8 May 2015

In the studio with WY finest

You may of seen my latest Vlog featuring a few snippets from my visit to the DubWhy studio, to do a interview with a couple of local rappers.

If not then check it out (here)

I've been following rap music since I was really young, which was hard due to the language used in most rap songs.
 My first album I got was Snoop Dog, Dog Pound which I had to hide from my parents, I didn't think they would appreciate me singing about sipping gin and juice as well as a few other things I shouldn't of known about at my age.

But as I got older my parents were cool with the fact that I listened to this type of music,which made me very happy. My Dad was really in to his rock music and my mum was a big fan of all sorts, including Reggae

I was a fan of all of the music in my household, and I still listen to a few of the old classics.

Enough of my life story I will save that for another post.

I've been following UK-HipHop for a couple of years now, I just love how raw it is,there's too many songs out now that are are too over worked, especially rap and hip hop songs which are in the charts.
They are more like pop songs now.

When I think of rap songs I think of NWA and stuff like that, not dudes dancing around flash cars with a wad of cash in there hands. Also using auto tune to make them sound half decent.
I tend not to listen to songs like that.

 I need to hear a raw tone and emotion in a voice to pull me in to a song.

I think this is why I'm in to UK hip hop so much.

So let me introduce you to the 3 guys I went to interview.

Robin Rizla.........Rapper/Producer

Robin is the guy who I set this interview up with, we've been chatting a while now through social media.
When I learnt he has producer a of the songs I've listened to over the last few years I was impressed, hes a top producer, and also a sound guy.

Chatting to him and watching him perform in the studio was an eye opener, hes got his own original sound and flow and he will spit bars which other wont, basically because he doesn't give a dam, but to me that's what rap music is about.

You can hear and feel the emotion in his lyrics, and can tell a lot of his words are from life experiences.

This is a great trait to have as a rapper...... just look at Eminem.

For me he is a big part of helping the West Yorkshire music scene grow.

Sandy Minto........Rapper/Big Time Barber

If u follow my blog u will know about Sandy already if not check my post out (here)
 He is the guy who sorted my hair out on my adventure to King Koby Chop Shop and did a great job may I add.

But I'm here to tell you about his rapping skills not cutting skills.

Sandy has one of the smoothest flows I've heard in long time, that's why his vocals from the Superzero track produced by Robin will feature in the into and ending of all my Vlogs.

watching him in the studio was awesome he makes rapping look easy, hes also such a funny guy.

But when in the studio he adds a bit of seriousness to it and this helps him to smash any track he is recording.

You could listen to is voice off beat and think its on a beat because of his natural flow.

He was in and out of the studio in a flash laying down some amazing verses for some up and coming tracks, I can not wait for these after hearing the rough samples, I can not wait to see what Riz does to them.

hes also got some amazing tattoos. I think is tattooist should hook me up for a blog post, so if you reading this..... hook a brother up ha ha.


To be honest I haven't heard much about him till I started doing a bit of research for this interview, but wow what a hidden talent.

It was so nice meeting him at the interview, I've never known anybody so laid back apart from my self of course.

I love how his Yorkshire accent really stands out when hes rapping, its really original and his tone stands out a mile, when his songs come on you definitely know its him, which is a good thing if you ask me.

I definitely need to check out all of his tracks and can not wait for his new stuff to come out, apparently hes got a back catalog from 1867 so we should be seeing loads in the future.

I got a great fun vibe from all 3 of the guys at the studio, and I could tell they love what they do.

I would describe them as like what you would get if you mixed Pro Green (with a Yorkshire accent) and all the members of Dirty Sanchez.

Amazing pen game with a Don't give a crap attitude.


Please watch this little vid of them spitting a fresh 16 each on beat, followed by a little interview so you can find out a little more about them and find out what they have coming out in the future.

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people maybe offended by words and content, please note these are the views of the artists and not mine so if you are easily offended please don't watch.

also check out there music on Youtube

And follow them all on twitter and Bandcamp

Robin Rizla  = Bandcamp
Sandy Minto = Bandcamp
Madantiks = Bandcamp


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