30 April 2015

Neville grooming products from Mankind

Hey guys.

As my third month of blogging is coming to an end it's only right that I do my third beard oil post. 

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I'm really loving my beard at the moment. But if your a first time reader you should check out my other posts on this in the Grooming Products label. 

I think it's just coming up to my beards first birthday actually, I'm not fully sure when it is but I know it's was around May 2014 when I decided "Stuff it, I'm going to grow a full on beard and look awesome" 

Since I started blogging I've used a few different things - first a minty bread oil and then a beard oil with a beard balm. 

So what have I been using this month I hear you ask....

Well this month it's been the amazing Neville Beard Oil and the Neville Face Splash, both sent to me by the amazing people at Mankind

Mankind don't just sell beard oil, they sell an array of items including clothes, aftershaves, and a heap of male grooming products.

It's a great site and one I will definitely be keeping an eye on when my birthday arrives in July, just so I can treat myself a little bit.

So let me tell you how I got on with the beard oil. 

It comes in a lovely looking 50ml bottle and to me, it has an "old mans" product look about it.
 It just reminds me of the aftershave Brut For Men that you may have seen in many a Dad's or Grandad's bathrooms growing up.

I hated the smell of that stuff. 

Luckily this didn't smell like that at all, but it did have a really strong smell to it.

It has a mixture of hydrating organic argan oil and cottonseed oils.

If I'm being honest I didn't like the smell that much at the start, but it didn't put me off, and now, after using it for over a month I absolutely love it.

It definitely has the look and quality of a high end beard oil - it's bloody amazing

Even when my son walks past me and catches a whiff of it says "Have you got your Neville on?".
He really likes it, not for the smell or that he has a beard himself (he's only 9) - ha ha - it's because his favourite WWE wrestler is called Neville. 

This oil is really thin, not like the last one I used which was really thick. 

But with it being in a 50ml bottle I found I could use quite a lot of it at a time and not worry about it running out. 

Like I said above, I've been using this for about a month now, applying it both morning and night every day, always to a damp, clean beard.

 The bottle is still over half full - the stuff is never ending, which isn't a bad thing at all.

I really do love this oil.
It does everything a good beard oil should - it keeps my beard soft, clean, feeling fresh and very importantly, itch free.

What I like most about it though is that it makes my beard glisten in the light/sun (when it comes out!) and on photos.

I've lost count of the amount of double takes I've done when looking in a mirror or car window. 

If I had to rate it out of 5 it would get a huge, big 4! 

And is definitely a product I will use in the future.

If you want to find out more about it, have a peak (here)

Now let me tell you about the Neville Tonic Splash.

I've never used a tonic splash before, I always thought it was just to be used after a shave to cool your skin down.

This tonic splash is made with aloe vera and is designed to turbo boost your skin routine.

It come in a 100ml bottle, so there was no need for me to be scrimping when it came to the amount I splashed on my face.

It also came in the same bottle design as the beard oil.

I followed the instructions, applying it to a clean, dry face, and wow, I could feel how refreshing it was straight away, I've never felt anything quite like it.

I have used this product every morning for the last month and it has really become a key product in my daily grooming routine.

It's perfect for giving you a little wake up first thing in a morning, especially when you're up at 5am most mornings and it is the perfect partner to the beard oil.

If you would like to know more about this product take a look on the Mankind webpage found (here)

If you are looking for products that meet all you're beard grooming needs then make sure you go check out Neville - I promise you will not be disappointed.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, or you have any questions about the products reviewed please feel free to comment.

And to keep up to date with all things going on at "A Blokes Eyeview", please follow the social media links below and if you are interested in seeing a bit of a different side to me then you can subscribe to my new YouTube, channel found (here)  

I would love some feedback!


27 April 2015

My spring collection from Joules Clothing

Hi guys

As we all know spring is now with us, so the jumpers and winter jackets are all put away in the back of the closet, and we start showcasing what we are going to wear in - what we hope - are the warmer months.

