9 February 2015

My adventure to King Koby

Hi guys if you have read some of my other posts you will know that in 2015 I am trying to smarten up my image 

I've always had a laid back sort of look, it's what I feel most comfortable in, but it's time to change things up I think I'm 32 and now I have entered in to the blog world I've come to notice that everyone is dressed so nice and a lot attention is taken over appearance.

They all look great 

I think a lot of it is down to me being lazy. I mean I'm the sort of guy who can just roll out of bed have a quick wash, brush my teeth, put my clothes on and just go out whether it be to work or just out for a bit 

It's not normally till a few hours later that I'll notice what state my hair is in.

Sometimes it can be really bad so my beanie hats get a lot of use, but on a warm day this is no good but to get my hair into a condition I can work with I was going to have to get it cut

As you may know I'm a big fan of UK hiphop /rap music especially the Yorkshire music scene at the moment 

I've been to a few gigs, shows, whatever you call them and met a few of the artists which are as cool as are all really down to earth guys.

I follow them all on Twitter and Facebook as I find it's a good way to interact with them and find out what they get up to in every day life.

The one thing I did notice is that they all chat about where they go for a fresh new hair cut and the same name kept popping up

Sandy Minto 

I thought to my self I've heard this name before and then realised that I also follow this guy on Twitter - he's one of the guys who I listen to and is part of the Yorkshire Hiphop scene!

How cool was that!

So I messaged one of the guys I've met through social media (as I know he goes there for his hair cut) to find out how do u book in and where the shop was.

The shop is in the Corn Exchange in Leeds and the shop Sandy works at is called King Koby
I message through and booked in for a Saturday afternoon at 17.30 - he told me it was his last cut of the day so we could have a good chin wag!
Again - I thought this was really cool 

So I headed off on my little adventure to Leeds and it was really weird because if I ever go anywhere it's normally with the wife or my boy

 I found that the closest, and cheapest place to park near to the Corn Exchange was the Trinity centre

It was only £3
 5pm till 5am was a really good price  

After a 5 minute walk I finally arrived at the Corn Exchange
It took me a minute or so to find the shop 

To be honest I felt a bit nervous for some reason but I was soon put at ease when I heard the chorus of the Afroman's song Colt 45
 It was so funny to see all the members of staff and a few customers dancing and singing along to it 

I knew then - this was the place for me! 

I was a bit early so I introduced my self to Sandy who was going to be cutting my hair and he told me to sit down and relax and he would give me a shout when he was finished 

My nerves had all gone - I was sat on a old style leather sofa in the middle of the shop
It was such a cool. relaxing place and there was a good mixture of music - none of it was current chart stuff which was perfect for me there was a good selection of magazines to look at too

I had a good look around, all the staff were dressed so cool with big beards, cool slick hair styles and tattoos everywhere 

I mean come on who wouldn't want a hair cut of one of these guys

The shop walls were covered in odd quirky picture, posters, stickers and ornaments and they all made the place stand out 

Every body was so polite and chatty
After about 10 minutes or so it was my turn. 

So I took my jacket and snapback off and Sandy responded with a

"Wow! Now that's what you call a head of hair!"

He swiveled the fancy barber chair around and told me to hop on.

When I was ready with my gown on we spoke about what style I wanted and he give me a few ideas and explained what he would do.

We both agreed on how I wanted it to look and then he began to work his magic.

You know when you get your hair cut there's the normal questions , how's work, have you been out lately, any holidays planned?

Well we had none of this - we spoke about music, who we like and we were both in agreement that Jack Flash is killing the UK hiphop scene at the moment.

Then we spoke about how he became a barber at King Koby 
The story was really cool - he's been there about 5 years now also he has a great relationship with his boss and all the staff are like one big family

Halfway through he took me to another part of the shop to shampoo my hair 
Its not very often I get my hair washed when getting it cut so I found this a nice touch 

After he dried my hair a bit it was back over to the chair to finish the cut off 

The attention to detail that he was applying to my hair was amazing using both scissors and clippers

I wasn't just my hair that was getting a great cut I had a look around at the other barbers techniques and all of them were amazing - there was so much attention to detail going on all around the room 

And it wasn't just on the hair styles, it was on beard trims as well 

Talking about beard trims I was asked if I wanted mine trimming 

I was a bit unsure to be honest but I trusted him - at this point my hair was starting to take shape 

He just took the scraggy bits off and shaped it a little and it looked so different 
It looked thicker 

So the hair was cut, the beard was trimmed, now it was time for the products 

At first it was a bit of hard wax which was blow dried and brushed through my hair - I really need to learn the technique he used.

And then he used a wax which had a bit of a shine to it and he combed that through untill he got it how he wanted it 

It looked amazing I never thought with me having really thick hair it could ever look this good 

I would just like to thank my new pal Wydeboi for talking a few photos of me (with my camera) whilst I was busy in the chair

I was so happy - I'm not a vain person but I will admit I did look in the mirror a few times 

If anybody lives in Leeds or happen to be visiting the city I would highly recommend taking a visit here, or maybe treating your partner

I will definitely visiting King Koby on a monthly basis 

I found that everything is priced really well and I would have happily paid more 

  I really hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it and participating in it

Please check out King Koby's Facebook and Twitter pages

Also click on my social media links below 



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