30 January 2015

Page & Cooper

Hi guys today I would like to introduce to a company called


Page and Cooper are a specialist dealer of fine watches who also source and stock only the highest quality and most intriguing timepieces from around the 

Check out their webpage 

The company were founded on March 12th 2012 

And they have a small, but comfortable, air conditioned showroom where you can view their range of unique and individual timepieces

  I would like to introduce you to a couple of watches from the casual range which caught my eye when I was browsing though the website

If you have read my last fashion post you will know that I've never really been the biggest watch fan.
 But now I getting older and trying to smarten my image up I'm starting to appreciate them a lot more

Maybe I may get one in the near future (wife hint hint!)

The first watch I liked was

Elliot Brown

This is a Swiss made watch and I think it looks amazing.
The watch looks solid but not too bulky which is perfect if you were to wear it with a casual outfit

I think this watch would work if you were to wear it everyday, going about your every day life - work, going out socialising etc

It's not too smart but has a real stylish look about it
The colour blue really stands out, and as you can see from the photo, looks slick when it reflects the light

The watch has a 12 - hour chronograph movement and also has the date situated at 4 o'clock

The blue canvas strap look really robust which is a must if your are the type of person who loves the odd outdoor adventure like me!

The buckle looks really neat and stylish as well

I think you will agree with me it looks really good on!

The second watch I picked out is my absolute favorite from the website

It is the 

Elliot Brown

Please visit the main site for full details and prices.

This is another Swiss made watch.

And what I like about it is its' simplicity.

I'm not a big fan of the full silver looking watch so the all-black colouring really appeals to me and is something I would definitely invest in - if I had the money.

In fact the more I write about this watch the more I want it.

And that's coming from somebody who never wears watches - and doesn't even own one 

Although this watch looks very similar to the watch above the style and colour really sets it apart for me 

You can really tell this is no ordinary watch

I mean just look at the robust body of it and how it has been built

 You know with  the gunmetal PVD solid marine-grade 316L stainless steel case that it's going to last no matter the adventure it goes on.

For me, this watch would look great either with a casual outfit or with a really smart suit

It has the look of a sporty watch but also really classy

To be honest I don't think there's an outfit out there that it wouldn't go with - I could definitely see my self in my weekend comfy's joggers and hoody with this on my wrist!

So there you go - my two favourites from a website full of them.


In the casual watch section the price range is between £270 and £11,165.00

 The two watches I have picked to write about are on the more realistic side of my budget - if I were ever to splash out on a fancy watch.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I recommend you visit


and also check out their Twitter and Facebook pages

Please feel free to leave a comment below and click on my social media tags


29 January 2015

Enjoying life as a male blogger

I have just began my 4th week of blogging and I can not believe how much I am enjoying it.
Before I actually plucked up the courage to start my blog I was having serious doubts because I've never been know for expressing my opinions.

Also I think the only other time I have used a laptop is when I play Champ Manager 

I'm not known for my writing, spelling or even my punctuation, as you will probably come to notice if you have ever read my other posts.
But I think I am getting better.

I've even contemplated getting some English text books to read so I can see how to put things right and help me progress and become a more established blogger 

So on Friday the 2nd of January I did finally pluck up the courage to start my blog and to be honest I didn't have a clue where to start. But I was determined so I give it a go  

But because my wife has been blogging for over a year now I roped her in to getting me started.
I was really grateful for her help I would probably still be doing it now.

Later on that day my blog had a name, I had a new Twitter, and Facebook

So my next thing to do was write an introductory post!

I got started straight away and came up with this

See here (Getting started)

It was just a small post about myself just to let people know who I was and what I was all about and what my interests were  

It didn't take me long to finish.
But I had to check it over about 50 times, I didn't want to mess my first ever post up

When I was happy with it I hit the publish button!

That was it I was officially a blogger and now there was no stopping me.
I was so happy I had loads of ideas in my head about my next post and a few more after that

My wife said I was like a different man
In other words I wasn't been grumpy ha ha

 After a little play about I worked out how to share the links on my social media sites.
 So all 7 of my followers could read it.
I also added a couple of hashtags and my wife shared the post on Twitter with her followers.

All night I was glued to my laptop watching my blogger stats ha ha
I kept getting a tad excited when my view went up
The feeling was really nice.

