6 May 2015

Mayweather vs Pacquiao at the Grosvenor Casino

The words "Carl" and "Casino" are not words that have never been used in the same sentence before I don't think...well until a couple of weeks ago that is, when I was given an invite to Grosvenor Casino in Didsbury.

But this wasn't to be any usual night in the casino - it was a night, at the casino, to watch The Big Fight

Mayweather VS Pacquiao

You would be right in thinking this sounds amazing, I did, but there were a couple of problems: 

1: I don't really follow, or even like boxing
2: I've never been to a casino before
3: I don't live in Manchester

But me being me I was right up for it, so I said yes!

To be honest this was the first event I would go to where I knew male bloggers were going to out number the lady bloggers.

I wonder why!

So let me tell you a little bit about the Grosvenor casino chain.

The Grosvenor Casino is one of the largest casino brands around, with over 250 casinos in the UK alone.
And then there is the online casino business to consider - a place where you can play hundreds of your favorite games in real time games or you can even download them to your desktop

I think I felt a bit nervous travelling across to Manchester and back again in the early hours of the morning, but if it meant I got to meet up with some new blogger people then it was a price I was willing to pay.

Let me fill you in on my adventure into the unknown...

I arrived at the casino at about 12.30am to what I can only describe was like a queue for a night club.
Naturally I did the "Do you know who I am" bit to the bouncers - ha ha - no not really, I just explained that I had been invited along to blog about the event, and little did you know, he opened the door and let me straight in.

It took about 10 mins to sign up for my free casino membership and then up the escalators I went, where I was greeted by a member of staff and escorted to the VIP area to meet the other bloggers who were already there.

The casino was absolutely packed, like I said earlier, I'd never been to one before so I really didn't know what to expect - the place had a real buzz about it

And I liked it

Me and a couple of the other bloggers soon headed towards the bar to grab a drink and we waited about 10/15 minutes to be served which is understandable due to the number of people in the casino.

The bar was fully stocked with probably every drink you could imagine - which is awesome if you're a big drinker - which I'm not - so an ice-cold shandy it was for me.

It was amazing to chat with the other bloggers and press whist waiting for the fight to start, everyone was really friendly.

And then to top everything off we were treated to a huge amount of food, brought to us from the casinos food menu.

I will be honest, it tasted even better than it looks........and it does look amazing.

The atmosphere was fantastic during the boxing.

The picture was perfect on the big screen which made it easy for us (and for those who had paid) to watch, but for those who where just at the casino to play on the games there was also a number of televisions dotted around so they didn't miss out, which I thought was very cool.

The venue is perfect for these types of events. and I was glad to know that there will be plenty more going on, including the big football matches, rugby and all other sorts of sporting events after those too.

There may even the occasional ex professional guest speaker having their say... 

The only down side for me was that we were unable to have a go of the "learn to play" sessions of any of the games but this was understandable because of the amount of people at the venue on the night.

And of course, we had our very happy winner...

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