27 May 2015

My adventure out in Joe Browns clothing

Monday afternoon day off work, what would you do?

Well, let me tell you what I did.

It was a fairly dull morning but by the afternoon the day was starting to brighten up so I decided to head out.
I'm from Bradford in West Yorkshire, which isn't always the most glam of places but slowly-slowly the town centre is improving, with a new shopping complex being built complete with an underground project involving all of the tunnels which lie beneath the city being turned into a market place full of cool little shops and bars.

Its safe to say the future is looking bright for us Bradfordians.

What people don't seem to realise about Bradford is that it is full of rich history and has a lot of hidden gems.

And that's where I headed on this day off, to one of those hidden gems so full of history - to Saltaire.

Saltaire was built in 1851 by Sir Titus Salt, a leading industrialist in the Yorkshire wool industry.
The name of the village is a combination of the founders last name and the name of the river.

The village is packed with amazing buildings, full of culture and history.

Obviously the village has been updated over the years with shops and pubs but they are all housed in the old buildings, as the village is listed as a World Heritage Site and the government has a right to protect it.

So where did I visit and what did I wear?

Well I headed to the river side which has some amazing views, wearing pieces from the Joe Browns mens range.

The Boat House Inn is a lovely place and is always worth a visit.
It wasn't too busy when I arrived due to it being early afternoon but there was still a great atmosphere - and the food was smelling awesome too.

But I refrained and grabbed a quick lemonade...

I was wearing the Fun In The Sun T-Shirt, and as you can see, it's a nice, fresh tee - it definitely has the perfect name.

I love the print - palm trees, sandy beaches and surfing the waves...I wouldn't mind doing a bit of that myself sometime soon

After The Boat House Inn I headed out into the the village - it was a bit nippy now, so I teamed the t-shirt with the Summer Chill Jacket

The blue and orange really complimented the t-shirt and with it being a really light jacket it was pefet for the changing weather - enough to keep off the chill but still OK when the sun made an appearance.

There were a few rain drops falling too, so the jacket got fully zipped up and the hood was pulled up - to protect my hair of course...

I'd definitely say this jacket is an all rounder, perfect for spring, summer and autumn weather.

After my walk was cut short by the rain, I dove another local pub - The Hop

The Hop - formally known as The Old Tram Shed - once again kept with the rich history of Saltaire and was crammed with loads of original features.

 I took the jacket off and sat down for a nice relaxing plate of chips and a shandy, may I add the chips were amazing, proper home made ones...YUM!

I wore a nice plain pair of vintage straight jeans which go great with the Fun In The Sun t-shirt creating a nice casual look.  I finished the outfit off with the comfiest pair of boat shoes ever.

I got chatting to one of the locals at the bar, he was around late 60's in age - and he was in love with these shoes!

Chips wolfed, I found a nice quiet corner and had a little relax and a read of the paper. 

The Hop is definitely a place you can comfortably express yourself through your fashion, it's such an upbeat, trendy place that you could look sporty, casual, smart-casual and even super smart and not look out of place at all. 


The boat shoes have great versatility and look great moving from a nice casual outfit with jeans to a nice pair of smart, blue, chino style pants and a long sleeved shirt.

The Perfect Placket Shirt is really light and not too clingy which was perfect for a hot bar with the sun shining through the large front windows, and by large I mean large.
As I said before The Hop was formally know as The Old Tram Shed so the windows at the front of the building are the openings for where the trams used to enter the building - a long, long time ago.

This particular shirt also comes in four different colours but the blue and white one goes perfect with the trousers and shoes,

 I love this look

The Washed To Perfection Trouser  are perfect for creating a smart-casual look.
The material and feel of them is really quite hard to describe - it's like a mix between chino and linen making them feel really light which is perfect for me - I don't like to feel too restricted.

With the weather being a bit hit and miss outside, when the cloud covered, the temperature dropped too.

Feeling a little cold, I had the Twist Of Life Blazer to throw on too when I felt the need

This blazer totally makes this outfit stand out I think.
Busting with quality and style, the sleek and comfy blazer would add a great twist to any sort of outfit really, instantly smartening it up.

You could wear it with jeans and chinos, even the right colour smart trousers too - to be honest you could be really adventurous and style it with most things.

The blazer is packed with detail with the different coloured buttons on the sleeve and the Joe Brown logo on the pocket. 

Like I said before, The Hop is certainly a place you can express yourself fashion wise, I mean just looking around at the people who were in the bar at the time, 

There were couples sat together having a few lunch time drinks in joggers and hoodies, there was a large group of office workers sat around a table in smart suits and dresses, there was even a guy sat in ripped skinny jeans and a worn, faded black t-shirt looking all trendy with his top-knot, beard and tattoos.

How could I top these looks?

By transforming myself into a distinguished gentleman of course.

This Stripe Me Up Blazer  is definitely a stand out piece and it had people turning their heads when I walked into a room that's for sure. 

I've never worn anything like this before but I felt so comfortable and definitely in my element with it on.

Like the cream blazer this was packed with lots of detail with it's stand-out red and white pocket square it totally grabbed people's attention and straight away said, "Look at me!"

A couple of members off staff even said that I looked very dapper, which is a word that has never been associated with me before...which was very nice. 

I think this blazer, waistcoat, shirt and jean combo look great together and help create an adventurous, stand out, smart-casual outfit.

The blazer is so versatile though, it would easily top off any smart outfit, even with no waistcoat and just a shirt and tie.

The outfit really suits the style and decor of the bar, and also looks really smart styled on a bearded guy ;)

Do you agree?

I wore the blazer with the Crisp Classic Shirt - which is a must have item in any male wardrobe - it's just one of those shirts that will go with anything.


The Deadly Dapper Waistcoat is a fine little number and looks great with or without the blazer. 

As the day went on, the weather took a dramatic change, all the clouds disappeared and the sun was beaming.

So I decided to take a walk down to the canal. 

When the sun is out, it means only one thing for me - get the legs out!

Put on some shorts, pumps, shades and a t-shirt. 

And you can not go wrong with a pair of Check Me Out Shorts 

Also a nice bag to carry all of my blogging equipment around is an essential lately.

Please let me know what you think of the outfits and what you think of Saltaire in the comment section below.

And check out Joe Browns website for to check out there full men's and women's ranges found (here)
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All items off clothing were lent to me by Joe Browns for the day, but all views and opinions are my own.

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