28 January 2015

Father Son Bond

The importance of a father son bond is something that plays a big part in my life

I'm 32, and my son is 9 but because I'm a big kid at heart my self we share a lot of common interests
We Both play rugby, and I will admit he's far better at it than me.

 He hasn't really started watching it yet on TV but as he gets older I am hoping he will want to go to games more and hopefully watch more games on TV 

We are both big gamers too
 I don't think there's a day that goes by when either the Xbox360 or Xbox One isn't on in the house (obviously we monitor his time on the consoles so hes not on it too much)

There are a few games that we play together, including all of the Lego games

 Starting with the first one we played when he first started gaming

  Lego Indiana Jones
 Lego Harry Potter
 Lego Batman 
Lego Marvel Super Heros
 Lego The Hobbit
and Lego Lord Of The Rings

 All are great 2 player games where you get great interaction with each other, solving puzzles, working out how to find objects to make potions, finding different Lego pieces to build bridges, vehicles and all sorts of stuff.
All the real characters from the movies are in the games too.

 I would highly recommend any of these games if you or you child wanted something fairly easy to begin with  

Even the older generation of my family play these games and play them until they make sure they reach 100% complete too.

The game we are on with at the moment is Minecraft 

I bet if you have kids you will know what Minecraft is!

And if you don't I bet it's not long until you do!

To some parents, and I have had this said to me quite a few times before, the game is seen as pointless because "you are just putting blocks down"

It's far from that.
The knowledge of stuff my son has learnt from the game amazes me

 From the different materials needed to build and the survival skills

 And the stuff he builds with red stone circuits is just brilliant.

He once built automatic doors with levers and floor pressure plate activation's - which is funny because that's what I do for a living, fit automatic doors  

But what I love the most about Minecraft is when we play two player we both cuddle up on the sofa and talk about what we are going to build and then build it.

 We've built mansions, statues and our recent build is a massive castle

Its still work in progress

When we play two player the screen splits in half 
It even splits in to quarters if you have more than two players

We have great conversation whist building letting our imagination run wild 

When we have conversations it's like i'ts real life and we are actually in the game

It's great because if we get a bit bored or run out of ideas we just save it then go back to it at a later date with fresh new ideas. 

Another interest we both share is WWE 

Well I still call it WWF but he corrects me every time. 

Wrestling is a topic of conversation that we have in our household every day
 I can not remember the last time a day went by when we didn't talk about it.

All the latest shows get recorded and we catch up on them at the weekend but before the fight ends my boy tells me who wins because he watches it on YouTube through the week!

I also record the new Divas reality TV show - it's always good to catch up with what the ladies are up to :) 

Another thing we love to do together is look through the WWE encyclopedia that Santa delivered to him for Christmas it's amazing.

If Santa didn't bring you one I suggest you get one.

And I must say at a price of £23.99 it's a bargain!

We spend ages together looking through it so I can show him all the wrestlers I grew up watching which include

The Heart Foundation 
The Rockrs
British Bulldog 
Jake The Snake Roberts 
Hulk Hogan 
The Ultimate Warrior 

That's just naming a handful

But the thing is he knows more about them than me!

 From looking through his book and watching YouTube and also playing WWE 2k15 the latest wrestling game on the Xbox.

I refuse to play him on it now because he beats me every time

But I get my own back on FIFA 15 

Over Christmas we were at a family party and the topic of wrestling got brought up for some reason

 But I'm glad it did as my son found out that his great granddad's cousin was a famous British wrestler called Kid Chocolate - at one point he was Big Daddy's tag team partner 

What a Legend!

 Check the You Tube clip below 

I hope you enjoyed the post and for wrestling fans, I hope it brought back some great memories.

If so please comment below

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