30 January 2015

Page & Cooper

Hi guys today I would like to introduce to a company called


Page and Cooper are a specialist dealer of fine watches who also source and stock only the highest quality and most intriguing timepieces from around the 

Check out their webpage 

The company were founded on March 12th 2012 

And they have a small, but comfortable, air conditioned showroom where you can view their range of unique and individual timepieces

  I would like to introduce you to a couple of watches from the casual range which caught my eye when I was browsing though the website

If you have read my last fashion post you will know that I've never really been the biggest watch fan.
 But now I getting older and trying to smarten my image up I'm starting to appreciate them a lot more

Maybe I may get one in the near future (wife hint hint!)

The first watch I liked was

Elliot Brown

This is a Swiss made watch and I think it looks amazing.
The watch looks solid but not too bulky which is perfect if you were to wear it with a casual outfit

I think this watch would work if you were to wear it everyday, going about your every day life - work, going out socialising etc

It's not too smart but has a real stylish look about it
The colour blue really stands out, and as you can see from the photo, looks slick when it reflects the light

The watch has a 12 - hour chronograph movement and also has the date situated at 4 o'clock

The blue canvas strap look really robust which is a must if your are the type of person who loves the odd outdoor adventure like me!

The buckle looks really neat and stylish as well

I think you will agree with me it looks really good on!

The second watch I picked out is my absolute favorite from the website

It is the 

Elliot Brown

Please visit the main site for full details and prices.

This is another Swiss made watch.

And what I like about it is its' simplicity.

I'm not a big fan of the full silver looking watch so the all-black colouring really appeals to me and is something I would definitely invest in - if I had the money.

In fact the more I write about this watch the more I want it.

And that's coming from somebody who never wears watches - and doesn't even own one 

Although this watch looks very similar to the watch above the style and colour really sets it apart for me 

You can really tell this is no ordinary watch

I mean just look at the robust body of it and how it has been built

 You know with  the gunmetal PVD solid marine-grade 316L stainless steel case that it's going to last no matter the adventure it goes on.

For me, this watch would look great either with a casual outfit or with a really smart suit

It has the look of a sporty watch but also really classy

To be honest I don't think there's an outfit out there that it wouldn't go with - I could definitely see my self in my weekend comfy's joggers and hoody with this on my wrist!

So there you go - my two favourites from a website full of them.


In the casual watch section the price range is between £270 and £11,165.00

 The two watches I have picked to write about are on the more realistic side of my budget - if I were ever to splash out on a fancy watch.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I recommend you visit


and also check out their Twitter and Facebook pages

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