31 March 2015

Comfort and style in one!

This was a post for April fools day

Hi all 

I hope your enjoying the Easter holidays.

If you have read my earlier posts you will know I've always been on the lookout for smart clothes which are comfy at the same time. 

I need to get out of the trap I am in at the moment where I spend all weekend wearing joggers. 

Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with wearing your comfy clothes around the house but going out in them a lot especially at the ripe old age of 32 is a big no! 

So I've made it my plan to smarten up my image but still keeping with my comfy lifestyle.

So occasionally when I get a spare minute I browse the Internet for items of clothing which are smart but also comfy. I've found loads of tops, jackets, Tshirts and plenty off shoes but I am struggling with pants.

I love jeans but with me having big legs the tighter fitting ones are to tight and when I get a bigger size they look daft. 

I like chinos but I feel like I'm dressing like my granddad because the cut of the chinos are too rectangular. 

To be honest I didn't think I would find any.

Wells that's what I thought until I found these Bad Boys! 

Made by well know retailer Jacamo 

Cheans ! 

Half chino half jeans.

For me that ticks every box they don't look like a skinny fit pant and look cool. 

I definitely need to get my self some of these I just know everybody who sees me in these will be asking were I got them from. 

If you think this is something for you take a visit to the Jacamo site found (here)

let me know what you think 



25 March 2015

Feeling Good In Blackspade Undies

Hi hope you're all having a great week

If you have read my other posts or follow me on social media you will know I'm still fairly new to the blogging world. 

And when I started I didn't really know how it would go and if I would enjoy it. But so far I'm having a great time I've met loads of new people and come across brands I didn't know existed and worked with a few cool ones as well. 

But I always said to my self I wouldn't write a post about something that didn't suit me or my blog. And I would say no to companies if they asked me to review a product that wasn't right for me. 

Don't get me wrong if it was something I've never used before but I thought I could give it a go or fancied a challenge I would say yes.

When I was asked to review some men's underwear I didn't know what to say. 

Would it suit my blog?
 Would it go down well with my readers?
Would I have to model the product?

I had a long think about it and decided to give it ago, I mean I wear underwear everyday and it's the first thing I put on in the morning. 

So I said yes.

 And all my worries were washed away when I received an email saying that I wasn't expected to model them.


I'm not exactly in the best shape of my life at the moment.

Underwear for me has got to be comfortable-  there's nothing worse than wearing undies that don't fit right. 

I'm a boxers guy myself - I don't mind the baggy type or the nice fitted type as long as they don't restrict you in any way and aren't too tight.

So let me introduce you to 

Blackspade is a long-standing brand owned by parent company Narkonteks.
The Blackspade men's collection has stayed true to the brand's ethos of producing high comfort garments with classic designs,

I got this tight fitted red pair.
And the only way I know how to review a product like this is to put them
 on and adventure out for the day - I did have clothes on as well before you ask :)

I really liked this pair they are very comfy and even though they are a tight fit they is plenty of room for movement.

 Guys you know what I mean.

They feel so soft and are really light - you almost get the feeling of going commando.

Which I don't know if that's a good or bad thing - all I know is that I felt good. 

These are something I would definitely buy in the future. 

I was also sent 2 pairs of these baggy fit ones. 

Probably not the colours I would have chosen but the feel of them is really nice.

They are 100% cotton but have more of a silky feel to them which is amazing. 

They also seem to have a nice strong elastic around the waist which is a must.
I hate pairs which lose the elasticity after they have been stretched a few times.

Both pairs are size L but because I have big legs I felt a bit uncomfortable around the leg area but they were perfect around the waist line and I am a 36 inch waist.
But I'm sure a XL would have been perfect. 

This is more of a body fault not a product fault 

My nickname back in the day when I used to play football was - fat chopper legs ha ha! 

I also got sent these lovely briefs and to be honest I've never worn briefs before so I was unsure what to do with them. 

But I thought stuff it I may as well check them out and at least put a pair on and chase my wife and son around the house in them - which if I'm honest didn't go down too well :) 

Then I looked at my self in the mirror and realised why I was getting mucky looks from them.

I used the pairs I had a lot that week to see how I felt in them and I was shocked, they are really comfortable and I did enjoy wearing them.

There not something I would personally go out and buy though.

But I will carry on wearing the ones I have.

So to summarise on the Blackspade products I would say that they look great, feel great, and are made to a high quality. And I would definitely think about getting some more in the future. 

You can find all these great products (here) + many more.

Also they do a woman's range too. 