I must admit, my wardrobe is a bit empty at the moment due to me being slightly bigger in the waist area than I have been - none of my clothes fit me.

In all fairness though, half of the clothes I own I wouldn't wear now anyway, my look is way behind the well dressed male bloggers that I follow.
But I promise, I'm trying - I too will start looking super cool.

So when I was asked by Joules Clothing to review a few of their brilliant items from the shirt and jacket sections of the spring/summer collection, I got a little bit overexcited

Could this be the start of a new Carl?

I have to be totally honest though, I had never heard of Joules before this and I was curious to find out a bit more about them.
I find it interesting looking into the background of companies, it gives me a better understanding of the clothes I'm wearing and the products I'm using.

I found way too many cool facts out about Joules, and as a bit of a summery they have a huge twenty five facts about themselves to help celebrating their 25 years of trading and some are really funny. You can find them all (here).

Back to shopping...

I've never been the best shopper in the world, to be honest I'm a bit of a fuss pot.
I could go to the high street with a bit of spare cash to spend on myself and end up coming home with items for my son instead.
Even when clothes are bought for me as gifts I never really like them - except for the socks and undies (who gets socks and undies wrong!?) but I'll wear them anyway, just to be nice.

But Joules wanted me to shop, so that is what I did and my first stop was the section for shirts and jackets.

First up, lets introduce the jacket I chose from the  Jacket and Coat Section.

The Men's Showerproof Coat in Cigar

I was a really hard decision to pick a jacket because the section is full of really great, really different styles, but I chose this one because of its all weather durability - and of course the look of it.

If you are looking for a jacket that will keep u fairly warm and dry on those rainy spring days but without making you uncomfortable on the warmer days, I would strongly recommend this jacket.

I wore it a couple of weeks ago to an event in Hull - the day started of really cold but it got warmer and warmer as the day went on and the jacket was just perfect.

I love how the brass poppers and the checked lining make this jacket look so stylish.
The cigar colour is so.... nice and really different to anything I've worn before.

I've had a fair few people ask me where I got it from too each time I've had it on which is never a bad thing


I styled this jacket with a Men's Slim Fit Shirt in Chambray, which can be found in the shirt section (here)

The shirt has the look of a denim shirt with the comfort of  a soft cotton shirt - the best of both - which is perfect because I always feel restricted in heavy denim.

I think it goes perfectly with the blue in the checked lining and hood of the jacket.

Personally I think this jacket could be worn with most smart and casual outfits, I would even go as far  to say that you could wear this with a sporty kind of an outfit too.

The trousers I am wearing in the outfit are the Men's Chinos in a French Navy.
They are super comfy yet have a really smart look about them, even when wore with trainers.

Once again I think the dark navy colour of these really complements all the other blue tones in the full outfit.

I've never even really worn chino's before, it's normally a pair of black jeans, but from now on I'm going to be purchasing a lot more of these - they really help add an element of smartness to an outfit and they are hands down the comfiest pants I have ever had on - and this is coming from a guy who normally wears joggers as much as possible for this comfort aspect.

The shirt is a long sleeve shirt but I always seem to roll it up to get a more casual look

In the shirt section there were so many different styles, so I also chose the Men's Classic Fit Short Sleeve Shirt in cream with a lighthouse pattern.

This shirt caught my eye straight away because it looked really fun with a pattern that wasn't too over powering to the eye.

Its a great fit and is a very light weight shirt - perfect for those red hot days that are approaching.

I teamed this shirt with my favorite of all the Joules items, these amazing Men's Chino Shorts in a Navy Spot.

If you have read some of my other posts, or if you follow me on social media, then you will know that I'm a great lover of shorts.

It could be any of the four season and at some point I will be outside wearing a pair. Don't ask me why, its just something I have always done and it does earn me a few funny looks but I just smile and walk on by.

 I think the shorts and this shirt work really well together.
It's a really fun, smart, casual look, perfect for any occasion and it could be worn with most cool, funky trainers or even a casual shoe...not that I actually own a casual shoe...

