23 January 2015

A New me

I So for my 3rd outfit post I wanted to write about something which is totally out of the norm for me.
But something that I would love to do more of in the future.

That is -Dress smart 

I will be honest with you I do own a suit but it's the one I got married in. It wasn't the most expensive suit in the world in fact it was really cheap from Matalan 
But as we eloped to get married, and at that time money was really tight, it was all I could afford
But I really liked the suit and wouldn't have wanted to get married in anything else. 

But in true Carl style I got married in a pair of nice pumps 

As this is my only suit, the pants and shirt get a lot of use, especially on special occasions.
I'm coming to the age now where I feel I should smarten my image up.

So this post is kind of a wish list of stuff I would love to get in the future which I think would suit my new bearded look

And the beard is here to stay!

Back to my post

So lets just say I was going out for a nice formal meal.
Normally I would just put a pair of jeans on, or maybe joggers, not really a good look but this is how I would have dressed.

So if I was going to smarten up, this is what I should be wearing

I love this suit.
The Gray cropped pants work really well with the white canvas pumps
Also the slim fitted, patterned blazer works really well with the light grey shirt and darker tie 

I could definitely see my self in this outfit - it is smart but also pretty slick.
I think the pumps are a must with this outfit but I don't know how long they would stay that white for.

I think Bradley Cooper works this suit well too
 Do you agree?

Next outfit

So that's the formal meal done
Now what about a suit for some high end dining

The suit I have picked is what I would love to see my self in
 But to be honest I don't think I will be off to any expensive restaurants any time soon

I have chosen the slim-fit dinner jacket 'Aden/Hit' by HUGO

The clean 1-button silhouette jacket looks amazing with the matching colour bow tie

I would feel like James Bond in this suit
But like I said this is what I would love to see my self in - I doubt I ever will though

But you never know.
Maybe if I ever have a spare £550 hanging around it could be mine!

Now I need some shoes
And the best thing is, I already have a lovely pair that I have never worn before.

My Freddy Flintoff''s by Jacamo (find them here)

These are a really comfy pair of shoes and they really look amazing.
They would look perfect with either a black or a nice light grey suit.

I now have the suit, the shoes, I think I need a nice time-piece to go with it all.

I don't really wear watches or any jewellery, but I think this outfit deserves to have a great watch with a WOW factor

As I said above if I had this suit on I would feel like James Bond so its only fitting that I wear a 007 style watch isn't it.

I don't really like the look of gold or silver on me which is probably why I don't like wearing jewellery
 So that being the case I've decided to go for this Black Storm Watch

Its called the Storm Satellite Vulcan Slate Watch
I told you its right up James Bond's street!

I think it looks amazing and would go perfectly with this suit and would be a real talking point if people were to catch even a glimpse of it.

I also think it would go with most outfits - even my casual ones (found in my recent posts.
And for around £177 its not a bad price for what it is.

What do you think?

Well I hope you enjoyed my post

Please feel free to comment

Carl B 

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