4 January 2015

2014 highlights

So on New Years Eve I was invited to the in laws for a little bit of a family get together to see the year out. 

It was a great night - more than enough food, loads to drink (even though I don't drink) well not very often.
Me and my brother- in-law manage to get a few games of FIFA 15 in before all the guests turned up too, which was a bonus.

It wasn't a big fancy party it was just a small gathering of grandparent,s cousins and other family members so, as usual I turned up in my weekend clothes - joggers and a hoodie.
But not my SnapBack this time as I always get told off by the father-in-law - because, as I've been told "it's rude to wear hats in the house" - which I normally ignore but this time I put a bit of product on my hair so I looked a bit smart.
I made a point of telling him that I'd done this for him too, and as he always does, he responded with "that's my boy" 

So the reason I wrote this post... 

We were all sat in the front room watching Queen perform with new lead singer Adam Lambert, who may I add is amazing.
Shame some of the older members of the family didn't agree, but each to their own.
I say as long as it gets the younger generation listening to Queen's legendary music it's got to be a good thing right?

So as I was saying, we were all sat together and someone suggested playing a game:
What's your favorite moment of 2014?

We had a wedding, a job promotion, starting Uni.

Then it was my turn 

What was my favorite moment of 2014?
To be honest I was stuck.  I didn't know what to say.

I haven't had a bad year but just nothing really stood out for me. 
Nothing special has happened at work,  I've not been on a holiday...

So I just kind of backed out of the question and agreed with the wedding answer. 
I got called a cop out but they quickly moved onto the the next person, so it worked!

We watched the count down and the amazing firework display, I had my usual cup of coffee and it was time to go home.

But the next day the question "What was my favorite moment of 2014?" was still playing on my mind and got me thinking I must have done something that stood out?

I had more time to think about it and wasn't put on the spot in front of  a room of people.
I had a long think and I decided that the main thing that stood out for me in 2014 was watching my nine year old son start playing rugby union after his rugby league summer season had finished, where, to be honest (and he agrees) he hasn't had his best season. 

He started slow and half way through the season and his confidence took a big knock.
He became uninterested and didn't make much effort on the pitch, which was a big shock because normally he was always on his toes ready for the action.

After a few months the season was over so I asked him if he fancied playing rugby union through the winter and to my surprise he said yes.
I did the necessary and searched for a local club and got the training times.

Unfortunately it was Thursday and training was a Wednesday, so we  missed this one, but to keep him keen I told the coach I would take him to watch the full game on the Sunday just so he could see how different union is from rugby league at that age group.

On the Saturday I got a text from the coach asking if my son would like to actually play!
Despite being a bit unsure due to not knowing any of the kids or the coaches or the change of rules my son said he would give it a go.

Sunday morning, we turned up and I asked a few people who I should speak to and my son introduced himself and then said "Oh no!" - some of his new team mates play for a rival team at rugby league.

The coach gave him his new kit and that was it, he ran off to join the warm up and all the boys were fantastic with him - they even recognized him from playing against him throughout the summer.

They all got on brilliantly.

He played two matches that day and got over the line in both to get a try and he tackled like a demon.
Well, that's how one of the parents described him anyway.

I was so proud of him and more importantly, he was so proud of himself.

He seemed to have his confidence back which was great.

Over the next few months he got better and better, growing in to a little rugby union star! 

So that was my favorite part of 2014 - watching my son regain his confidence and grow into an amazing little rugby talent.

What was your favorite part of 2014?
Let me know in the comments section below. 

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