But there's only so long you can look at a computer screen, so I went to bed

 When I woke up the next morning I turned my laptop on straight away even before I made a coffee which was definitely strange for me.

I was so happy when it said that 18 people had read my post.
It was a feeling of excitement and also shock

I also had 15 more followers on Twitter.
 I was made up.

It seemed strange that all of my followers were ladies but I didn't mind as long as they enjoyed my post that's all that mattered

I received a couple of tweets from followers saying hello and welcoming me to the blog world, which I thought was really nice

Over the next few days it kind of was the same story - I posted a few more new posts and I gained a few more followers.
 A couple were male followers but mainly ladies.

Everybody was being so supportive, RT my posts and leaving nice comments on my pages - some even recommending me to other bloggers and recommending others to me

 Also I was getting a fair few views which I was totally shocked about
And I was really pleased when my wife said she didn't get this many views on some of the post she published at first.

I must have been doing something right

I spent a bit of time searching for fellow male bloggers.
 I found a few and was introduced to a couple by friends I had made and from family members who are also bloggers

But I still noticed that about 95% of my followers were ladies

To get to know more bloggers I joined a few blog chats which now I love and try my best not to miss.
During one of these chats I met a fellow male called James I found his blog really good and really enjoyed reading it.
We still often tweet each other which is nice

When I was in the chats it was always pointed out by the female bloggers how nice it was to have male bloggers involved.

A few of the ladies were good friends with my wife
And found it funny that I was her Husband
Well, I was referred to "as her geek"!

By now it was my 3rd week of blogging and I had noticed other bloggers, and brands were showing a bit of interest in me.
The feedback I was receiving was awesome and to be honest I still couldn't believe anybody would ever be interested in what I had to say never mind really enjoy it.

I still do kinda think that I'm getting noticed more because I'm a male blogger
 But I hope some of it is to do with that I'm liked

Now I've just started my 4th week of blogging and I have published 12 posts and my following is growing every day

I have a fair few new male blogger friends
The percentage is still a lot higher to the females though I'd say about 90% now

In this short time I've made some good friends and hope to one day meet up with them

Becoming a blogger has got to be one of the best decisions I have ever made and I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me with open arms

The blog community is truly amazing

I hope you have enjoyed this post

Please feel free to leave a comment and hit the social media links

And if any of you know any more male bloggers please tell them about me or share my posts with them



28 January 2015

Father Son Bond

The importance of a father son bond is something that plays a big part in my life

I'm 32, and my son is 9 but because I'm a big kid at heart my self we share a lot of common interests
We Both play rugby, and I will admit he's far better at it than me.

 He hasn't really started watching it yet on TV but as he gets older I am hoping he will want to go to games more and hopefully watch more games on TV 

We are both big gamers too
 I don't think there's a day that goes by when either the Xbox360 or Xbox One isn't on in the house (obviously we monitor his time on the consoles so hes not on it too much)

There are a few games that we play together, including all of the Lego games

 Starting with the first one we played when he first started gaming

  Lego Indiana Jones
 Lego Harry Potter
 Lego Batman 
Lego Marvel Super Heros
 Lego The Hobbit
and Lego Lord Of The Rings

 All are great 2 player games where you get great interaction with each other, solving puzzles, working out how to find objects to make potions, finding different Lego pieces to build bridges, vehicles and all sorts of stuff.
All the real characters from the movies are in the games too.

 I would highly recommend any of these games if you or you child wanted something fairly easy to begin with  

Even the older generation of my family play these games and play them until they make sure they reach 100% complete too.

The game we are on with at the moment is Minecraft 

I bet if you have kids you will know what Minecraft is!

And if you don't I bet it's not long until you do!

To some parents, and I have had this said to me quite a few times before, the game is seen as pointless because "you are just putting blocks down"

It's far from that.
The knowledge of stuff my son has learnt from the game amazes me

 From the different materials needed to build and the survival skills

 And the stuff he builds with red stone circuits is just brilliant.

He once built automatic doors with levers and floor pressure plate activation's - which is funny because that's what I do for a living, fit automatic doors  

But what I love the most about Minecraft is when we play two player we both cuddle up on the sofa and talk about what we are going to build and then build it.

 We've built mansions, statues and our recent build is a massive castle

Its still work in progress

When we play two player the screen splits in half 
It even splits in to quarters if you have more than two players

We have great conversation whist building letting our imagination run wild 

When we have conversations it's like i'ts real life and we are actually in the game

It's great because if we get a bit bored or run out of ideas we just save it then go back to it at a later date with fresh new ideas. 