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20 March 2015

An Indian Treat from Rola Wala

It was Thursday the 12th of March and it was just another boring day at work for me I was cold, tired, and I just wanted to go home. 

I had finished a job and was just going to start filling my paperwork out when my phone beeped.

It was an email notification and across the front of my phone screen it said
 "How do you eat you Indian"

I thought to my self, great another survey!

But as you do I opened it and had a read.

And to my suprise it wasn't a survey.

I was so happy to read the words - Have you every tried an Indian wrap?

Well my answer is no but by the sound of it I bet it would be amazing.

I love spicy food I think being born and bred in Bradford once named The Curry Capital of England, may have something to do with it. 

You already know I would have had some good Indian food in my life time and would be almost an expert in all things spicy.

I love trying the different dishes, from really spicy ones to mild, from lamb to chicken, and I've also recently been to an Indian vegetarian restaurant which was amazing. 

But I always get a Naan bread - it is a must - there's nothing better than breaking a bit of naan off and filling it with what ever dish I've ordered and eating it like a mini sandwich. 

Well, that's enough about me and my fondness for curry, lets get on to the important bit - where have I been invited to try an Indian wrap? 

Well I wasn't just me who was invited I was asked if I wanted to bring my wife and 9 year old son with me aswel. 

And I was so grateful for this - it was amazing of them to ask. 

So who are these fine people I hear you ask? 

Twisted Indian Street Food 

check out there full story (here)

Its a really good read but I want to focus on the food!

In April 2014, Rola Wala took on a residency at Trinity Kitchen in Leeds and this is where my adventure with Rola Wala was based.

Trinity Kitchen has quite a few cool food companies all next to each other with a large open eating area at the very top of the Trinity Shopping Centre. 

It makes a change visiting a shopping centre and not having the normal McDonalds, KFC, and the other usual fast food chains. 

So we arrived at Rola Wala and got speaking to the staff members whilst we checked out the menu.

The staff were really friendly and explained to us how to order - which was really simple and straight forward.

The menu which isn't packed full of choices which I think is a good thing when choosing a specialised food type, the options that are there are obviously put together very (very) well - there's no need for vast amounts of dishes.

So the first thing you do is choose either a naan wrap or a rice bowl. 

There was only one option for me.

A naan roll all day long.

It was a lightly toasted naan, rolled up and filled with any of the hot fillings.

So let's get on to the fillings 

Meat options!

Kashmiri Chicken Tikka 

Goan Pulled Pork 

Bengali Beef

Hmmmm...Bengali beef...slow cooked British brisket with Bengali spices...just typing this is making my mouth water

And that is what I chose 

You also add grilled paneer cheese (its a lot like haloumi) 

The whole ordering sequence is a lot like Subway! 

But 10 times better - and that's coming from someone who is addicted to Subway. 

They also offer a vegetarian option which is cool.

That that was the naan, the main filling, so now the salad.

Pickled red onion, carrot, and red cabbage all seasoned and all looking and smelling so fresh. 

I got all 3 - well if you're going to do it then you've got to do it right haven't you! 

Everything was then topped off with a nice garnish of coriander, fresh lemon juice, and these small crunchy things that I really can't remember the name of, but they were going in.

And to finish we had the sauces and the chutney.

I chose fresh yoghurt and chilli

It looked amazing

And because it was all made right in front of you, you can smell every ingredient going in - I'm sure I had to wipe my mouth at one point because I was drooling. 

My wife ordered the hot rice blow with the Kashmiri chicken and with all the salad and same garnish as me

My son took a look at the child's menu but nothing took his fancy. 

To be honest I think he just wanted a big wrap like his dad and in fairness he's a really good eater and would probably finish it all. 

So he ordered a naan with the Kashmiri chicken, he's not a big veg fan so he only had the carrot.

You can also order a couple of side dishes but we were more than happy with the size of our mains. 

Now on to the drinks me and my son ordered a mango, turmeric & lime soda.

 These are made by Square Root London who Rola Wala are collaborating with.

The wife chose the lemonade.

We found a table and took over our tray full of amazing food.

 I couldn't wait to tuck in.

And tuck in we did!


 Thats all I've got to say.

The flavours just hit you straight away 

The meat was so tender and juicy, then the freshness of the veg with the lemon and coriander is wonderful. 

The he kick of the chilli sauce hits you but was then instantly cooled down by the natural yoghurt. 

As you can tell I was really enjoying it. And so were my wife and son. 

