4 March 2015

I sunk your battle ship

I suppose you're wondering what this post is all about 

What springs to minds when the words - "I sunk your battleship" are said ? 

To me it's the game I used to play with my Grandad years ago. We both had a bit of paper marked out with a grid - A to J - down one side and numbers 1 to 10 across the bottom

Well that's how we used to play it  

We used to put a large book between us so we could not see each others grid 

We both drew 4 or 5 ships on the grid all different sizes, with the biggest being our battleship  

Then each player took it in turns to say which square then wanted to shoot at, for example F.2, to see if they had hit oneoif the ships and if you hit one you got another turn until you missed 

The game ended when you or your opponent say 


You may of seen the game in shops 

So when I was approached to review an item from the company - I Sunk Your Battle Ship - I didn't have a clue what it was about. But as I read on I was really happy to find that I Sunk Your Battleship was an independent clothing label - which was awesome because if you have read my earlier post you will know I'm a big fan of independent clothing labels 

Let me introduce you to the company. 

"Championing the underdog, we are a crew of people who don't aim to be the coolest, nicest or most mature kids in town, we just want to enjoy ourselves and be a little bit cheeky along the way"

This was taken from the "about us" section of their website 

That paragraph perfectly describes me.

I've never been Mr Popular but I never did care and it didn't stop me having fun.

As you can tell from the name I Sunk Your Battleship the brand has a ship/sailor theme 

I Sunk Your Battleship offer a great range of amazing UK streetwear.

Their collection of tees, hoodies, and accessories are made from the best-sourced materials which are all high quality products from our homeland, the UK.

I had a good look though the website and I don't think there is one item than I wouldn't wear 

So the item I was to review was was this cool looking Tee 


The cool logo features on different parts of the tee

It came with a few cool stickers which my son normally nicks off me and sticks on his bedroom wall but this time I had to hide one of them from him as it had a word on it I didn't want him to learn


The Tshirt is really cool and would fit perfectly in my wardrobe 

I love the logo 

I believe the key to a independent label is a stand out logo 
Something that will pull you right in and make you want to know more about what is on offer right from seeing it.

This is what this logo does to me, and yeah, I wanted to know more 

So what does the logo stand for?

The flags that they use are based on a Navy communication technique know as 'semaphore' used to convey information and messages at a distance to crew members aboard ships.

Semaphore, though established and used before, became widely adopted into the maritime world in the 19th Century.

I find this story really cool - I hope you do too.

I love a bit of History. 

You can tell the Tshirt is really good quality just from the feel of it.
It's not one of them wafer thin Tshirst that you find in some stores - I've had those in the past and when you have washed them a few times they turn a totally different shape and look awful..

I really hate it when the collar/neckline goes all baggy - not a good look!

Tshirts like those becomes pjs for the wife! 

Lets get back to the design of this Tshirt
It's a really nice dark blue with a simple grey pocket and logo on the front, there is also a huge design on the back.  

In the past I've never been a big fan of huge designs on Tshirts but on this one it didn't bother me at all, maybe because it's on the back or that it doesn't stand out too much with it been dark as well.

I could not wait to wear it.

So last weekend was the perfect opportunity to take it for an outing - I had 3 events on 

First, Friday's Lush event in Sheffield, then Saturday I had a bloggers meet at Handmade Burger Co, and later that day I was off out to a rap gig.

But I couldn't wear this new top to all three...

Or could I...

It would mean a lot of speed washing and drying 

This would definitely put the quality of the 
Tshirt to test 

So I did - I wore it Friday and washed it late Friday night and left it to dry over night so I could wear it on Saturday. 

Nobody asked me about the Tshirt untill Saturday night at the rap gig where I got asked a couple of times where it was from and what make it was, which was cool 

I think in the music scene that I'm in to there is a lot of love for the smaller, independent labels 

I would say because of the colour and style of this Tshirt it can be worn with most things. 

I wore it with a skinny fit black jeans and black Nike Blazers but I think it could even be worn with lighter jeans or even grey joggers for a lazy, laid back look.
To be honest, I would even wear it with shorts at the gym 

So my summery of this Tshirt - it is made from a great quality material which still holds its shape after plenty of washes, it can be worn in a casual or smart way - which is just perfect for my lifestyle and fashion sense.

I will definitely be adding more of the I Sunk Your Battleship items to my wardrobe in the future and even to my kitchen cupboard with this little mug for my morning brews.

I am a big fan of the snap backs and have seen a few in the Head-wear section that you should check out too.

I hope you have enjoyed this post - let me know what you think of the products if you check them out.



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