Another interest we both share is WWE 

Well I still call it WWF but he corrects me every time. 

Wrestling is a topic of conversation that we have in our household every day
 I can not remember the last time a day went by when we didn't talk about it.

All the latest shows get recorded and we catch up on them at the weekend but before the fight ends my boy tells me who wins because he watches it on YouTube through the week!

I also record the new Divas reality TV show - it's always good to catch up with what the ladies are up to :) 

Another thing we love to do together is look through the WWE encyclopedia that Santa delivered to him for Christmas it's amazing.

If Santa didn't bring you one I suggest you get one.

And I must say at a price of £23.99 it's a bargain!

We spend ages together looking through it so I can show him all the wrestlers I grew up watching which include

The Heart Foundation 
The Rockrs
British Bulldog 
Jake The Snake Roberts 
Hulk Hogan 
The Ultimate Warrior 

That's just naming a handful

But the thing is he knows more about them than me!

 From looking through his book and watching YouTube and also playing WWE 2k15 the latest wrestling game on the Xbox.

I refuse to play him on it now because he beats me every time

But I get my own back on FIFA 15 

Over Christmas we were at a family party and the topic of wrestling got brought up for some reason

 But I'm glad it did as my son found out that his great granddad's cousin was a famous British wrestler called Kid Chocolate - at one point he was Big Daddy's tag team partner 

What a Legend!

 Check the You Tube clip below 

I hope you enjoyed the post and for wrestling fans, I hope it brought back some great memories.

If so please comment below

25 January 2015

Aloe Vera Moisturising Mist

If you have read my recent posts you will know I'm on a bit of a health kick.
If you haven't have a look here 

I'm just getting in to my third week and things are going OK. There's only been a few days where I have skipped the healthy eating part but that's mainly because of my job.  Its hard working outside in the freezing temperatures that we have been having over the last few week and only having a chicken salad sandwich for dinner so I opted for a few nice, warm, unhealthy meals instead.

The other part of my health kick involves going to the gym and that's going really well. I've been at least four times a week and have been working really hard.
There have been a few days where I really can not be bothered going but my gym partner sends me about ten messages until I give in and get my butt off of the sofa to meet him.

I think having a gym partner is a really good idea. We are also best mates and have know each other over twenty years
We both give each other that extra push to maximise our efforts when working out.

But at the ripe old age of 32, the after effects of a hard work out take there toll on the body.
I don't ache too much, which might be down to eating a lot of high protein foods. But I do notice my skin starting to get a bit rough and dry in places
I've never been one to use moisturisers but I thought I may have to if my skin continues to stay dry

A few  days later I was over the moon when I was asked to review a couple of products - especially one perfect for my skin dilemma

The product was:

Passion For Natural  Aloe Vera Moisturising Mist

Found at http://www.passionfornatural.co.uk/

This headline says it all

From the gym to home, Passion For Natural's 100% organic Aloe Vera range hydrates and polishes skin
A light, refreshing spray - the perfect instance moisturiser

It sounded perfect for me and I couldn't wait to try it out...

So last Monday I got home from work.  I was tired and really didn't want to go to the gym but then I realised I had received a parcel
 Could this be the kick up the back side I needed to get me to the gym?

Yes it was - so I got my gym kit together and replied to of the many text's my gym partner had sent me and headed off to the gym

Then after my gym session I had my normal shower and got my new magic mist spray out
My best mate was like "what the hell is that?!"

When I explained to him that it was for my skin he was, "OK cool"

 When I was dry, being the good friend he is, he was more than happy to help me spray the product all over me
We got a few funny looks off of the other guys in the changing room but it didn't bother us

The applicator was really good it only took a light pull of the trigger and the mist sprays out, covering a large area of the body

It wasn't at all sticky and within about 30 seconds it had soaked into my skin, which was perfect because the changing rooms were freezing and I didn't fancy standing in just my shorts for much longer!

I put my clothes on and headed home

Then when I got home I purposely sat next to my wife to see if she could notice the amazing aroma of the Aloe Vera

And she did straight away, her reaction was "Wow you smell nice."

