6 February 2015

A Close Shave by Bearded Colonel

Hi guys for those who haven't noticed from my profile - I have a beard and it's been growing now for around 7 months, maybe a bit more, check out my beard progress on my Twitter page found here

I've always had stubble but never a full beard 

My beard is not the thickest but I think it looks OK and I get plenty of comments from people saying they like it and that I suit it.
Which is cool because it's here to stay 

The reason it's not the thickest I think is that when I was just a guy with stubble I never used to clean shave 
I always just trimmed it, maybe grade 1 or 2, and have been doing this for at least 10 years now 

I don't know if it's true or not but people say if you shave more your hair gets thicker! 

I like my beard but is was starting to look a bit scruffy 
So last weekend I went to get my hair cut as it was getting a bit to long - Look out for my future post on that adventure 

But when the hairstylist had finished my hair he asked if I wanted my beard trimming I was a bit sceptical but I thought "new hair cut, new beard trim - will look awesome" 

I was right it did and all he did was even it out and shape it with a razor 

I couldn't believe how different it looked

So I was thinking I need to keep this look up instead of looking like a hobo - well that's what a few family members and friends have been calling me anyway

 I've even had the odd "Marv" comment - you know the guy from Home Alone! 
All I needed was the iron print on my head
ha ha 

So how was I going to keep this look up?

I found the answer

A Shaving kit I could use to keep my beard edges in perfect shape 

 This is their Flagship Shaving Razor 

In the kit I was sent:

A German engineered handle

The handle has a really nice sleek design.It is all back with a a nice black grip on it 
The handle is neither too light or too heavy, in fact it is perfectly balanced

I was also sent 4 changeable blades in a lovely tin too keep them together 

The blades are also made in Germany   

The razor has 5 blades in it, for a really close shave with an aloe vera moisturising strip so your skin is kept fresh whist you are shaving 

The blades have a technology that is unique to them 
It is called the Gothic Arch II

This refers to the shape in which the blades are cut. They have inverted bevels giving the razor blades the same shape as a straight razor, only smaller 

This makes the blades not only really sharpe, but really strong as well

You know what they say - the sharper the blade, the smother the shave 

So on to using it

This was the tough bit - one slip and the beard could be ruined 

I failed at the 1st hurdle 

I didn't have any foam or gel 
But I've heard that soap is just as good.

So I wet my face and lathered it with soap 

The feel of the razor was really good on my skin.
 I could hardly feel it on my face as I edged the beard line on my check bone 

One swift movement and the excess hair was gone 

And same again for the the side 

A quick rinse under the tap and the hair on the razor disappeared. That's one thing I do remember from shaving back in the day,  my shaver clogging up with hair and me having to keep banging it on the side of the sink to get it all off 

You know you've been there!

Now it was on to the neck 

I added a bit more soap and held my beard out of the way 

Once again the feel was really smooth and only took a couple of strokes for all of the hair to be gone even over the adam apple - it slid over with ease 

All in all it was a great shave and now 3 hours later my skin still feels really smooth 
I've had no burning sensation either like I've had in the past so I've had no need to even use any moisturiser   

 So the question is would I recommend this shaver 


Especially for somebody who shaves on a regular basis 

I feel that I have let the razor down by not using it to it's full potential but I'm sorry the beard is staying 

As I was browsing the web site I notice that I could sign up for a subscription 
That's right you can have the fresh blades delivered to your door step
Every 2 Month or 
Every 3 Month 

It just depends on how frequent you shave 

For me I would probably sign up to the every 3 month subscription 
At £8.50 it seems a really reasonable price too

And with no contract it's ideal as you may find that you have plenty of spare blades one month so there would be no need to order any more 

If you are a frequent shaver or a casual shaver like me I strongly recommend you visit 

And check out what else they have to offer 

you can also find them on Twitter and Facebook

I hope you have enjoyed this post please feel free to leave a comment 
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*item sent to review - opinions are my own

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