21 May 2015

The start of my personal trainer sessions

Hey guys I would just like to tell you what I've been up to over the last few weeks. 

If you follow me on my social media then you my already know but if not, let me tell you. 

I've been invited along to my local Reebok fit hub in Leeds to do a four week stint with a personal trainer. 

In that four weeks I will have four separate sessions, each on a Saturday morning and also get loads of support and set exercises that I can do throughout the week.  

When I was asked if I wanted to attend the sessions there was no hesitation in me saying Yes. 

And let me tell you why. 

Although I have always been a very active guy, playing rugby, football, attending the gym on and off, I've never been a super fit person, never letting it take over my life. 

But about 4/5years ago my fitness took a really big blow.
I took a bad knock in a rugby game and my leg, from my knee down, bent in a way it shouldn't. 

I took a trip to the local A&E to find out what had happened - by this time my knee was about 5 times bigger than it should have been. 

To cut a long story short, after a few months of going back and forward to the doctors and specialists, I had to have key hole surgery to find out the full extent of my damage - I was told my ACL AND my PLC ligaments in my knee were totally ripped. 

I was put on the waiting list for an operation for around 6 months. 

I then had my operation, which was thankfully a success and then I completed 12 months of rehab and this was one of the hardest times in my life.

I was committed to getting my knee better and back to full strength though so I put a lot of hard work in and it really payed off in the end.

I went back to playing rugby about 5 months after finishing my rehab and luckily have never had any more knee problems - in fairness it felt stronger than ever.

I stopped playing rugby around December last year, and since then my fitness levels have totally dropped - I get tired just walking up and down the stairs - not a good thing now I have my second child on the way. 

I'm really hoping these personal training session can kick start me into getting back to a decent level of fitness. 

And three weeks ago I attend my first session with Stacey Jacques

        Stacey is a fitness professional and also an ambassador for Reebok UK.

I knew I was going to be in safe hands.

We met at the fit hub located on Kirkstall Road in Leeds.

I was fairly nervous at first i have to admit but was made to feel really comfortable by Stacey straight away.

We had a little chat and after five minutes she had pointed a few things out about my stance, posture and a few other things i needed to improve - she definitely knows her stuff.  

Another lady joined us too and we grabbed our mats and off we went, on a little jog to Kirkstall Abbey.
It was a really warm day too so I was advised to get a big bottle of water...apparently I would need it all...

We arrived at our location in the abbey grounds and set up our mats.  

Another lady joined us and we began our warm up and stretches before the hard work began.

We did all sorts of stuff and Stacey explained everything to us as we went along - what the exercises were and why we were doing them for example. 

I've got to admit it was really hard work and half way through I was dizzy and had a slight head ache - I was dehydrated so I carried on drinking my all important water and then got back to it.

The girls all cheered me on too which was really nice and the High Fives were handed out to everyone by Stacey which really spurred me on to finish the session. 

We then had a nice walk back to were we met up - I couldn't have managed anything more, my legs were like jelly.

We then had a cool down session with more stretches and off I went.

Over that week I was given some exercises, stretches and a few other things to complete by Stacey which I kept up to - and I was advised to keep up my water intake. 

I was unable to attend the next Saturday morning session but I did a few things at home, I also went to play touch rugby on the Friday night for my cardio session. 

I carried on doing the same things the following week and I was really starting to feel great - I particularly noticed a big difference in the muscle definition in my legs which was great. 

The next Saturday morning seemed to come around so quick - I couldn't wait for the session to start - and I made sure I had taken plenty of water on board this time.

The session began and once again myself, Stacey and two other ladies set of on a little jog back to Kirkstall Abbey.

We did a little warm up and some stretches before we started our interval training, this time the intervals were a lot longer than before but I felt better in myself and the constant "Come on guys you're doing great" from Stacey and the girls really pushed me through to the end of the session. 

It was so much harder than the first session but I felt great after. 

We again took a nice jog/walk back to the hubb and did our cool down stretches again.

I can not wait for the next session 

I will be doing a post when my sessions end with all my progress too.


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