13 January 2015

Liebster Award

So it was a normal Monday night after a busy weekend of work and kids rugby.
I just wanted to relax, as the weekend normally takes it out of me.
So I decided the gym was a no go and it was going to be a night on the sofa watching TV.

I was watching The Voice, which I had recorded from Saturday night and decided to have a look through my Twitter feed, as you do. 

With me only being new to the blogging world I like to read through as many followers blogs as possible.
I've never been known to be much of a reader in the past but I've started to really enjoy it.

I was on my 4th post when I came across one titled 

The Liebster Award

It sounded interesting - I wondered what the blogger had won.
 I had to read through it 

So I started to read it and soon came to realise it was like a pass on nomination post.

Which was cool

 I'd never heard of anything like it before.
  Each nominated person has to abide by the same rules 

Rules (Copied from Aymie Barton's blog):
  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions given by the nominator.
  • Nominate 11 small blogs (under 200 followers) who you think deserve this award.
  • Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  • Notify nominees via social media/blogs. 

On with the rest of the post

The 11 questions were really good and the answers given by Aymie Barton were great.
This nomination post is a really good way of getting to know the person who wrote the post 

So as I was getting to the end of the post I came across a list of names of bloggers who had been nominated.
I read down the list and I came a across a blokes name and I thought to my self - great another male blogger I can add.

 That's one thing I have come to learn - there are a lot more female bloggers out there than male.
So obviously I had to click on his name, which was a great name may I add - it was the same as mine.

 I clicked on his name to see where the link would take me. 


It was me

 To be honest I freaked out a bit when my fuzzy face appeared on my screen because I really didn't expect it.  I was really shocked and at the same time pleased with my self that somebody I have never met may of actually liked my pages and thought I deserved a nomination.

So thank you Aymie Barton for the nomination 

Now it was time to answer the questions that were set for me 

Q1 •  What type of music do you listen to? Include examples

A1 •  I listen to all types of music to be honest I don't dislike any.
 I'm not the type of person to turn a song off if I don't like it I just ride it out and wait for the next.
But growing up I always listened to RAP and RnB
 I used to hide my Snoop Dog "The Dog Pound" tape away from my parents because it had loads of bad words in it and I wasn't allowed to listen to it.
My taste in music has kind of stayed the same but I prefer UK artists now and the one I listen to most is a guy called Jack Flash from Huddersfield - he is one of a kind.
I love songs which tell a story and that are meaningful and Jack Flash's music ticks them boxes.

 Check out his on't sofa session "There No More", its my number one song from 2014


Q2 • What is your favorite movie?

A2 • I'm a big movie fan I like movies like Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit haven't seen the latest one yet)
 But my all time favorite has to be BraveHeart - I've seen it more times than I can remember
It has all the attributes a great movie needs.
 I once went to a fancy dress party dressed as William Wallace and just walked around the pub shouting "FREEDOM!"

Q3 • What three places would you put at the top of your travel bucket list?

A3•  Easy question to answer 
1: New York. But it would have to be at Christmas - you've all seen Home Alone, enough said!

2: Egypt. I remember as a kid always wanting to travel there.  I would of loved to venture through the pyramids and stuff like that - escaping with the Pharaohs gold without getting cursed by the evil spirits.

3: Australia. I don't know why but I have just always wanted to go, maybe just to spend all day on the beach or something like that  

Q4 • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

A4 • I would change my teeth I've not got bad ones they are just small - so maybe have them a bit bigger.

Q5 • What's your dream job?

A5 • My dream job would be something like a youth worker.
I'd love to work with kids as I'm a big one my self.
 I coached my son's rugby team from under 7s to half way through the under 8 season and I loved interacting with them and the respect that they showed me.
 It was like we were all best mates.

Q6 • Who is your hero/inspiration? 

A6 • To be honest I don't really have one.  When I was growing up I went though some hard times so I just used to chill by myself,  listening to music - especially Eminem and TQ .
Not really inspirations but they played a big part in my life 

Q7 • What's your biggest fear?

A7 • A tough question
 I'm really scared of spiders, does that count? 

Q8 • your favorite season?

A8 • It's got to be summer I hate cold weather 

Q9 • Sweet or savoury? 

A9• Sweet.  All day long that question has made me hungry, I could really eat some jam sponge and custard!
But I'm on a diet so it's a no go.

Q10 . Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

A10 • To be honest I ain't got a clue what it means! So my answer is I haven't got a clue 

Q 11• Why did you start blogging?

A11 • I started blogging because I've seen how happy it's made my wife over the last year so I thought stuff it, I will have a go and I can see why she has been so happy.
 She said she has even noticed a real change in me
Check her blog page out its amazing 


Now I have answered all the questions it is time to nominate some my self

I've just picked a few random bloggers and a few I have come to know over the last week 
 As I'm a newbie I don't know that many 

guy with the owl tattoo
Mr Makeup
The Gentleman

My questions are:

Q1 • What would you prefer 2,000 random followers so your blog looks good to brands, or 200 followers who love reading your posts?

Q 2•  What have you really wanted to post about but have not had the guts to do?

Q3 • What's your guilty pleasure?

Q4 • What's your favorite take away meal - please list what you would order and where from?

Q5 • If you were one of the last 2 people on Earth who would you want the other to be?

Q6 • Are you happy?

Q7 • What is your favorite TV programme?

Q8 • What is your favorite game? (can be either a computer game or board game)

Q9 • Out of 10 what would you rate your blog page? (10 being awesome)

Q10 • If your entire life was a blog post what would the title be?

Q11 • Did you like this post? (Be nice remember I'm a newbie)

I look forward to reading your post

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it

 Let me know what you think 

Carl B

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