25 March 2015

Feeling Good In Blackspade Undies

Hi hope you're all having a great week

If you have read my other posts or follow me on social media you will know I'm still fairly new to the blogging world. 

And when I started I didn't really know how it would go and if I would enjoy it. But so far I'm having a great time I've met loads of new people and come across brands I didn't know existed and worked with a few cool ones as well. 

But I always said to my self I wouldn't write a post about something that didn't suit me or my blog. And I would say no to companies if they asked me to review a product that wasn't right for me. 

Don't get me wrong if it was something I've never used before but I thought I could give it a go or fancied a challenge I would say yes.

When I was asked to review some men's underwear I didn't know what to say. 

Would it suit my blog?
 Would it go down well with my readers?
Would I have to model the product?

I had a long think about it and decided to give it ago, I mean I wear underwear everyday and it's the first thing I put on in the morning. 

So I said yes.

 And all my worries were washed away when I received an email saying that I wasn't expected to model them.


I'm not exactly in the best shape of my life at the moment.

Underwear for me has got to be comfortable-  there's nothing worse than wearing undies that don't fit right. 

I'm a boxers guy myself - I don't mind the baggy type or the nice fitted type as long as they don't restrict you in any way and aren't too tight.

So let me introduce you to 

Blackspade is a long-standing brand owned by parent company Narkonteks.
The Blackspade men's collection has stayed true to the brand's ethos of producing high comfort garments with classic designs,

I got this tight fitted red pair.
And the only way I know how to review a product like this is to put them
 on and adventure out for the day - I did have clothes on as well before you ask :)

I really liked this pair they are very comfy and even though they are a tight fit they is plenty of room for movement.

 Guys you know what I mean.

They feel so soft and are really light - you almost get the feeling of going commando.

Which I don't know if that's a good or bad thing - all I know is that I felt good. 

These are something I would definitely buy in the future. 

I was also sent 2 pairs of these baggy fit ones. 

Probably not the colours I would have chosen but the feel of them is really nice.

They are 100% cotton but have more of a silky feel to them which is amazing. 

They also seem to have a nice strong elastic around the waist which is a must.
I hate pairs which lose the elasticity after they have been stretched a few times.

Both pairs are size L but because I have big legs I felt a bit uncomfortable around the leg area but they were perfect around the waist line and I am a 36 inch waist.
But I'm sure a XL would have been perfect. 

This is more of a body fault not a product fault 

My nickname back in the day when I used to play football was - fat chopper legs ha ha! 

I also got sent these lovely briefs and to be honest I've never worn briefs before so I was unsure what to do with them. 

But I thought stuff it I may as well check them out and at least put a pair on and chase my wife and son around the house in them - which if I'm honest didn't go down too well :) 

Then I looked at my self in the mirror and realised why I was getting mucky looks from them.

I used the pairs I had a lot that week to see how I felt in them and I was shocked, they are really comfortable and I did enjoy wearing them.

There not something I would personally go out and buy though.

But I will carry on wearing the ones I have.

So to summarise on the Blackspade products I would say that they look great, feel great, and are made to a high quality. And I would definitely think about getting some more in the future. 

You can find all these great products (here) + many more.

Also they do a woman's range too. 

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