20 January 2015

The British Tag

Earlier this week I got a twitter notification off Aymie that I had been Tagged! 
I didn't have a clue what it was.  At first I thought "Oh crap, what have d I done?"

I had to know more so I had a good read of Aymie's post and realised it was another one of those tags that have been circulating for a LONG time.

With me still only being new to the blog world I was really happy that I had been tagged 

I got nominated last week for the Liebster Award and had so much fun writing that post. 
If you haven't yet seen it here you go

So The British Tag is basically a few British themed questions which are passed around by bloggers, by tagging your friends or random bloggers once you have answered them yourself.

I couldn't wait to get started - I have become to love this sort of post  

So here it goes 

Q1: How many cups of tea a day do you have and how many sugars do you have?

A1: I don't drink tea too often I'm more of a coffee lover. Don't get me wrong I love a good cup of tea and really enjoy it when I do have one.
I always have two sugars in both as well 

Q2: Favourite dunking biscuit?

A2: It's got to be a chocolate bourbon it's got great durability when dipped in to a piping hot cuppa!
Also tastes awesome soggy in both tea and coffee  

Q3: Favourite part of your roast?

A3: My favourite part the roast is the whole roast I don't think I have ever left anything on my plate!
 And if there is any gravy left on my plate, I either drink or lick it off. 
I'm also a big Yorkshire pudding lover - I am a master when making them too, they always turn out huge 
I've been known to eat eight in just one sitting 

Q4: Favourite quintessentially British pass time?

A4: Playing Rugby its a big part of my life and now my Son's life 

Q5: Favourite word?

A5: I don't think I have one but if I did I would probably spell it wrong 

Q6: Cockney rhyming slang?

A6: Isn't that another language they speak down south!
Me being a true Yorkshire man I don't speak a word of it 

Q7: Favourite sweet?

A7: As a kid I was a big sweet fan there was nothing better than gong to the shop with a pound and getting a can of pop a chocolate bar and a quarter of sweets
 You don't get that much for a pound anymore.
I always went for a quarter of Yorkshire mixture I was gutted if I only got one pear drop in the packet as they were my favourite 

Q8: What would your pub be called?

A8: Great question maybe something like 
Bakers Ale House 
But To be honest its something I've nether thought about 

Q9: Who's your favourite British person?

A9: My favourite British person is my son-  he's amazing I love his little Yorkshire accent 

Q10: Favourite shop/restaurant?

A10: I don't really have a favourite shop,  maybe games workshop for my geeky side 
And my favourite restaurant I'd say any curry shop 
I'm from Bradford, the curry capital of England 

Q11: What British song pops into your head?

A11: The spice girls Wanna Be 
Geri looked awesome in that Union Jack dress do you agree?

Q12: Marmite?

A12: I've never eaten marmite by its self

 But frequently I use it in the slimming word Spag Bol recipe it adds a really good flavor to it 

So there you have it - my answers
I really hope you have enjoyed my post if so please feel free to leave a comment below!

I Tagged the two brothers



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