 It could also be worn with a smart trouser, which really changes the look of it.


 If I was to summarise the whole Joules collection, I would say if your after super comfy clothes which are very well made and are full of amazing detail then Joules are the right people for you.

I can not wait to visit the shops which are nearest to me, and check out the other amazing items in the men's section, and maybe the kids section too to kit out my boy.

Please let me know what you think of my outfit choices and whether it is something you could see yourself - or you're partner - wearing.

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21 April 2015

Arbonne skincare product review

Hi all
Today I would like to introduce you to a fab product I have been using to keep my face clean and fresh over the last few days. 

I've been using a few new products lately, and to be honest my skin is looking and feeling better than ever.

So what have I been using I hear you ask?

ARBONNE  RE9 Advanced For Men

Arbonne skincare products became reality in the United States in 1980 - just 2 years before I was born. Now the product is shared throughout the world through the Arbonne network of Independent Consultants. 

I was asked by one of the Consultants if I wanted to review some products.

I was sent 4 different products, all in 3 ml small tubes. But I could only review 2 of them due to the others being shaving products, 

I have no need for a shave gel and a post shave balm, I think that would totally ruin my no shave 2015 

So the products I was able to review were.

RE9 Advanced Exfoliating Wash for men 

This was a really nice smelling face wash, and I used it like any other face wash by applying to a damp face.
However it was only a sample sized tube and I really wanted to use it for a good few days to really feel how my skin reacted to it so I only used a little bit of the product at a time.

I was really surprised by how much it lathered especially over my beard.
As it is an exfoliating face wash you come to expect a bit of grit in it, well this had loads and especially for such a small sample this amount really impressed me.  I could feel the grit working on skin as I was rubbing it in, almost like a smooth sand paper.
At this point I was looking a bit like Santa with my big lathered white beard, and I was thinking that the lather was gong to take ages to wash out, but to my surprise it didn't at all, just a few rinses and my face was clear of all the white foam.

I dried my face and had a look in the mirror to find a really pale looking bearded bloke looking back at me.
The exfoliation procedure had definitely stripped my face of all of it's dead skin.
Also I noticed when the water drained from the sink it was just full of grit and dirt.

I was like......was my face that dirty?
I mean it was just after work but come on... I hadn't been working in a coal mine all day.

I must admit my face was feeling kind of amazing at this point.

So now it was time for the RE9 Advanced Facial Moisturiser 

It was perfect for giving skin hydration and some protection after a long day working outside in the sun.

Like the face wash it was only a small sample so I could only use a small amount at a time.
When I used it I rubbed it in the areas of my face which weren't covered in hair.

It had a real smooth feel to it and felt really refreshing - just like the face wash.

I manged to get 4 days use out of the samples by using them once a day where normally I would have liked to use a product twice a day - once in the morning and once after work.

It was also beard friendly, so all you blokes with beards don't worry - it will not make it all dry up. 

I really liked these products, if my skin could feel and look so good after only 4 days of use what would it be like using them for a week, maybe two. 

(Tip for the guys)

The only thing I would say is, guys if you ever purchase the Arbonne skincare range don't forget to rinse out the sink after using it to get rid of all the grit and muck you create - the other half (or in my case the other half and the son) will kill you for the me if not

If you want to find out anymore about the products or purchase some please take a look (here) 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and please feel free to follow me on my social media links below.


13 April 2015

No more beard envy thanks to gruff


My beard is about one year old now, but to be honest it only seems two minutes since I started growing it.

But my beard has only just started taking shape since I began blogging really.
I thought I had had quite a good beard until I started seeing pictures all over Twitter and this is where my first encounter of beard envy came. 

Some of the beards I saw were amazing, they didn't even have to be big beards, even some of them that were smaller than mine looked amazing. 

They were all so neat and tidy, I'd say kind of "glowing" in a way. 

I wanted one of them beards!

