21 April 2015

Arbonne skincare product review

Hi all
Today I would like to introduce you to a fab product I have been using to keep my face clean and fresh over the last few days. 

I've been using a few new products lately, and to be honest my skin is looking and feeling better than ever.

So what have I been using I hear you ask?

ARBONNE  RE9 Advanced For Men

Arbonne skincare products became reality in the United States in 1980 - just 2 years before I was born. Now the product is shared throughout the world through the Arbonne network of Independent Consultants. 

I was asked by one of the Consultants if I wanted to review some products.

I was sent 4 different products, all in 3 ml small tubes. But I could only review 2 of them due to the others being shaving products, 

I have no need for a shave gel and a post shave balm, I think that would totally ruin my no shave 2015 

So the products I was able to review were.

RE9 Advanced Exfoliating Wash for men 

This was a really nice smelling face wash, and I used it like any other face wash by applying to a damp face.
However it was only a sample sized tube and I really wanted to use it for a good few days to really feel how my skin reacted to it so I only used a little bit of the product at a time.

I was really surprised by how much it lathered especially over my beard.
As it is an exfoliating face wash you come to expect a bit of grit in it, well this had loads and especially for such a small sample this amount really impressed me.  I could feel the grit working on skin as I was rubbing it in, almost like a smooth sand paper.
At this point I was looking a bit like Santa with my big lathered white beard, and I was thinking that the lather was gong to take ages to wash out, but to my surprise it didn't at all, just a few rinses and my face was clear of all the white foam.

I dried my face and had a look in the mirror to find a really pale looking bearded bloke looking back at me.
The exfoliation procedure had definitely stripped my face of all of it's dead skin.
Also I noticed when the water drained from the sink it was just full of grit and dirt.

I was like......was my face that dirty?
I mean it was just after work but come on... I hadn't been working in a coal mine all day.

I must admit my face was feeling kind of amazing at this point.

So now it was time for the RE9 Advanced Facial Moisturiser 

It was perfect for giving skin hydration and some protection after a long day working outside in the sun.

Like the face wash it was only a small sample so I could only use a small amount at a time.
When I used it I rubbed it in the areas of my face which weren't covered in hair.

It had a real smooth feel to it and felt really refreshing - just like the face wash.

I manged to get 4 days use out of the samples by using them once a day where normally I would have liked to use a product twice a day - once in the morning and once after work.

It was also beard friendly, so all you blokes with beards don't worry - it will not make it all dry up. 

I really liked these products, if my skin could feel and look so good after only 4 days of use what would it be like using them for a week, maybe two. 

(Tip for the guys)

The only thing I would say is, guys if you ever purchase the Arbonne skincare range don't forget to rinse out the sink after using it to get rid of all the grit and muck you create - the other half (or in my case the other half and the son) will kill you for the me if not

If you want to find out anymore about the products or purchase some please take a look (here) 

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