27 April 2015

My spring collection from Joules Clothing

Hi guys

As we all know spring is now with us, so the jumpers and winter jackets are all put away in the back of the closet, and we start showcasing what we are going to wear in - what we hope - are the warmer months.

I must admit, my wardrobe is a bit empty at the moment due to me being slightly bigger in the waist area than I have been - none of my clothes fit me.

In all fairness though, half of the clothes I own I wouldn't wear now anyway, my look is way behind the well dressed male bloggers that I follow.
But I promise, I'm trying - I too will start looking super cool.

So when I was asked by Joules Clothing to review a few of their brilliant items from the shirt and jacket sections of the spring/summer collection, I got a little bit overexcited

Could this be the start of a new Carl?

I have to be totally honest though, I had never heard of Joules before this and I was curious to find out a bit more about them.
I find it interesting looking into the background of companies, it gives me a better understanding of the clothes I'm wearing and the products I'm using.

I found way too many cool facts out about Joules, and as a bit of a summery they have a huge twenty five facts about themselves to help celebrating their 25 years of trading and some are really funny. You can find them all (here).

Back to shopping...

I've never been the best shopper in the world, to be honest I'm a bit of a fuss pot.
I could go to the high street with a bit of spare cash to spend on myself and end up coming home with items for my son instead.
Even when clothes are bought for me as gifts I never really like them - except for the socks and undies (who gets socks and undies wrong!?) but I'll wear them anyway, just to be nice.

But Joules wanted me to shop, so that is what I did and my first stop was the section for shirts and jackets.

First up, lets introduce the jacket I chose from the  Jacket and Coat Section.

The Men's Showerproof Coat in Cigar

I was a really hard decision to pick a jacket because the section is full of really great, really different styles, but I chose this one because of its all weather durability - and of course the look of it.

If you are looking for a jacket that will keep u fairly warm and dry on those rainy spring days but without making you uncomfortable on the warmer days, I would strongly recommend this jacket.

I wore it a couple of weeks ago to an event in Hull - the day started of really cold but it got warmer and warmer as the day went on and the jacket was just perfect.

I love how the brass poppers and the checked lining make this jacket look so stylish.
The cigar colour is so.... nice and really different to anything I've worn before.

I've had a fair few people ask me where I got it from too each time I've had it on which is never a bad thing


I styled this jacket with a Men's Slim Fit Shirt in Chambray, which can be found in the shirt section (here)

The shirt has the look of a denim shirt with the comfort of  a soft cotton shirt - the best of both - which is perfect because I always feel restricted in heavy denim.

I think it goes perfectly with the blue in the checked lining and hood of the jacket.

Personally I think this jacket could be worn with most smart and casual outfits, I would even go as far  to say that you could wear this with a sporty kind of an outfit too.

The trousers I am wearing in the outfit are the Men's Chinos in a French Navy.
They are super comfy yet have a really smart look about them, even when wore with trainers.

Once again I think the dark navy colour of these really complements all the other blue tones in the full outfit.

I've never even really worn chino's before, it's normally a pair of black jeans, but from now on I'm going to be purchasing a lot more of these - they really help add an element of smartness to an outfit and they are hands down the comfiest pants I have ever had on - and this is coming from a guy who normally wears joggers as much as possible for this comfort aspect.

The shirt is a long sleeve shirt but I always seem to roll it up to get a more casual look

In the shirt section there were so many different styles, so I also chose the Men's Classic Fit Short Sleeve Shirt in cream with a lighthouse pattern.

This shirt caught my eye straight away because it looked really fun with a pattern that wasn't too over powering to the eye.

Its a great fit and is a very light weight shirt - perfect for those red hot days that are approaching.

I teamed this shirt with my favorite of all the Joules items, these amazing Men's Chino Shorts in a Navy Spot.

If you have read some of my other posts, or if you follow me on social media, then you will know that I'm a great lover of shorts.

It could be any of the four season and at some point I will be outside wearing a pair. Don't ask me why, its just something I have always done and it does earn me a few funny looks but I just smile and walk on by.

 I think the shorts and this shirt work really well together.
It's a really fun, smart, casual look, perfect for any occasion and it could be worn with most cool, funky trainers or even a casual shoe...not that I actually own a casual shoe...

 It could also be worn with a smart trouser, which really changes the look of it.


 If I was to summarise the whole Joules collection, I would say if your after super comfy clothes which are very well made and are full of amazing detail then Joules are the right people for you.

I can not wait to visit the shops which are nearest to me, and check out the other amazing items in the men's section, and maybe the kids section too to kit out my boy.

Please let me know what you think of my outfit choices and whether it is something you could see yourself - or you're partner - wearing.

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