I was fed up of people asking me "When are you shaving your beard off"
because it looked so scruffy.

I lost count of how many times I had to say....... "I'm NOT"!

So I got some beard oil stuff and used it for over a month, if you are a regular reader you may have read my post.

It totally changed the way my beard looked, felt, and I'd even go as far to say that it totally changed my look and gave me more confidence...and it kind of got me into the #BeardCrew too.

When you have a beard and you promote the fact that you have a beard on Twitter and use all of the "I have a beard" hashtags like...


...I've noticed that your name gets past around a lot and a lot of companies follow you, which is a really good thing I think. 

Well it defiantly was a good thing because just after I posted my first beard product review I was contacted by the lovely people from 


Let me tell you about them 

Gruff Beard are a passionate, family run company based in Cardiff, Wales.

Looked after by a couple called Adam and Nic, the ethos of the company is to create high end, luxury beard products without having a high price tag.

But to find out more about them please check out their website found (here)

I was asked to review some of their beard oil and beard balm.

I've used an oil before but never a balm, so I couldn't wait to start using it.

First up, I'd like to introduce the beard balm 

Its the Original Sandalwood and Cardamom Beard Balm in a 15ml tin.

I love the little metal tin that the balm comes in, it has a real manly look to it and also whilst it looks really small I've been using this a fair bit now and and I've still got loads left.

All of the Gruff Balms are handmade and use 100% natural ingredients, which is awesome.

The scent of the balm is very earthly, but you can definitely pick up the smell of the coconut and sweet almond oil too.

Also Gruff have added in a good glug of Vitamin E to help with hair growth.

Like I said above, I've never used a balm so using this for the first time was going to be an all new experience.....and it was! 

If you don't know what a beard balm is used for, like me, then let me tell you  

Beard balm is used to help tame the beard and also to help keep the desired shape as the beard is helped by the butters and beeswax, and it is also used for moisturising which is helped by all of those oils. 

Now let me introduce the beard oil 

The Original Sandalwood and Cardamom beard oil in a 10ml bottle

It had the same scent as the balm but I thought it was a lot stronger.

I'll be honest, I wasn't a big fan of this scent at first, but it's definitely grown on me now.

What I liked about this oil is that it seemed to be a lot thicker than the last oil I used, but I did think was it going to last being thick and only in a 10 ml bottle.
But I've used it for a good few weeks now and the bottle is still half full.

For the best results I found that using the oil on a slightly damp beard - putting a few drops of the oil into the palm of my hand (if you have a big beard I'd suggest start with a smallish amount then maybe increase this if you find it isn't spreading across all of your beard), rubing them together and then working it through the beard.

Then to finish off, scrape a bit of the balm out of the tin, warm it up by rubbing it between your finger tips, then apply to the areas of the beard which require shaping - for me this is usually the mustache area and over the sides.

I am a big fan of both the balm and the oil and think they have brought my beard on a long way.
Even the people who used to ask me when I was going shave it off will compliment it now.

The best thing now for me is I no longer have beard envy, I am really happy with how mine is looking - it even sparkles in photos. 

And the wife seems really happy with it too...

My summery of the the products are that Gruff have met what they set out to achieve - great, high end products without a high end price tag. 

You can even get gift sets which help make the products work out even cheaper - check them out (here)


8 April 2015

Hijacked By The Misses - A Little Guest Post

It's Simone from Married To A Geek here - Carl's misses.
I've hijacked his blog for a post whilst he is at work and have decided that I'm just going to re-post my post for today onto Carl's blog...just for information purposes...
Hope you enjoy
~ Simone ~

What a blooming amazingly fantastic day today has been so far.

Have you seen the beautiful weather - it is glorious and thankfully I've had the pleasure of spending most of the afternoon basking in it's skin-warming rays in a park (for the third time this week!) with my beautiful son.

~ Amazing ~

Now this post isn't going to be a really long one at all, and if I must pop a label onto it then I'd have to say it is certainly a lifestyle kind of a post.

