15 January 2015

Dressing Casual for

I wanted to do a fashion post but was unsure what fashion route I wanted to go down for my first one 
Do I go for the easy option by doing one with the top brands I could never afford 
Or do go through the high street store web sites and pick out clothes that everybody else wears 

No chance! 

One, I will never be able to buy all the top bands 
And two I'm not one to shop in the high streets stores, I'm more of an independent label kinda guy

Then I had to decided what sort of look I would go for
Do I go casual?  Do I go for the smart look?  Do I go smart casual?
Or maybe something to wear on a night out? Or do I even do what I think looks good on the opposite sex?

Then I had to think about what sort budget I could use to make it realistic to my lifestyle 

I had a long hard think and I decided to do a number of posts over the next few weeks using a mixture of the above.

I decided my first post will be a casual look for a male on a budget of £110 and not a penny over 
Its gong to be something I would wear and has to include footwear, pants, tops, and maybe something to accessorise
Yep ladies it;s not just you who accessorise 

I may even have a look through some of the clothing brands who have started following me on twitter as I have seen loads of great clothes over the last week and half that I've been blogging 

So lets start at the bottom 

For a casual look I would want my footwear to look smart but also look slick and be super comfy 

I not one to spend hundreds of pounds on trainers anymore don't get me wrong when I was younger and had more expendable cash I wouldn't think twice about blowing £100 + on a pair but things are different now so I look for bargains
As I said above I don't normally shop in high street store but for trainers I have to.

In the past I bought quite a lot of trainers from TK MAX

I find if you look hard enough there's a bargain to be found
And I was right I came across these and at £29.99

Black Puma Suede

If you ask me you can not go wrong with a pair of Puma Suede 
They have recently come back into fashion over the last few years I had a few pairs back in the day


Over the last few years I have struggled in this department
I have always had big legs (people my call them chunky, I say powerful)
So getting a pair of pants to fit right was a struggle most jeans were a no go due to me having to always buy a bigger waist size so they weren't too tight on the legs
But then it looked like a had a baggy arse - which is no good
If you ask me you need to have a quite good looking BUTT!

So I need a comfy pair of pants not too tight but not baggy
To meet this need, over the last few years, I've had to wear a kind of tapered chino style trouser and to be honest I find the cheaper ones fit my large legs the best

With the tapered look they almost look fitted

So my ideal pair are these ASOS Tapered Chino's

And at £20 you can not go wrong

For me the black Puma's will look perfect with these.  The hem would lie perfeclyt on top of them
But please don't wear a white sock like the guy in the picture

Lets add a bit of colour

For me the top is the focal point of any outfit so it needs to stand out.
 I don't mean it has to be a bright jazzy top it just has to be one of a kind

I'm not a big jumper wearer, I do own a couple but I am more likely to be seen wearing a T-shirt

If you have read my other posts you will already know I am a big fan of this clothing line

(If not check it here) 


The white background lets the logo stand out to it's full potential and would contrast perfectly with the black trousers

And at £19.99 I would normally buy two at a time

I have a few Boisht T-shirts and all are really good fitting tops
 A couple are a few years old and still hold great shape after millions of washes

As we are in the middle of winter I think a jacket, or maybe a hoody is a must, but it would have to be a zipped one - you need to open it to show the T-shirt off

As I stated above, I have come across some great clothing stores on twitter, either I followed them or they followed me.
Either way, I've seen some great items

This one stood out a mile for me and I even tweeted them to tell them as I was that excited about it

The name of the clothing line is


And this is the item

I think this top would make the outfit and also keep you snug

 I love the logos and it looks like a great fit

And at £35 it;s a reasonable price too.

So far the outfit comes to £105 and I know I did mention above that I may add an accessory

But I'd rather spend that last £5 on a footlong meatball sub with all the trimmings!
Well, no gherkin or olives

 So that's my casual outfit for £110
I know it may not be everybody's taste but it is to mine

Let me know what you think

Is it something you would wear or want your partner to wear?

Hope you enjoyed this post if so please leave a comment

Carl B


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