5 January 2015

Do I dress too young?

A long long time ago when I was in my youth I went through many phases which effected my dress sense more that I ever knew now I think about it.

When I look back at photos of when I was really young I cringe.

For some reason my parents seemed to think that me and my brother were twins even though he was two years older.

Every holiday photo we had on matching vest,shorts and Velcro pumps 
the only things we had on different were 
our bum bags and tie around the neck coin holders.

But the differance was only a change in colour.

I bet I know what you are thinking poor kids!

And before u ask that's not me modeling in the photo.

Moving on to my teens.

I mainly had to wear what I got handed down to me but in fairness my brother who I got them off was one of the popular more fashionable kids the the time! 

Here is a look of the sort of things I was handed down.

Hopefully this should bring back some fun or maybe not so fun memories for some of you!

I didn't mind this jacket actually I had a limited edition with comic book strip inner lining.

I had plenty of  pairs of eclipse jeans do you remember them?

To be honest it would take me hours to name them all but these are just some of the classics no pun intended.

Late teens is where my different phases came in to place.

One minute I was dressed in all black with a nice pair of doc martins and a Kiss t shirt. 

Next phase I had a pair of ragga jeans on with home made bullet holes and a very baggy tshirt yep proper gangsta.

Then came the going out drinking phase trying to impress the ladies!

 Slightly baggy combat style pants with a vest top,

So I could show off my tattoo 
(which I regret getting now)

And to top the outfit off

 An hair cut like this!

Yeah I know!

 please stop laughing,

I will admit it I was a big FIVE fan and still play the album in my car!

Which brings me to now

The reason I ask the question 

Do  I dress too young for a 32 year old?

The clothes I wear to date is a mixture of all the different trends phases I had growing up!
So I would like to do an outfit post 
Off the clothes what you are most likely see me in if ever crossed paths.

I will start from the bottom and work my way up.

I own this exact pair and yeah get a few funny looks.

But I think they are amazing 

Skinny fit pants always go together nice with a nice pair of pumps.

I always wear hats wether it be a bobble hat,beanie or SnapBack

 I don't have as many as I used to have but still go a fair few but now me and my son share them 

Both the tshirt and snapbacks are both the same make


Take a look at the web page you will find some great items 

And to be fair its got to be my favourite online store at moment and I have bought quite a lot from there over the years.

For many reasons.

 I love the style
 I always support local brands
 I am a big fan of Lunar C who is one of the people behind this clothing line,

Any body who is in to UK HIPHOP/RAP and hasn't  yet heard of him I suggest u look him up.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has brought as many memories back as it did for me.

Leave a comment if it did 


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