20 March 2015

An Indian Treat from Rola Wala

It was Thursday the 12th of March and it was just another boring day at work for me I was cold, tired, and I just wanted to go home. 

I had finished a job and was just going to start filling my paperwork out when my phone beeped.

It was an email notification and across the front of my phone screen it said
 "How do you eat you Indian"

I thought to my self, great another survey!

But as you do I opened it and had a read.

And to my suprise it wasn't a survey.

I was so happy to read the words - Have you every tried an Indian wrap?

Well my answer is no but by the sound of it I bet it would be amazing.

I love spicy food I think being born and bred in Bradford once named The Curry Capital of England, may have something to do with it. 

You already know I would have had some good Indian food in my life time and would be almost an expert in all things spicy.

I love trying the different dishes, from really spicy ones to mild, from lamb to chicken, and I've also recently been to an Indian vegetarian restaurant which was amazing. 

But I always get a Naan bread - it is a must - there's nothing better than breaking a bit of naan off and filling it with what ever dish I've ordered and eating it like a mini sandwich. 

Well, that's enough about me and my fondness for curry, lets get on to the important bit - where have I been invited to try an Indian wrap? 

Well I wasn't just me who was invited I was asked if I wanted to bring my wife and 9 year old son with me aswel. 

And I was so grateful for this - it was amazing of them to ask. 

So who are these fine people I hear you ask? 

Twisted Indian Street Food 

check out there full story (here)

Its a really good read but I want to focus on the food!

In April 2014, Rola Wala took on a residency at Trinity Kitchen in Leeds and this is where my adventure with Rola Wala was based.

Trinity Kitchen has quite a few cool food companies all next to each other with a large open eating area at the very top of the Trinity Shopping Centre. 

It makes a change visiting a shopping centre and not having the normal McDonalds, KFC, and the other usual fast food chains. 

So we arrived at Rola Wala and got speaking to the staff members whilst we checked out the menu.

The staff were really friendly and explained to us how to order - which was really simple and straight forward.

The menu which isn't packed full of choices which I think is a good thing when choosing a specialised food type, the options that are there are obviously put together very (very) well - there's no need for vast amounts of dishes.

So the first thing you do is choose either a naan wrap or a rice bowl. 

There was only one option for me.

A naan roll all day long.

It was a lightly toasted naan, rolled up and filled with any of the hot fillings.

So let's get on to the fillings 

Meat options!

Kashmiri Chicken Tikka 

Goan Pulled Pork 

Bengali Beef

Hmmmm...Bengali beef...slow cooked British brisket with Bengali spices...just typing this is making my mouth water

And that is what I chose 

You also add grilled paneer cheese (its a lot like haloumi) 

The whole ordering sequence is a lot like Subway! 

But 10 times better - and that's coming from someone who is addicted to Subway. 

They also offer a vegetarian option which is cool.

That that was the naan, the main filling, so now the salad.

Pickled red onion, carrot, and red cabbage all seasoned and all looking and smelling so fresh. 

I got all 3 - well if you're going to do it then you've got to do it right haven't you! 

Everything was then topped off with a nice garnish of coriander, fresh lemon juice, and these small crunchy things that I really can't remember the name of, but they were going in.

And to finish we had the sauces and the chutney.

I chose fresh yoghurt and chilli

It looked amazing

And because it was all made right in front of you, you can smell every ingredient going in - I'm sure I had to wipe my mouth at one point because I was drooling. 

My wife ordered the hot rice blow with the Kashmiri chicken and with all the salad and same garnish as me

My son took a look at the child's menu but nothing took his fancy. 

To be honest I think he just wanted a big wrap like his dad and in fairness he's a really good eater and would probably finish it all. 

So he ordered a naan with the Kashmiri chicken, he's not a big veg fan so he only had the carrot.

You can also order a couple of side dishes but we were more than happy with the size of our mains. 

Now on to the drinks me and my son ordered a mango, turmeric & lime soda.

 These are made by Square Root London who Rola Wala are collaborating with.

The wife chose the lemonade.

We found a table and took over our tray full of amazing food.

 I couldn't wait to tuck in.

And tuck in we did!


 Thats all I've got to say.

The flavours just hit you straight away 

The meat was so tender and juicy, then the freshness of the veg with the lemon and coriander is wonderful. 

The he kick of the chilli sauce hits you but was then instantly cooled down by the natural yoghurt. 

As you can tell I was really enjoying it. And so were my wife and son. 

My son pulled out a peice of the cheese and said to me "Dad it looks like a toasted cheese-string" 

Haha I had to agree with him! 

It wasn't long until I had finished mine but my wife and son were struggling so being a good husband and dad I helped them to finish theirs.

My wife describe her lemonade as "really refreshing and tasty". 

And me and my son both agreed that our mango drink was so nice - I can only describe it as weird one minute bu nice the next - you can taste the turmeric but then in the next sip you couldn't. 

So, my summery of Rola Wala...

Fast, fresh, tasty and amazing food packed full of stunning flavours.

It is the perfect place to eat, relax and refuel during a nice shopping trip. 

I would recommend it to everyone


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