17 May 2015

Exante diet

Hey guys 

So who's on a health kick at the moment?

I bet 90% of you put your hands up, but how many of you are finding it hard to stick to like me?

I started blogging just after Christmas and did a post about getting healthy, you can find it (here)

Well, I totally failed to keep it going and I don't know what happened, I was well up for it.

At that time I was 14 1/2 stone, now I am just over 15 stone.

So lately I have been trying to work out what went wrong and how can I change it.

I got it down to a couple of things, I stopped playing rugby which meant I stopped training twice a week, I stopped going to the gym which I would do maybe two or three times a week.

But one of my main problems was that I always skip breakfast due to me getting up really early for work.
So when 9am arrives, I was absolutely starving and would normally got the biggest, unhealthiest breakfast I could find, if you follow my twitter you may have seen a few pictures of these. 

This, I think, is the main reason for my weight gain.

So how could I tackle this problem.

I could get up that bit earlier and make some breakfast, but surviving on only five hours kip a night as it is, this wasn't an option, and to be honest I never feel that hungry so early in a morning.

I needed something I could quickly make in a morning and take with me and consume a bit later on.

Did I find the answer to my breakfast problems when I was asked to review some for the products The Exante Diet Plan had to offer?

Yes, I reckon I did.

I had never heard of Exante before but after looking through their website I realised they have everything I could ever want in a diet plan and more.
All the products are packed with all the protein, vitamins and nutrients my body could need too.

The items I was looking at were from the shakes and bars sections on the website.

First, let me tell you about the shakes.

I had a good selection of these to try, two that came in bottles and three in sachet form.

The 2 in bottles were perfect for me as I ran out of the door, all I had to do was add 200ml of water and give them a good shake and they were ready to go.

So on the first day I started using them, I got up and did my normal routine but instead of having a 10 minute chill on the sofa before setting off I had 8 and spent two minutes making up my morning treat.

I didn't drink it straight away I took it to work with me which was perfect with it having it's own bottle.

The first one I used was the very vanilla flavour which definitely takes after its name- it was very tasty.
I'm a big fan of vanilla protein shakes so I knew I was onto a winner with this one.

The powder mixes perfectly with the water, we've all had those shakes before which are full of unmixed powder........Yak!

The consistency was perfect for me but you can always add a bit more water to make it a bit thinner.

The second day, I made up the velvety chocolate shake but I had my doubts about this one because I've never really been a fan of any type of chocolate shakes, but me being me, the type of guy to try anything, I gave it a go.

Wow - it was amazing and to be honest it has got to be the tastiest shake I have ever had.
It was super smooth and full of chocolaty flavour.

Over the next few days I also tried the sachets but I had a problem as I don't have a protein shaker.

Instead of waiting and getting a shaker later that day I came up with a cunning plane.

Why not just re-use one of the bottles from the shake and go.

I glad I used my initiative the day before and saved them -  you never know when things come in handy do you.

I emptied the sachet into a jug added 200ml of water, give it a quick mix with a fork and then poured it into the bottle and was all ready to go to work.

Once again the flavor was really nice and but it didn't come close to my new favorite velvety chocolate one.

I was a bit concerned - would a shake keep my hunger locked up until lunch or would I be tempted to get something unhealthy?

Honestly, I wouldn't say I was 100% full but I didn't feel the need to grab anything else, which was a winner for me.

The shakes are something I will definitely think about using again in the future.

Now let me tell you about the bars

I didn't use the bars as a breakfast replacement I just took them to work with me for a mid-day snack or a quick lunch if I was having a busy day at work and didn't really have time to stop for anything.

My favorite out of the four was the Hot Cross Bun flavor one.

All 4 of them start off really stodgy and the flavor doesn't really hit you straight away, but after a couple of chews, there the flavor is, and once you get used to the texture the stodginess goes and they become a bit lighter.

 Once again they definitely do fill you up - perfect for me because normally at this time of the day I could easily devour a bag of crisps and a few chocolate bars.

I don't know if I lost any weight using the Exante products but I didn't put any on which is a big bonus.

I did notice I had a increase in energy throughout the day which was amazing, especially working long twelve hour days.

I was also sent a Mayple Syrup Pancake Mix 

Again, this was really easy to make.

Just add the mix to a bow,l add 100ml of cold water and mix.
Once the powder is all mixed, you just cook like a regular pancake.

This is where I made a big blogging mistake.........I ate it all without taking a picture....oooops.

I blame it on the fact that it looked so good - I couldn't resist.

It tasted really good also.

I love how the Exante items were so easy and effortless to make, they fit in perfectly with my busy life style.

I would definitely recommend them to anybody in my situation, or anybody looking to start a full dietary plan.


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