3 January 2015

New year new start !

I've never been one to have a New Years resolution but at the ripe old age of 32 and with a son who never sits down and is always on the move its time to take a serious look at my health.

To be honest I have never classed my self as over weight or under weight I've kind of been happy with my self.

I'm still an active rugby player, I've never played at an high level, but any body who has ever played rugby knows it's a tough sport!

But over the last year I've gradually noticed that I have become pritty lazy. 
Slacking at work, doing nothing but slouch on the sofa when I'm home from work, getting out of breath walking up stairs.

Not good really.

So on December the 28th I decided to weigh my self and to be honest I've not really gone wild over Christmas with food.

14.5 stone
I wasn't happy with that
The heaviest I've ever been!

So that was it.

As my gym membership ran out a while ago I had a browse around at other local gyms and the deals that were on.
The one that stood out the most was our local swimming pool and leisure centre Richard Dunns with a six week deal for only £20 pound which included the gym, swimming pool and sauna! 

Which was great as me and my son go swimming a lot now that he is a strong swimmer and can use both of the water slides

So that was the exercise sorted - what about the healthy eating!

I've never been one to stick to diet due to the fact that I love food, but this time I'm going to have to be strict, but try not to obsess my self with it.

So after have a chat with my wife - who is always on some sort of diet (I don't know why but I let her do what she wants because it keeps her happy) I decided that I will try the slimming world style diet.

It is kind of a good option for me because I've cooked plenty of slimming world recipes in the past which I have always enjoyed, all full of fresh veg and protein which is perfect for training at the gym as well.

So I've set my self a six week challenge.
I will be fully committed to eating healthy and training hard.
And I will be taking before and after photos to see if I can notice a difference.

Wish me luck.

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