And if I'm honest, I do really hope you like it.

Although the whole of today has been great, I wasn't actually out in the sunshine all that much earlier on, but it was just as glorious as this afternoon - if anything, it was slightly better!

And why?


This morning I spent, oh about an hour of my life, inside a hospital.


Yes indeedy - it was glorious.

And what was I doing?

Well, I was having a few little snaps taken...

...a few little snaps that my very beautiful son very proudly showed off for me...

~ Yep ~

Myself and the Hubby - that fabulous A Bloke's Eyeview guy - (and my son of course!) are very pleased to announce that FINALLY, with a ten year age gap, we will be welcoming our second bundle of joy into the world around October 18th, 2015.

Family and close friends have known for a while, but now it is out there and totally public I just wanted to tell everyone.

~ And now I have ~

Thanks for reading!

....errr...well Simone actually... :)

7 April 2015

SuperFish Hairstyling For Men

Hi all - I hope you all have had a great Easter weekend.

For me it's been a bit of a lazy one, but it was great to spend time with my son and wife as they had been away on a 4 day break which I couldn't get time off work for.

But it gave my time to play with a few new products whilst they were away so it was not all that bad.

I think becoming a blogger has totally changed me as a person.
I've never been too caught up on personal appearance, don't get me wrong I don't mean I go out looking like a tramp or anything, I just mean if I go out and haven't done my hair or my clothes don't go together then I didn't mind at all.

Since I have started blogging I don't feel pressured to look good when I go places,
 I want to.

But I still wear clothes which don't go - I just do my hair now - ha ha.

I was only talking about this to my wife the other day, how much a hair style can change somebody's appearance. 

I noticed this because me and my son had spent a Saturday and Sunday in the house lounging in our pj's - formally known as boxers - and bushy hair do's.

But when Sunday tea time came we had to get our acts together and smarten up as we had a family get together meal to attend. 

So we put on some smart clothes and we applied the hair products.

And this is were the transformation took place.
We no longer looked like we just got out of bed we looked awesome - if I do say so myself. 

So let me tell you about the products I've been using, well, I should say the products we have been using.


Here's a little back story about them

 The Fish salon was opened in Soho in 1987 on the site of an ex-fishmongers-turned-sex-shop. Soon after, a collection of men’s styling products was launched which offers salon performance quality at an affordable price.

But to find out a bit more please check out there website found (here)

The product range I have been using are from the

 Super Fish range

"For Hardcore Styling"

That tag line sells it for me.  It needs to be hardcore to keep my hair under control.

Let me introduce you to the products one by one 

Controlling Wax

Salon says; "Tackles life head on! Combining the holding power of gel with the smoothing properties of wax"

Carl says ; "Probably the all rounder of the the 4 products, it has a really soft but sticky texture and also has a really sweet smell to it but I couldn't quite put my finger on it what it smells like. 

I used this product a lot to put the finishing touches to those hairs which kept falling out of place.

Moulding cream

Salon says; "Get your head in the game! More subtle than wax. It's ideal for manipulating and moulding short to mid length styles"

Carl says; "Not really the best suited for my style of hair which is mid length and really thick. I used this a lot when I was in a mad rush in the morning for work because it didn't dry hard and could be re-shaped throughout the day - idea when I had to wear a hard hat on some work sites.

Matt Styling Gel 

Salon says; "Look sharp! For fierce-looking styles that would stand firm whatever happens. Its serious stuff"

Carl says; "Probably the star of the show for me - and this coming from somebody who has refused to use hair gels because my hair is naturally curly and all a gel usually does is make me look like "Screech" from "Saved By The Bell".

But for some reason this didn't do that. I applied it to slightly damp hair and rubbed it in all over and then shaped my curls. 

To my amazement it just held there and with it being a matt gel it looked far better than having a wet-look, shiny head of hair.

