fill up my trug and take it along with me.

I really hope this post has given you a few cool ideas for ways to treat your father on his special day - but if not, make sure you pop over to Treat Republics website found (here) and I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of Dad-Appropriate personalised goodies they have on offer.

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I was sent the above Items to review but all of the photos and views are my own.

15 June 2015

Candy Hero sweet treats

Daft question... but who likes sweets?

Well if you don't it doesn't matter because I do.

So when I was invited along to my local Candy Hero shop - which happens to be only a 15 minute drive from my house - I was over the moon, I mean who wouldn't be.

The shop isn't on the high street or in a town centre, it's in what you would call a small trading estate.

First, let me tell you a little about Candy Hero if you haven't heard of them before.

Candy Hero Ltd was founded in West Yorkshire by two brothers in December 2008. Their mission was to supply the largest variety of unique, specialist, and just plain tasty, selection of candy from around the world to the UK, Europe and beyond.

Their on-line shop opened on 2009 and by 2010 the original offering of around 20 products had doubled to 40!

Now in 2015 they are huge and are still growing the range with well over 2500 products for you to choose from.

They also promise that they are always on the lookout for more amazing products to add to the range too.

When I visited I found that the shop itself was only small but it was packed out with loads of amazing stuff, take a look at the few pictures I took whilst I was walking around, drooling.

I didn't realise that Pringles came in so many flavours, I defiantly need to check out the Jalapeno flavour, I think they would go really well with a nice salsa dip.

Looking at all the different sweets it was definitely taking me back to my childhood, my mouth was watering, I could only imagine what would be going on in a kids head walking around the store. 

I'm not the biggest fan of Reeces Pieces but if you are you will be in heaven in the store

Also in store they have an online touch screen computer so you can order all of the goodies you want if they don't have it on the shelf and you can check out the latest deals.
I had a quick play with it and found it really easy to use and the deals were amazing.

You can also build your own hamper which is cool.

A lady and her son were putting a hamper together as I was walking around, it was packed with all sorts of goodies and I overheard them talking and telling the guy behind the counter that it was a gift for her younger son - when she got the bill she couldn't believe how cheap it was.

I wouldn't complain if some one got me a gift like that...
(Hint Hint to the wife - its my 33rd birthday soon)

Well I was a very lucky guy as it turns out, and I didn't have to wait untill my birthday for some amazing treats, the store had put together a little box of goodies for me to sample.

You can imagine the big grin on my face when they handed it over to me :)

 I didn't open the box straight way I was a good dad and waited until I got home so my wife and son could share the goodies wth me. 

We all sat at the kitchen table and I tipped the box out - my sons face lit up.

 Wow these crisps were red hot, I didn't manage to eat them all but I tried my best, if anybody fancies a challenge and thinks they can handle then I would suggest definitely giving these a go.

The mint chocolate chip gum has got to be the best chewing gum I have ever tasted, the flavour lasts for ages and tastes exactly like mint chocolate chip.

 I mean who doesn't love nerds right!

They were my sons favourites and I didn't really get a look in but to be fair I've eaten a fair few box's in my life time to know I like them.

If I'm honest with you, I could talk about Candy Hero all day but I'm not going to.

I just going to tell you to visit the online store found (here) or if you live in the following areas -
Leeds, York or Bradford
- I suggest you go visit the stores also.

If you do visit the online store or go into a shop let me know what you think - I can only apologise if I made you hungry whist reading this post 

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9 June 2015

Teatox detox

Hi guys 

I've reached a point in my life were I just constantly feel rubbish, I mean I'm really happy with my life in general - I've got a great job, my family life is amazing, I'm really loving blogging at the moment, well apart from trying to find time to do it, but I'm just not happy within myself.

I'm just a bit fed up of feeling tired and bloated.

I know my long hours at work and surviving on a bout 5 hours sleep a night doesn't help with this at all.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I've started with a personal trainer which has helped me feel a bit better within my self and it's also increased my energy levels, but I can not get rid of that bloated feeling.
To be honest, I have just come to think that it's because I'm getting old - I hit the big 33 next month so I'm not a spring chicken anymore.

But if you are a serial tweeter like me and spend a lot of time on twitter you will always see things about the latest diet or slimming aid floating about.

The main one I have been hearing a lot about lately is Teatox by Slimming Solutions.

Me being such a dumb ass, I totally read it wrong for about a week and thought it was called "treetox" - don't ask how because I knew it was a tea.

Anyway, when I found out that Slimming Solutions were looking for bloggers to review their products I said yes, it was a bit naive of me because I didn't have a clue what it was, well apart from being a tea of course.

So it was time to do a bit of research on the product...let me tell you what I found.

Being a blogger, the easiest way I have found to do a bit of research is to put a tweet out asking a few questions - I did and got a mixed bag of replies really.

