1 March 2015

Treat for the mother from bakerdays


Who loves cakes?

I know I do. 

So when I was approached to review a cake I didn't have to think twice about my answer.
I was really looking forward to it. I've only been blogging around 7 weeks now and this would be my first food post.

Let me introduce you the the company


Baker Days is situated on the edge of Sherwood Forest and can safely deliver cakes to anywhere in the UK and even the day after you order 

 They have cakes for all different occasions 
from Birthdays, to "Keep calm and carry on cakes". 

The list is endless they even have I'm sorry cake which us blokes should be receiving every week

Only joking - I should of sent a few to my wife in the past 

For the full list check out there website (here)

The range I was asked to review was the Mother's Day range - which can be found (here)

It was so hard to choose from all the amazing designs but a few really stood out for me 

And I chose this one 

I mean who doesn't class there Mum as Wonder Woman 

Also it would be the perfect design if I was to order this for my mum, or even if I was to order it for my 9 year old son for his mum. 

Then I had to choose what sponge I wanted from this wonderful list 

Once again there was a good variety to choose from 

Sponge cake

Chocolate Chip made with Belgian Chocolate

Fruit cake

Gluten Wheat free cake

Dairy free cake

But to be honest it was easy for me -  chocolate chip.

The cake I was getting sent was the smallest sized one that Baker Days do, but they do a few other sizes too

But if you ask me the 5inch cake is perfect for Mother's Day 

Also it fits through the letter box - how cool is that 

You could get it sent straight to you Mothers house for a lovely little surprise and with a little message included too.

So that was it-  design picked, sponge type picked
All I had to do was wait for it to be delivered.

So the day it came I was really still surprised that it could fit through the letter box - but it did 

And as us bloggers normally do, I opened it straight away.

I was really pleased with with what was inside I'm not into cute things really, but this was really cute and I must admit the wife was a bit jealous.

The tin was really nice - I think the kind of retro design works really well and who doesn't like Love Hearts?

So I was home after having a really long day at work and I was feeling fairly hungry and now I had a cake next to me...

Do I open it and eat it there and then or do I wait until after my tea?

Well...the lid was off of the tin and I had removed the cling film and I was cutting through it with a knife before I could even really decide... 

The smell was amazing - it was really sweet - I really wish we had the technology to send smells through the computer because you would have loved this!!

It was really easy to cut though the sponge, it was really soft and also the chocolate chip looked amazing.

I couldn't wait to tuck in.


It tasted really good.  The chocolate was really soft and sticky and was really fresh which was a shock as it came through the post.

I even let the wife have a taste 
Needless to say she is a fan!

I was very impressed with this and I would definitely think about using Baker Days in the future. especially with Mother's Day creeping up on us.

To be honest, if I was to receive one of these cake on a special occasion then I would be very pleased indeed.

 I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed eating the cake




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