7 April 2015

SuperFish Hairstyling For Men

Hi all - I hope you all have had a great Easter weekend.

For me it's been a bit of a lazy one, but it was great to spend time with my son and wife as they had been away on a 4 day break which I couldn't get time off work for.

But it gave my time to play with a few new products whilst they were away so it was not all that bad.

I think becoming a blogger has totally changed me as a person.
I've never been too caught up on personal appearance, don't get me wrong I don't mean I go out looking like a tramp or anything, I just mean if I go out and haven't done my hair or my clothes don't go together then I didn't mind at all.

Since I have started blogging I don't feel pressured to look good when I go places,
 I want to.

But I still wear clothes which don't go - I just do my hair now - ha ha.

I was only talking about this to my wife the other day, how much a hair style can change somebody's appearance. 

I noticed this because me and my son had spent a Saturday and Sunday in the house lounging in our pj's - formally known as boxers - and bushy hair do's.

But when Sunday tea time came we had to get our acts together and smarten up as we had a family get together meal to attend. 

So we put on some smart clothes and we applied the hair products.

And this is were the transformation took place.
We no longer looked like we just got out of bed we looked awesome - if I do say so myself. 

So let me tell you about the products I've been using, well, I should say the products we have been using.


Here's a little back story about them

 The Fish salon was opened in Soho in 1987 on the site of an ex-fishmongers-turned-sex-shop. Soon after, a collection of men’s styling products was launched which offers salon performance quality at an affordable price.

But to find out a bit more please check out there website found (here)

The product range I have been using are from the

 Super Fish range

"For Hardcore Styling"

That tag line sells it for me.  It needs to be hardcore to keep my hair under control.

Let me introduce you to the products one by one 

Controlling Wax

Salon says; "Tackles life head on! Combining the holding power of gel with the smoothing properties of wax"

Carl says ; "Probably the all rounder of the the 4 products, it has a really soft but sticky texture and also has a really sweet smell to it but I couldn't quite put my finger on it what it smells like. 

I used this product a lot to put the finishing touches to those hairs which kept falling out of place.

Moulding cream

Salon says; "Get your head in the game! More subtle than wax. It's ideal for manipulating and moulding short to mid length styles"

Carl says; "Not really the best suited for my style of hair which is mid length and really thick. I used this a lot when I was in a mad rush in the morning for work because it didn't dry hard and could be re-shaped throughout the day - idea when I had to wear a hard hat on some work sites.

Matt Styling Gel 

Salon says; "Look sharp! For fierce-looking styles that would stand firm whatever happens. Its serious stuff"

Carl says; "Probably the star of the show for me - and this coming from somebody who has refused to use hair gels because my hair is naturally curly and all a gel usually does is make me look like "Screech" from "Saved By The Bell".

But for some reason this didn't do that. I applied it to slightly damp hair and rubbed it in all over and then shaped my curls. 

To my amazement it just held there and with it being a matt gel it looked far better than having a wet-look, shiny head of hair.

 And the last product -

Matt Effect Putty 

Salon says; "Get a grip on your style! "For those that haven't tried too hard". Messy number with that extra muscle to hold your style

Carl says; "Not a product I could use by it's self due to my hair been way too thick for it, but used with the other products I found it the perfect finisher.

As I said above I had a couple of days home alone to have a good play with the products which I used in different combinations.

I will tell you the perfect combination for me to find the perfect look.

So after washing my hair I towel dried it then applied the Controlling Wax, rubbing it through my hair and then combing it to give me the slick back look whilst blow drying.
Then once my hair cooled down I added a little of the Moulding Cream, once again combing it through.
Once I had found my perfect shape I rubbed a small amount of the Matt Effect Putty into my hands and smoothed it gently over the longer bits too keep them in place. 

For me this was the perfect combination and it kept it's hold all through the day.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and you have found it useful.

The SuperFish range can be found in Boots stores.

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Disclaimer- I was sent the products to review, but all views are my own.


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