17 January 2015

Smart casual

If you have read my other posts you will know I don't dress like your average 32 year old 
But if you haven't take a look  here  and here

I live in casual clothes most of the time - its only the odd occasion where I kind of smarten my self up a bit
But since I have started blogging I have noticed that a lot of the male bloggers look amazing and are always dressed really smart.

I must admit I am a bit jealous

So as my last outfit post was about the casual outfit I would wear I think I'd better do one a little bit smarter.

You never know I may get invited to a bloggers meet up or maybe an event so it would be nice to smarten up a little - but not too much.

I wear clothes that I think look good and I feel most comfortable in and if others think I look daft then never mind, I'll live.

To be honest I would pick an outfit I felt more comfortable than I would thought looked good, but that's just me

Comfort is key

I remember once going out for a family meal and dressing smart but I couldn't enjoy my self at all.
I felt agitated all the way thought it.
The pants I were wearing were a good fit but once I sat down at the table they became too clingy and were bugging the hell out of me.
I also had a really nice Ted Baker jumper on but I became too hot and that was just getting on my nerves too.

I can't even remember if the meal was any good or not, which I was gutted about because I'm a big food lover, the outfit annoyed me that much.

The outfit for me has got to be trendy, comfy and look smart so lets see if I can put one together

Once again I will start at the bottom and make my way up to the top
(not a Drake reference)

So for footwear I would want something that looks fresh, not too in your face and not shiny, I hate shiny trainers and pumps - the only footwear that should be shiny are shiny shoes,

So I've gone with these

Nike Primo Court Trainers


They look clean and fresh not too much colour but also not dull.
What I like about Nike trainers it that if you have a wide foot like me they are perfect, and for less than £30 they are well worth it - in fact on pay day I'm going to order some

Now for some smart looking comfy pants - this should be fun

As you know I normally would stay away from the high st stores but I'm really struggling with this one so I'm afraid this time I will be shopping there.

I decided I'm going to go for a nice smart pair of light wash jeans from Topman

They are not scruffy looking and are neither baggy or skinny and will look perfect with the trainers above
The light wash look gives them that just used look - but not too used

  They have a nice straight leg and meet the footwear perfectly
There's nothing I hate more than pants that tie or are elasticated at the bottom

And not too bad at £36


Now for the top half

Do I go for a nice smart shirt or a smart t-shirt?

I'd go for something like this from ASOS

A nice short sleeved Hawaiian boat print shirt
I mean it's a shirt that makes it smart and a nice print that has to put it in the casual category

I must admit the guy in the pic pulls it of big time.  Maybe I need some tattoos as well

At £15 it's a bargain


Now a nice light jacket to go with it

I think this slim fit blazer from ASOS would go with the outfit perfect
 I love the cut of it and the light oatmeal colour is awesome
  It wouldn't take the attention away from the shirt and at £55 it's reasonably priced

Also a nice sea blue coloured handkerchief would add a nice edge to it also

So there you have it my casual smart outfit
 Its not the smartest but its a big step up from what I normally wear and I think it has got a touch of my personality

Let me know what you think and please feel free to comment

Carl B  


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