My son pulled out a peice of the cheese and said to me "Dad it looks like a toasted cheese-string" 

Haha I had to agree with him! 

It wasn't long until I had finished mine but my wife and son were struggling so being a good husband and dad I helped them to finish theirs.

My wife describe her lemonade as "really refreshing and tasty". 

And me and my son both agreed that our mango drink was so nice - I can only describe it as weird one minute bu nice the next - you can taste the turmeric but then in the next sip you couldn't. 

So, my summery of Rola Wala...

Fast, fresh, tasty and amazing food packed full of stunning flavours.

It is the perfect place to eat, relax and refuel during a nice shopping trip. 

I would recommend it to everyone


16 March 2015

Every man requires a wing-man

I've been blogging about two months now and one of the main things I've noticed is that a lot of other bloggers have amazing skin.

To be honest I have probably neglected my skin over the years. I mean I don't think I have got bad skin but possibly, it could be better.

Let me take you back to when I was a teenager - when your skin goes through all sorts of changes.

I never was a really spotty kid.
I was the kid who had the one big spot every now and then - which to me was worse.
I mean if you had a load of spots all of the time it never got mentioned but if you had that one big spot every so often it stood out like a male blogger at an event! :)

I don't remember what face wash I used back then.
It may have been just soap and water but it was a very long time ago.

After my teenage years ended, my skin cleared up - well I say cleared up, I just mean that I didn't get that many spots any more and they weren't as big.

By this time I was a full time worker in the engineering business so you can probably imagine the sort of muck and grease collecting on my face everyday.

I had to search out some good face washes then.

I tried loads of different styles - it was so long ago I can't remember which ones but I'm sure they were Clearasil ones, and possibly some from Avon.
All I can remember is that none of them suited my skin at all and always brought my skin out in more spots which wasn't a good look when my adventures in the pub world began.

I decided that it would be best to only wash my face with warm water and that did seem to do the trick.

Now that I'm 32 and still working in the same sort of industry, well, you would think that I would have found some sort of "proper" face wash by now.

Well kind of! 

The only thing I have been using is an anti-bacterial face wash, only maybe a couple of times a week which my skin seemed to really agree with.

But then I was asked to review some skincare products from Wingman - check out they full product range (here) - I must say I was very sceptical if it would work for me, but I thought stuff it, I loved the name and the product sounded really cool.

So let me introduce you to



Founded in 2009 Wingman combines lifrstyle and performance to deliver the worlds greatest male grooming products.

I found it really cool that Wingman products are Help For Heros Endorsed Products.

The products I have been using are from the Skinfuel Range - check out the story behind the making of the products (here)

I love the look of these products, they have a good "manly" look about them and would certainly stand out to me in the shops. 

The range has a three stage system which is good to keep you on track with a daily routine.

The 3 stages are:

1st Stage - Ginseng Face Scrub

2nd Stage - Ginseng Face Wash

3rd Stage - Ginseng Moisturiser

So let me tell you how I got on with the products because I know you're all dying to find out.

I started using this product over three weeks ago and like I said earlier, my skin doesn't take well to skin products so I wasn't holding out much hope that this would be any different. 

I used it first after a long day at work so my face was feeling very yak.
The first thing I noticed when I squirted it into the palm of my hand was that it had a really nice smell - not too strong, just enough to make you notice it.
The scent was a really fresh smell - I've never smelt ginseng before so I didn't really know what to expect but I was impressed 

I covered my entire face in warm water so it was wet enough to apply the scrub.

The scrub itself had a nice feel to it, as some scrubs can feel too gritty but this had a nice, soft feel.
I certainly felt the grit working into my face, so I knew it was working, but it wasn't harsh at all. 

Once again I could really feel how fresh it was. 

It did take a bit longer to wash off of my face but that was due to it being lost in my beard - in the end it all came out fine though. 

The next step was the the face wash.

Same as the face scrub this had a nice, gentle, fresh smell.

I applied a small amount to my face and straight away it lathered up loads - a bit too much in fact.

My face was truly covered...maybe I used a bit much though...

In fairness it washed off easily - even from my beard.

My face smelt fresh, felt fresh, and looked really clean.

My next step was to use the moisturiser.
I dried my face off and applied a nice amount to my cheeks, forehead, nose, and neck and gave it a good rub in.

My face felt great!

I carried on this routine for the next week but then as expected, my skin reacted and I got a few spots on the cheek bone part of my face.

It didn't put me off using the products though, but I did contact the supplier of the product and explained what had happened.

They were really helpful and told me to carry on using the products because it may have been due to the change over from an anti-bacterial face wash I used before.

