29 January 2015

Enjoying life as a male blogger

I have just began my 4th week of blogging and I can not believe how much I am enjoying it.
Before I actually plucked up the courage to start my blog I was having serious doubts because I've never been know for expressing my opinions.

Also I think the only other time I have used a laptop is when I play Champ Manager 

I'm not known for my writing, spelling or even my punctuation, as you will probably come to notice if you have ever read my other posts.
But I think I am getting better.

I've even contemplated getting some English text books to read so I can see how to put things right and help me progress and become a more established blogger 

So on Friday the 2nd of January I did finally pluck up the courage to start my blog and to be honest I didn't have a clue where to start. But I was determined so I give it a go  

But because my wife has been blogging for over a year now I roped her in to getting me started.
I was really grateful for her help I would probably still be doing it now.

Later on that day my blog had a name, I had a new Twitter, and Facebook

So my next thing to do was write an introductory post!

I got started straight away and came up with this

See here (Getting started)

It was just a small post about myself just to let people know who I was and what I was all about and what my interests were  

It didn't take me long to finish.
But I had to check it over about 50 times, I didn't want to mess my first ever post up

When I was happy with it I hit the publish button!

That was it I was officially a blogger and now there was no stopping me.
I was so happy I had loads of ideas in my head about my next post and a few more after that

My wife said I was like a different man
In other words I wasn't been grumpy ha ha

 After a little play about I worked out how to share the links on my social media sites.
 So all 7 of my followers could read it.
I also added a couple of hashtags and my wife shared the post on Twitter with her followers.

All night I was glued to my laptop watching my blogger stats ha ha
I kept getting a tad excited when my view went up
The feeling was really nice.

But there's only so long you can look at a computer screen, so I went to bed

 When I woke up the next morning I turned my laptop on straight away even before I made a coffee which was definitely strange for me.

I was so happy when it said that 18 people had read my post.
It was a feeling of excitement and also shock

I also had 15 more followers on Twitter.
 I was made up.

It seemed strange that all of my followers were ladies but I didn't mind as long as they enjoyed my post that's all that mattered

I received a couple of tweets from followers saying hello and welcoming me to the blog world, which I thought was really nice

Over the next few days it kind of was the same story - I posted a few more new posts and I gained a few more followers.
 A couple were male followers but mainly ladies.

Everybody was being so supportive, RT my posts and leaving nice comments on my pages - some even recommending me to other bloggers and recommending others to me

 Also I was getting a fair few views which I was totally shocked about
And I was really pleased when my wife said she didn't get this many views on some of the post she published at first.

I must have been doing something right

I spent a bit of time searching for fellow male bloggers.
 I found a few and was introduced to a couple by friends I had made and from family members who are also bloggers

But I still noticed that about 95% of my followers were ladies

To get to know more bloggers I joined a few blog chats which now I love and try my best not to miss.
During one of these chats I met a fellow male called James I found his blog really good and really enjoyed reading it.
We still often tweet each other which is nice

When I was in the chats it was always pointed out by the female bloggers how nice it was to have male bloggers involved.

A few of the ladies were good friends with my wife
And found it funny that I was her Husband
Well, I was referred to "as her geek"!

By now it was my 3rd week of blogging and I had noticed other bloggers, and brands were showing a bit of interest in me.
The feedback I was receiving was awesome and to be honest I still couldn't believe anybody would ever be interested in what I had to say never mind really enjoy it.

I still do kinda think that I'm getting noticed more because I'm a male blogger
 But I hope some of it is to do with that I'm liked

Now I've just started my 4th week of blogging and I have published 12 posts and my following is growing every day

I have a fair few new male blogger friends
The percentage is still a lot higher to the females though I'd say about 90% now

In this short time I've made some good friends and hope to one day meet up with them

Becoming a blogger has got to be one of the best decisions I have ever made and I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me with open arms

The blog community is truly amazing

I hope you have enjoyed this post

Please feel free to leave a comment and hit the social media links

And if any of you know any more male bloggers please tell them about me or share my posts with them



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