9 March 2015

Lottie Shaw's Baked Treats

I don't know if you guys know but my last name is Baker! 

You would think with a name like that I would good at baking - but I'm not - in fact I'm very far from it 

I did take Food Technology GCSE at school and did really well - but I didn't take it because of my huge love of food, it was a clever plan...which I have to say totally back fired.

I thought to my self, "what class are most girls going to be taking" and came up with Food Technology.


Not really - most of my my mates had the same idea as well...

I think there ended up being more boys than girls in there in the end. 

Anyway, enough talking about me and my silly ideas - let me introduce you to a company who really do know how to bake.

Lottie Shaw's 

Lottie Shaw's is a family company based in our fantastic Yorkshire and have been passing down recipes through the generations for over 100 years. 

They offer traditional family recipes and package them to enable more people to enjoy them across the country.

Their products can be found in a number of independent retailers across the country - even as far away as Hong Kong!

For me, family businesses are always one of a kind - you just know each and every item that is made is going to be made total perfection.

  I came across this company through friends from my sons rugby team.

After a brief conversation with Lottie Shaw's I was asked if I wanted some items sending to me to sample and review.

I didn't have to think twice about my answer 


So at the last rugby training session we attended, I was left one happy guy when I was handed a lovely looking package- it certainly made standing outside in the freezing cold  at 7pm bearable.

When I got home after training all I wanted was a nice cup of coffee to warm me up.

But what I wanted more was to open up the package and see what goodies were inside.

So I did.

The first thing that I noticed was the packaging.
It was really fitting for the product and it had a real professional look to it - if you saw it in a shop it would definitely grab your attention and make you want to check it out 

Let me tell you what was inside...in the order that I sampled them all in

Chocolate Chip Flapjack 


That's all I have to say

Baked with rolled oats and packed with chocolate chips this just melts in your mouth.
One second you get the taste of the oats and a nice, rich buttery taste, and then the sweetness of the chocolate hits you. 

I've heard the words "Food Porn" thrown around before and now I know what that is all about. 

The Wife and Son also had a taste of this and we all agreed it was amazing and lets just say that it was finished in no time at all.

Traditional Oat Flapjack 

This is same as the chocolate chip flapjack, but obviously without the chocolate bits.

Not having the chocolate it this one lets you truly appreciate the flavors of the flapjack.
We've all had that flap jack in the past that is really not that good - all dry and not really nice - well this is the total opposite, it was so moist and fresh.
Very nice

Once again my Wife and Son agreed with me, but we also agreed that the chocolate chip one was our favourite, but in fairness we are all big chocolate lovers.

Yorkshire Parkin Biscuit Box

Award Winning Ginger Biscuits 

Made with medium coarse oatmeal, black treacle, syrup, and ginger you know that this is going to be fire works in you mouth.

Yep, I was right but that taste doesn't hit you straight away, yet after a few seconds it is just wonderful.
I mean I love a good ginger biscuit but this one was the best I've ever had.

I'm not a big tea drinker but this was a good dunk-able biscuit for my coffee that's for sure.

And just to make sure I got all the flavors - I ate two 

 The box contains two packets of five biscuits.
Also the box is designed so that it is 100% recyclable and suitable for home composting which I think is an awesome idea.

Yorkshire Parkin 

You know if a product has won the Best Bakery Product 2013/2014 and Supreme Product in the Deliciously Yorkshire Award then you are in for a treat really don't you.

And what a treat this was.

Me and parkin go way back - I remember back when I was a teenager I used to buy a full parkin from my local Greggs Seconds Store on the way up to the sports centre during the six week holidays before I went to the activity days they used to run.

It was great but did get a bit sickly after a while - but it was really cheap!

Sorry for taking you down memory lane again - lets get back to Lottie Shaw's Parkin...

This is made with the same ingredients as the ginger biscuits but obviously with the added flour and...whatever else it is you need to make a parkin...

Once again it was another amazing treat - really soft and really easy to cut.

The taste of the treacle was lovely and it had a really nice stickiness to it - not too sticky that you had to pick it out of your teeth though - just a gentle lick with your tongue removes the excess parkin from them.

Again, same as with the biscuits, the ginger kicks in and adds a real spice to it.

And the packaging is again recyclable like the biscuit packaging.

I will definitely be having a huge slice of this at the weekend with a large amount of custard plopped on top.

How would you eat yours?

Let me know in the comments below. 

These are only a few of the amazing products on offer from Lottie Shaw's, for all the others please check out the website

I hope you have enloyed this post as much as I did eating the products

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