I carried on using them for the best part of two weeks and my skin was the same
It felt and looked really fresh and clean but I still had the spots - and even a few more had appeared.

The next few days went by and I was still using the face scrub and the face wash but I stopped using the moisturiser.

Slowly but surely, over the next few days, my spots started clearing up and after another week my spots had all just about gone.

My skin is now feeling and looking amazing and I will keep using the two cleansers as part of my daily routine for the foreseeable future.

Maybe my skin was a little bit too sensitive for the moisturiser.

But as you all know, all skin types are different.

So there you go - I now have a new Wingman!

You can also get the face wash and scrub in Aoe Vera, which I will be testing in the near future.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and maybe you can relate to my skin problems - if so please share your stories in the comments.


13 March 2015


If you already follow my blog you will already know that I love doing fun things - especially if it means spending time with my son.

At the moment fitting things in is really hard though - I work 10 to 12 hours a day, and then take my son rugby training twice a week, plus he has swimming lessons on a Saturday, and then rugby games on a Sunday.

Yep - I know what you are thinking, when do I have time to even breath never mind time to blog! 

Well my answer is that my "blogging time" is very limited but I think I've put out enough posts to keep my followers interested.
(or at least i hope I am doing...)

Before I even think about blogging, my son comes first whether that be watching wrestling together, of even wrestling each other, playing the XBox, watching TV, or even just chilling out reading. 

If you read my post Father Son Bond (here) you will know that we are really close.

We, as a family, are always on the look out for cool things to do be that fun days out or fun activities to do at home.

So when I was approached and asked if I wanted to do something creative I was really intrigued and obviously wanted to know more.

I was asked if I wanted some products from Dylon

Dylon Dyes - who can be found (here)

So let me tell you a bit about them

Dyon describe themselves as "living in the colourful world"
They celebrate this fact more than most, having brought colour to the wardrobes, homes and lives of people the world over for more than 60 years.

 In fact the history of this company is really cool - take a look at the full story (here)

What could I do with some dyes I hear you ask?

Well one thing I have never tried before is Tie-Dye.

And neither has my son so it seemed like a great thing to both have a go at.

When you think of Tie-Dye what does it make you think of?

Well for me it's definitely the 1960s and everything "Hippy".

 But did you know traditional methods of Tie-Dye started in India and Africa in as early as the sixth century.


Well, me neither...I just looked it up and thought I would throw it in there - a little bit of education for you.

Dylon asked what my favorite colours were.

I'm not really know for my bright colours and mostly wear black so I opted for a nice

Velvet Black

And also

Burlesque Red

Then my son had a bright idea - why not try make a cool, different Red Nose Day T-Shirt he said.

So we did - I explained to him that the top wouldn't be a bright red though but he didn't mind.

I asked him to find an old white top

He brought me this one down from his wardrobe and we were ready to go.

Like I said before, I've never done any Tie-Dying before so instead of reading up on how to do it, well, I just thought I would wing it.

We had a play with the top and came up with what we thought was right.

The next thing to do was read the directions on the Dyson dye package which seemed really simple.

Step 1 - wear rubber gloves.

Step 2 - mix dye powder in 500ml of warm water.

Step 3 - fill sink up with around 6 liters of warm water and stir in 250g of plain salt, and add the mixed dye.

Step 4 - Add what ever you are dyeing, making sure it has been washed and is still dam, then stir it for 15 minutes, and then every 10 minutes or so, for a full 45 minutes.

Then after 45 minutes it was ready for taking out.

I pulled the plug and let the dye drain - it seemed like a real waste of product really - I wish I would of had some more stuff ready to have a play about with close to hand.

Then I rinsed the excess dye out of the top with cold water

I let the top dry out as much as possible before hanging it on the close-horse so it could dry naturally.

My son was amazed - I don't think he has ever seen Tie-Dye done before and he definitely wanted to wear it for his school's Red Nose Day.

So that was the fun stuff all finished, now to get some serious things done.

We all have that item in the wardrobe that we haven't worn for a while because it's all faded, old looking and not at all attractive.

Yep - thought so.

Well I have a pair of old 501s which haven't been worn for years, so I decided to use them.

I followed the same process with the Velvet Black dye as with the first and then added in my old faded jeans

Check out the results:

All I need to do now is loose a bit of weight to fit back into them.

I hope you have enjoyed this post please let me know what you think,



9 March 2015

Lottie Shaw's Baked Treats

I don't know if you guys know but my last name is Baker! 

