3 April 2015

looking after my skin with Nip + Man

Being a 32 year old man I'm fairly happy with how I look.
I often get asked  by people I don't know how old I am and that I look like I'm in my mid 20's.
Well that was before I started growing a beard.

To be honest I've not really taken care of my skin over the years. 

If you are one of my regular readers you will know this from one of my recent posts 

But If you haven't read my other posts them this bit is for you.
I've just had a few bad experiences with a few face washes and moisturisers, so I normally resort back to just using hot water to wash with.

But in the last year or so I've noticed quite a few lines under my eyes and also that the skin underneath my eyes has started to get really baggy - mainly when I am really tired especially in a morning. 

I was talking about this to a new blogger friend Lewis-Duncan Weedon who I have met recently.

He told me about some products he as been using from a company called  Nip + Man 

I love company's with a cool catchy name!

So let me tell you a bit about them.

Launched in may 2013, Nip + Man has fast become the range of choice for the fitness conscious male.
Created by the founder of Rodial Skincare, which was founded in 1999.

They also do a rage for the ladies called Nip + Fab which I'm sure you blogger girls already know about.

Also in September 2013 Nip + Man became the official grooming partner of Sunderland AFC which I think is really cool.

So let me tell you about the Anti Ageing Product I've been using,


It sounds like some sort of super hero.

Let's see if it can rescue my skin from the evil monster that is fine lines!

It is an advanced anti ageing moisturiser with high performance LIFTONIN to help reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
It comes in a 50ml tube with a spring loaded applicator at the top.
The design of it is really nice and modern and would stand out in any beauty product store in the high street or supermarket.
It sounded perfect for me and I couldn't wait to get started.
For some reason when I am going to review a product I like to start it on a Monday - I don't know why it just seems easier to keep track of how many days I've been using it for.
So on the 9th of March I used this for the first time.
I got up for work, washed may face with warm water, dried it with a towel and waited a couple of minutes. 
Then I squeezed a small amount of the Manotox into the palm of my hand,rubbed my hands together and applied to my forehead, cheeks under my eyes - avoiding contact with my eyes - and also under my neck. 
I could feel how smooth it was straight away when rubbing it on my hands, it almost had a silky feel to it.
And that's how it felt on my face.
So my first impressions were......
It was amazing, the scent was not too over powering and it also had a great sense of freshness to it. 
The feel of it on my skin was awesome, and it felt like I was touching someone else's face not my own.
It felt that good I couldn't wait to use it before bed.
So I carried on using this for 3 weeks, applying it in a morning and before bed and only using warm water to wash my face. 
One morning I was late for work and ran out of the house forgetting to use it, I was absolutely gutted. I made sure I used extra that night.
By now my face was feeling amazing and I think it was looking a lot better too. 
Check out my before and after photos. 
Let me know what you think...

 I can not wait to see the results after 2 months if this is how I look and feel after just 3 weeks. 
I would definitely recommend this product to all men even if they are younger and don't have many fine lines.

I hear prevention is better than finding a cure...
disclaimer.. I was sent the product to review but the views are my own

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