13 April 2015

No more beard envy thanks to gruff


My beard is about one year old now, but to be honest it only seems two minutes since I started growing it.

But my beard has only just started taking shape since I began blogging really.
I thought I had had quite a good beard until I started seeing pictures all over Twitter and this is where my first encounter of beard envy came. 

Some of the beards I saw were amazing, they didn't even have to be big beards, even some of them that were smaller than mine looked amazing. 

They were all so neat and tidy, I'd say kind of "glowing" in a way. 

I wanted one of them beards!

I was fed up of people asking me "When are you shaving your beard off"
because it looked so scruffy.

I lost count of how many times I had to say....... "I'm NOT"!

So I got some beard oil stuff and used it for over a month, if you are a regular reader you may have read my post.

It totally changed the way my beard looked, felt, and I'd even go as far to say that it totally changed my look and gave me more confidence...and it kind of got me into the #BeardCrew too.

When you have a beard and you promote the fact that you have a beard on Twitter and use all of the "I have a beard" hashtags like...


...I've noticed that your name gets past around a lot and a lot of companies follow you, which is a really good thing I think. 

Well it defiantly was a good thing because just after I posted my first beard product review I was contacted by the lovely people from 


Let me tell you about them 

Gruff Beard are a passionate, family run company based in Cardiff, Wales.

Looked after by a couple called Adam and Nic, the ethos of the company is to create high end, luxury beard products without having a high price tag.

But to find out more about them please check out their website found (here)

I was asked to review some of their beard oil and beard balm.

I've used an oil before but never a balm, so I couldn't wait to start using it.

First up, I'd like to introduce the beard balm 

Its the Original Sandalwood and Cardamom Beard Balm in a 15ml tin.

I love the little metal tin that the balm comes in, it has a real manly look to it and also whilst it looks really small I've been using this a fair bit now and and I've still got loads left.

All of the Gruff Balms are handmade and use 100% natural ingredients, which is awesome.

The scent of the balm is very earthly, but you can definitely pick up the smell of the coconut and sweet almond oil too.

Also Gruff have added in a good glug of Vitamin E to help with hair growth.

Like I said above, I've never used a balm so using this for the first time was going to be an all new experience.....and it was! 

If you don't know what a beard balm is used for, like me, then let me tell you  

Beard balm is used to help tame the beard and also to help keep the desired shape as the beard is helped by the butters and beeswax, and it is also used for moisturising which is helped by all of those oils. 

Now let me introduce the beard oil 

The Original Sandalwood and Cardamom beard oil in a 10ml bottle

It had the same scent as the balm but I thought it was a lot stronger.

I'll be honest, I wasn't a big fan of this scent at first, but it's definitely grown on me now.

What I liked about this oil is that it seemed to be a lot thicker than the last oil I used, but I did think was it going to last being thick and only in a 10 ml bottle.
But I've used it for a good few weeks now and the bottle is still half full.

For the best results I found that using the oil on a slightly damp beard - putting a few drops of the oil into the palm of my hand (if you have a big beard I'd suggest start with a smallish amount then maybe increase this if you find it isn't spreading across all of your beard), rubing them together and then working it through the beard.

Then to finish off, scrape a bit of the balm out of the tin, warm it up by rubbing it between your finger tips, then apply to the areas of the beard which require shaping - for me this is usually the mustache area and over the sides.

I am a big fan of both the balm and the oil and think they have brought my beard on a long way.
Even the people who used to ask me when I was going shave it off will compliment it now.

The best thing now for me is I no longer have beard envy, I am really happy with how mine is looking - it even sparkles in photos. 

And the wife seems really happy with it too...

My summery of the the products are that Gruff have met what they set out to achieve - great, high end products without a high end price tag. 

You can even get gift sets which help make the products work out even cheaper - check them out (here)


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