You would think with a name like that I would good at baking - but I'm not - in fact I'm very far from it 

I did take Food Technology GCSE at school and did really well - but I didn't take it because of my huge love of food, it was a clever plan...which I have to say totally back fired.

I thought to my self, "what class are most girls going to be taking" and came up with Food Technology.


Not really - most of my my mates had the same idea as well...

I think there ended up being more boys than girls in there in the end. 

Anyway, enough talking about me and my silly ideas - let me introduce you to a company who really do know how to bake.

Lottie Shaw's 

Lottie Shaw's is a family company based in our fantastic Yorkshire and have been passing down recipes through the generations for over 100 years. 

They offer traditional family recipes and package them to enable more people to enjoy them across the country.

Their products can be found in a number of independent retailers across the country - even as far away as Hong Kong!

For me, family businesses are always one of a kind - you just know each and every item that is made is going to be made total perfection.

  I came across this company through friends from my sons rugby team.

After a brief conversation with Lottie Shaw's I was asked if I wanted some items sending to me to sample and review.

I didn't have to think twice about my answer 


So at the last rugby training session we attended, I was left one happy guy when I was handed a lovely looking package- it certainly made standing outside in the freezing cold  at 7pm bearable.

When I got home after training all I wanted was a nice cup of coffee to warm me up.

But what I wanted more was to open up the package and see what goodies were inside.

So I did.

The first thing that I noticed was the packaging.
It was really fitting for the product and it had a real professional look to it - if you saw it in a shop it would definitely grab your attention and make you want to check it out 

Let me tell you what was inside...in the order that I sampled them all in

Chocolate Chip Flapjack 


That's all I have to say

Baked with rolled oats and packed with chocolate chips this just melts in your mouth.
One second you get the taste of the oats and a nice, rich buttery taste, and then the sweetness of the chocolate hits you. 

I've heard the words "Food Porn" thrown around before and now I know what that is all about. 

The Wife and Son also had a taste of this and we all agreed it was amazing and lets just say that it was finished in no time at all.

Traditional Oat Flapjack 

This is same as the chocolate chip flapjack, but obviously without the chocolate bits.

Not having the chocolate it this one lets you truly appreciate the flavors of the flapjack.
We've all had that flap jack in the past that is really not that good - all dry and not really nice - well this is the total opposite, it was so moist and fresh.
Very nice

Once again my Wife and Son agreed with me, but we also agreed that the chocolate chip one was our favourite, but in fairness we are all big chocolate lovers.

Yorkshire Parkin Biscuit Box

Award Winning Ginger Biscuits 

Made with medium coarse oatmeal, black treacle, syrup, and ginger you know that this is going to be fire works in you mouth.

Yep, I was right but that taste doesn't hit you straight away, yet after a few seconds it is just wonderful.
I mean I love a good ginger biscuit but this one was the best I've ever had.

I'm not a big tea drinker but this was a good dunk-able biscuit for my coffee that's for sure.

And just to make sure I got all the flavors - I ate two 

 The box contains two packets of five biscuits.
Also the box is designed so that it is 100% recyclable and suitable for home composting which I think is an awesome idea.

Yorkshire Parkin 

You know if a product has won the Best Bakery Product 2013/2014 and Supreme Product in the Deliciously Yorkshire Award then you are in for a treat really don't you.

And what a treat this was.

Me and parkin go way back - I remember back when I was a teenager I used to buy a full parkin from my local Greggs Seconds Store on the way up to the sports centre during the six week holidays before I went to the activity days they used to run.

It was great but did get a bit sickly after a while - but it was really cheap!

Sorry for taking you down memory lane again - lets get back to Lottie Shaw's Parkin...

This is made with the same ingredients as the ginger biscuits but obviously with the added flour and...whatever else it is you need to make a parkin...

Once again it was another amazing treat - really soft and really easy to cut.

The taste of the treacle was lovely and it had a really nice stickiness to it - not too sticky that you had to pick it out of your teeth though - just a gentle lick with your tongue removes the excess parkin from them.

Again, same as with the biscuits, the ginger kicks in and adds a real spice to it.

And the packaging is again recyclable like the biscuit packaging.

I will definitely be having a huge slice of this at the weekend with a large amount of custard plopped on top.

How would you eat yours?

Let me know in the comments below. 

These are only a few of the amazing products on offer from Lottie Shaw's, for all the others please check out the website

I hope you have enloyed this post as much as I did eating the products

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4 March 2015

I sunk your battle ship

I suppose you're wondering what this post is all about 

What springs to minds when the words - "I sunk your battleship" are said ? 