A few people had just started with it and others had either done it or read posts from people who had used it and I must admit, a couple of replies concerned me because all of them said the same thing "good luck I hope you have plenty of bog roll" 

I thought what have I let my self in for, but me being me a person who will never be swayed by anybody else, and a guy who likes to make his own mind up, I was still definitely up for giving the product a go. 

So now let me introduce you to Teatox.

It is simple really - it's a detox using tea.

It works by combining a unique blend of tea formulas - a daytime blend and a evening blend - these are both designed to work in harmony with your body to help get rid of all the unwanted toxins, resulting in a full body detoxing effect.

It also boosts metabolism and reduces cravings.

Sounds great if you ask me...Now let me tell you how I got on.

Like I said above, the tea comes in a daytime blend and an evening blend.

The daytime blend is best to have every day, preferably as soon as you get up, whilst the evening blend should be consumed once, every other evening just before bed and the whole plan lasts for 14 days.

I started the plan on a Monday, I don't know why but I always like to start using new products on a Monday....is any one else the same?

Usually the only tea I really have is a regular mug of Yorkshire Tea, never a green tea blend like the Teatox one so I didn't have a clue want it would taste like.

My first sip, I was a bit nervous, but I was surprised, don't get me wrong, it wasn't the best tea in the world but it was pleasant enough on the old taste buds. 

The evening blend was very similar, but I preferred the daytime blend. 

After my first week of using Teatox had I noticed any change I hear you ask!?


For one, I was a big fan of the tea and two I noticed the feeling of being bloated had reduced.
I'd also go as far and say that it felt like I had lost weight - I checked on the scales and I hadn't - but that didn't concern me, I was all about improving how I feel with this product. 

And I know what you're all wanting to know, after a week of using the tea, how much toilet paper had I gone through?

Well - just the same amount as normal, it didn't affect me "like that" in any way. 

Onto the second week - I did exactly the same, drinking the tea morning and every other evening and eating a kind of healthy diet...well sometimes, but the feeling didn't change much at all.
I mean I still didn't feel bloated but I didn't feel less bloated than week one which I expected, and I still - thankfully - hadn't had any toilet trouble (this is why I am a strong believer of trying stuff out for my self and and not been influenced by others views and opinions) so it just goes to show, we are all different and respond to products differently.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has given you a little more info on the product, but if you want to know more and fancy seeing what else Slimming Solutions have to offer please visit their website found (here)

I would also love to know if you have used the products or are thinking of using them, please feel free to let me know in the comment section below. 

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(I was sent the product to review but all the views are my own )


3 June 2015

Looking after my skin with Scaramouch & Fandango

Hi guys I hope you are all well.

I've been on a little two week bloggeing break due to me doing a lot of DIY and home improvements  for our baby which is due in October, but now I'm back I would like to tell you about an amazing brand that has kept my face feeling super fresh and super clean throughout this grime, dust filled period. 

The brand is Scaramouche & Fandango 

To be honest I've never heard of the brand before, but after doing a bit of research - as you do when you get asked to review products - I was amazed to find out that they have featured in a lot of the top magazines such as GQ, Men's Fitness, You Magazine and many more which, I think is fantastic. 

Also, finding out that product is produced in the UK is a big plus for me too.

Scaramouche & Fandango aim to bring simplicity back into the male grooming world.

Let me tell you how I got on with the products and if I think they have brought the simplicity back.

The products I was sent to review were the 4 in 1 sports wash and the Hydrator Moisturiser. 

Let's start with the SW Sports Wash

I've not used a 4 in 1 wash before because I've always thought something that offers that much at once won't be as good as a standalone face wash. 

So what does the 4 in 1 offer?

Well, it's a face wash, also used for washing hair - which is perfect for guys with beards like myself- I'd say my head is about 70% covered in hair at the moment. 

It's also a body wash and can be used as a shaving gel. 

It sounds like it's all you would need in your wash bag when visiting the gym really doesn't it.

I've been using this product for about three weeks now and I am really pleased with it.

It has the smell of a generic shower gel, which isn't too overpowering but you definitely know when you have showered with it because it makes you smell great.

As a face wash I found it great - it is easy on the beard and doesn't dry it out, and it makes you're skin feel really refreshed.

After using it for a week my skin started to feel really tight, but when I applied the HY Hydrator after, it really softened my skin up which is great. 

The hydrator is a long lasting moisturising hydrator that does exactly what it promises - that is keeping your skin feeling nice and soft - the only thing that is left dry "will be your sense of humour".

The two products are a perfect combo and will definitely stay in my wash bag, I mean what else do I need really!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it has given you a little insight in to what Scaramouche & Fandango are about, but if you want to know more about them and the other products they offer please take a look (here) - you will not be disappointed - especially with the travel and gifting sections - they have some real little gems on there.

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