 And the last product -

Matt Effect Putty 

Salon says; "Get a grip on your style! "For those that haven't tried too hard". Messy number with that extra muscle to hold your style

Carl says; "Not a product I could use by it's self due to my hair been way too thick for it, but used with the other products I found it the perfect finisher.

As I said above I had a couple of days home alone to have a good play with the products which I used in different combinations.

I will tell you the perfect combination for me to find the perfect look.

So after washing my hair I towel dried it then applied the Controlling Wax, rubbing it through my hair and then combing it to give me the slick back look whilst blow drying.
Then once my hair cooled down I added a little of the Moulding Cream, once again combing it through.
Once I had found my perfect shape I rubbed a small amount of the Matt Effect Putty into my hands and smoothed it gently over the longer bits too keep them in place. 

For me this was the perfect combination and it kept it's hold all through the day.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and you have found it useful.

The SuperFish range can be found in Boots stores.

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Disclaimer- I was sent the products to review, but all views are my own.


3 April 2015

looking after my skin with Nip + Man

Being a 32 year old man I'm fairly happy with how I look.
I often get asked  by people I don't know how old I am and that I look like I'm in my mid 20's.
Well that was before I started growing a beard.

To be honest I've not really taken care of my skin over the years. 

If you are one of my regular readers you will know this from one of my recent posts 

But If you haven't read my other posts them this bit is for you.
I've just had a few bad experiences with a few face washes and moisturisers, so I normally resort back to just using hot water to wash with.

But in the last year or so I've noticed quite a few lines under my eyes and also that the skin underneath my eyes has started to get really baggy - mainly when I am really tired especially in a morning. 

I was talking about this to a new blogger friend Lewis-Duncan Weedon who I have met recently.

He told me about some products he as been using from a company called  Nip + Man 

I love company's with a cool catchy name!

So let me tell you a bit about them.

Launched in may 2013, Nip + Man has fast become the range of choice for the fitness conscious male.
Created by the founder of Rodial Skincare, which was founded in 1999.

They also do a rage for the ladies called Nip + Fab which I'm sure you blogger girls already know about.

Also in September 2013 Nip + Man became the official grooming partner of Sunderland AFC which I think is really cool.

So let me tell you about the Anti Ageing Product I've been using,


It sounds like some sort of super hero.

Let's see if it can rescue my skin from the evil monster that is fine lines!

It is an advanced anti ageing moisturiser with high performance LIFTONIN to help reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
It comes in a 50ml tube with a spring loaded applicator at the top.
The design of it is really nice and modern and would stand out in any beauty product store in the high street or supermarket.
It sounded perfect for me and I couldn't wait to get started.
For some reason when I am going to review a product I like to start it on a Monday - I don't know why it just seems easier to keep track of how many days I've been using it for.
So on the 9th of March I used this for the first time.
I got up for work, washed may face with warm water, dried it with a towel and waited a couple of minutes. 
Then I squeezed a small amount of the Manotox into the palm of my hand,rubbed my hands together and applied to my forehead, cheeks under my eyes - avoiding contact with my eyes - and also under my neck. 
I could feel how smooth it was straight away when rubbing it on my hands, it almost had a silky feel to it.
And that's how it felt on my face.
So my first impressions were......
It was amazing, the scent was not too over powering and it also had a great sense of freshness to it. 
The feel of it on my skin was awesome, and it felt like I was touching someone else's face not my own.
It felt that good I couldn't wait to use it before bed.
So I carried on using this for 3 weeks, applying it in a morning and before bed and only using warm water to wash my face. 
One morning I was late for work and ran out of the house forgetting to use it, I was absolutely gutted. I made sure I used extra that night.
By now my face was feeling amazing and I think it was looking a lot better too. 
Check out my before and after photos. 
Let me know what you think...

 I can not wait to see the results after 2 months if this is how I look and feel after just 3 weeks. 
I would definitely recommend this product to all men even if they are younger and don't have many fine lines.

I hear prevention is better than finding a cure...
disclaimer.. I was sent the product to review but the views are my own
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