To me it's the game I used to play with my Grandad years ago. We both had a bit of paper marked out with a grid - A to J - down one side and numbers 1 to 10 across the bottom

Well that's how we used to play it  

We used to put a large book between us so we could not see each others grid 

We both drew 4 or 5 ships on the grid all different sizes, with the biggest being our battleship  

Then each player took it in turns to say which square then wanted to shoot at, for example F.2, to see if they had hit oneoif the ships and if you hit one you got another turn until you missed 

The game ended when you or your opponent say 


You may of seen the game in shops 

So when I was approached to review an item from the company - I Sunk Your Battle Ship - I didn't have a clue what it was about. But as I read on I was really happy to find that I Sunk Your Battleship was an independent clothing label - which was awesome because if you have read my earlier post you will know I'm a big fan of independent clothing labels 

Let me introduce you to the company. 

"Championing the underdog, we are a crew of people who don't aim to be the coolest, nicest or most mature kids in town, we just want to enjoy ourselves and be a little bit cheeky along the way"

This was taken from the "about us" section of their website 

That paragraph perfectly describes me.

I've never been Mr Popular but I never did care and it didn't stop me having fun.

As you can tell from the name I Sunk Your Battleship the brand has a ship/sailor theme 

I Sunk Your Battleship offer a great range of amazing UK streetwear.

Their collection of tees, hoodies, and accessories are made from the best-sourced materials which are all high quality products from our homeland, the UK.

I had a good look though the website and I don't think there is one item than I wouldn't wear 

So the item I was to review was was this cool looking Tee 


The cool logo features on different parts of the tee

It came with a few cool stickers which my son normally nicks off me and sticks on his bedroom wall but this time I had to hide one of them from him as it had a word on it I didn't want him to learn


The Tshirt is really cool and would fit perfectly in my wardrobe 

I love the logo 

I believe the key to a independent label is a stand out logo 
Something that will pull you right in and make you want to know more about what is on offer right from seeing it.

This is what this logo does to me, and yeah, I wanted to know more 

So what does the logo stand for?

The flags that they use are based on a Navy communication technique know as 'semaphore' used to convey information and messages at a distance to crew members aboard ships.

Semaphore, though established and used before, became widely adopted into the maritime world in the 19th Century.

I find this story really cool - I hope you do too.

I love a bit of History. 

You can tell the Tshirt is really good quality just from the feel of it.
It's not one of them wafer thin Tshirst that you find in some stores - I've had those in the past and when you have washed them a few times they turn a totally different shape and look awful..

I really hate it when the collar/neckline goes all baggy - not a good look!

Tshirts like those becomes pjs for the wife! 

Lets get back to the design of this Tshirt
It's a really nice dark blue with a simple grey pocket and logo on the front, there is also a huge design on the back.  

In the past I've never been a big fan of huge designs on Tshirts but on this one it didn't bother me at all, maybe because it's on the back or that it doesn't stand out too much with it been dark as well.

I could not wait to wear it.

So last weekend was the perfect opportunity to take it for an outing - I had 3 events on 

First, Friday's Lush event in Sheffield, then Saturday I had a bloggers meet at Handmade Burger Co, and later that day I was off out to a rap gig.

But I couldn't wear this new top to all three...

Or could I...

It would mean a lot of speed washing and drying 

This would definitely put the quality of the 
Tshirt to test 

So I did - I wore it Friday and washed it late Friday night and left it to dry over night so I could wear it on Saturday. 

Nobody asked me about the Tshirt untill Saturday night at the rap gig where I got asked a couple of times where it was from and what make it was, which was cool 

I think in the music scene that I'm in to there is a lot of love for the smaller, independent labels 

I would say because of the colour and style of this Tshirt it can be worn with most things. 

I wore it with a skinny fit black jeans and black Nike Blazers but I think it could even be worn with lighter jeans or even grey joggers for a lazy, laid back look.
To be honest, I would even wear it with shorts at the gym 

So my summery of this Tshirt - it is made from a great quality material which still holds its shape after plenty of washes, it can be worn in a casual or smart way - which is just perfect for my lifestyle and fashion sense.

I will definitely be adding more of the I Sunk Your Battleship items to my wardrobe in the future and even to my kitchen cupboard with this little mug for my morning brews.

I am a big fan of the snap backs and have seen a few in the Head-wear section that you should check out too.

I hope you have enjoyed this post - let me know what you think of the products if you check them out.


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