16 February 2015

Osmo UK hair products

Life as a blogger is going really well for me at the moment - not only have I met loads of new, cool people and have had a bit of interaction with a few cool brands but it's really helped me get back on track a bit with my image 

Growing up was hard, keeping up with all the latest hair styles especially when you have a thick head of hair like me  

I have the sort of hair that needs a product on it to make it look half decent 
That's maybe why I am so in to my hats 

Growing up I went through many different hairstyles, crew cut - the most easiest to manage, dyed blond and shaved grade 2 all over - so I could look like my idol at the time Slim Shady, I also copied Scott from Five's spiky twists, and many more 

I once grew my hair really long but now I look back at the photos and I think what the hell was I doing 

So as you can imagine I've used a lot of different products over the years but I always found that the normal gels and wax's just could not control the thickness of my hair, so I had to always use the strongest wax I could find 

But when it came to washing the wax out there became the problem.
It took about 5 or 6 washes, which is no good because I kept getting told off for using all the shampoo!

When I got asked to review some men's hair products I was thinking there going to have to be good to work on my hair but I wanted to give them a good go.
At least my hair would be perfect to put the products to the test.

But before I could test them, I really needed to get my hair cut first 

If you have read my last post you will know how that adventure went 

So let me introduce you to my new products, from


And the products I was sent were all from their men's range

I was sent 5 different styling products all with different hold factors

I will start with the strongest hold factor first

This is called FIBRE HARD with a hold factor of 5 out of 6

 A hair sculptor for a strong hold and added thickness with a matte finish.
This can applied to wet or dry hair and is more suited to short or medium length hair.

At first I found this hard to apply as it is a tough, thick product but as I used it more I realised
 I had to rub it through my hands and fingers more before applying and then it became easier to manage.

Using this product you could sculpt your hair into any style you wanted to.
It also smelt really nice too - a really sweet smell

Its definitely a product I will carry on using.

The next product I used was


A hard wax with an incredible shine and strong hold

Again, with a hold factor of 5 out of 6 again.

It can also be used on wet or dry hair - I found using it on slightly wet hair was the best.

Once again it was a really tough wax but by now I had learnt my lesson, so I give it a good rub through my hands and fingers before applying it to my hair.

The wax was really strong and I would achieve any hair style I wanted.
I found this wax really good and combing it through whilst blow drying my hair helped to create a real slicked back look

On to the next - I know what you're thinking - I have very much been spoilt with all of these!


Similar to the Aqua Wax Hard but not as strong with a hold factor of 3 out of 6

Again, this can be applied to wet or dry hair but I found this product didn't really hold my hair where I wanted it to - but I totally blame my really thick hair and not the product.

If you hair isn't too thick then this product would do the exact same job as the Aqua Wax Hard does for me.

Both of the Aqua Wax products have a barber shop gel smell which I find is a pleasant aroma.

But I don't really think that this is the product for me...but it doesn't matter because my son loves it.

The next product had the best name and is one I couldn't wait to test


The ultimate corrupting cream for long lasting versatile hold

To be honest I was sold just on the name and with a hold factor of 5 out of 6 I knew I was in safe hands.

As soon as I opened this tin I was hit with what I could only describe as pudding - a real sort of sweet cookie dough scent.

I really wanted to eat it, not put it on my hair!

This to me was the perfect product - it held my hair just how I wanted it to but if my hair got disturbed it just kind of sprung back into the same position - which was awesome on those really cold days that we have had a lot of recently as have I often have to put my beanie hat on at work.
But my hair doesn't become ruined.

Unlike the Aqua Wax's it gave a nice matte finish too, which I prefer.

Now onto my last styling product


I chose to use this last due to it only having an hold factor of 2 out of 6

But also knowing what a pomade was already - if you don't know it's a really greasy, waxy substance that is used to style hair to make it look slick and shiny, and does not dry out - I know a lot of people who use a Pomade on their beard - I knew I had to use just a little bit of it.

I didn't use this product by itself either, I used it after I had blow dried the Aqua Wax Hard through my hair

And I really didn't use loads of it - I just ran it through my hair and then combed it through to achieve that super slick look before heading on a night out

When I woke up the next morning for work hair hair hadn't moved which was a huge bonus

But I did have a little problem that night when it took me a few washes to get it out...

But that's a small price for such a good look the night before

So would I use the OSMO UK range again?

! YES !

But I don't think I would need all 5 of products - just a few are fully suited to me, but they are all brilliant.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I did testing the products



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