I just walked off with a smile on my face

The rest of the night I think I was annoying her though, with the constant

 "Feel my skin, does it feel soft?" every 5 minutes

But in fairness, it did feel really good.

So, the rest of the week I went to the gym another 3 times and I followed the same routine every time, but one of the nights I had to go alone, and realised that it was just has easy to use the spray by my self.

I did think of asking a random gym person for help, but I thought that may be a bit too much...

After 7 day of using the mist, my skin was feeling great - no dry spots and there was still plenty left in the bottle. which was awesome.

All in all, I would recommend this product for anybody who suffers with a bit of dry skin, or for anybody who just fancies a little freshener 

You will differently feel the affects after a few days.

I think I am going to check out the other products on the website too now.

If I do I will be sure to let you know what they are like

Hope you enjoyed the post - feel free to comment

Carl B

*product sent to review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own

23 January 2015

A New me

I So for my 3rd outfit post I wanted to write about something which is totally out of the norm for me.
But something that I would love to do more of in the future.

That is -Dress smart 

I will be honest with you I do own a suit but it's the one I got married in. It wasn't the most expensive suit in the world in fact it was really cheap from Matalan 
But as we eloped to get married, and at that time money was really tight, it was all I could afford
But I really liked the suit and wouldn't have wanted to get married in anything else. 

But in true Carl style I got married in a pair of nice pumps 

As this is my only suit, the pants and shirt get a lot of use, especially on special occasions.
I'm coming to the age now where I feel I should smarten my image up.

So this post is kind of a wish list of stuff I would love to get in the future which I think would suit my new bearded look

And the beard is here to stay!

Back to my post

So lets just say I was going out for a nice formal meal.
Normally I would just put a pair of jeans on, or maybe joggers, not really a good look but this is how I would have dressed.

So if I was going to smarten up, this is what I should be wearing

I love this suit.
The Gray cropped pants work really well with the white canvas pumps
Also the slim fitted, patterned blazer works really well with the light grey shirt and darker tie 

I could definitely see my self in this outfit - it is smart but also pretty slick.
I think the pumps are a must with this outfit but I don't know how long they would stay that white for.

I think Bradley Cooper works this suit well too
 Do you agree?

Next outfit

So that's the formal meal done
Now what about a suit for some high end dining

The suit I have picked is what I would love to see my self in
 But to be honest I don't think I will be off to any expensive restaurants any time soon

I have chosen the slim-fit dinner jacket 'Aden/Hit' by HUGO

The clean 1-button silhouette jacket looks amazing with the matching colour bow tie

I would feel like James Bond in this suit
But like I said this is what I would love to see my self in - I doubt I ever will though

But you never know.
Maybe if I ever have a spare £550 hanging around it could be mine!

Now I need some shoes
And the best thing is, I already have a lovely pair that I have never worn before.

My Freddy Flintoff''s by Jacamo (find them here)

These are a really comfy pair of shoes and they really look amazing.
They would look perfect with either a black or a nice light grey suit.

I now have the suit, the shoes, I think I need a nice time-piece to go with it all.

I don't really wear watches or any jewellery, but I think this outfit deserves to have a great watch with a WOW factor

As I said above if I had this suit on I would feel like James Bond so its only fitting that I wear a 007 style watch isn't it.

I don't really like the look of gold or silver on me which is probably why I don't like wearing jewellery
 So that being the case I've decided to go for this Black Storm Watch

Its called the Storm Satellite Vulcan Slate Watch
I told you its right up James Bond's street!

I think it looks amazing and would go perfectly with this suit and would be a real talking point if people were to catch even a glimpse of it.

I also think it would go with most outfits - even my casual ones (found in my recent posts.
And for around £177 its not a bad price for what it is.

What do you think?

Well I hope you enjoyed my post

Please feel free to comment

Carl B 

20 January 2015

The British Tag

Earlier this week I got a twitter notification off Aymie that I had been Tagged! 
I didn't have a clue what it was.  At first I thought "Oh crap, what have d I done?"

I had to know more so I had a good read of Aymie's post and realised it was another one of those tags that have been circulating for a LONG time.

With me still only being new to the blog world I was really happy that I had been tagged 

I got nominated last week for the Liebster Award and had so much fun writing that post. 
If you haven't yet seen it here you go

So The British Tag is basically a few British themed questions which are passed around by bloggers, by tagging your friends or random bloggers once you have answered them yourself.

I couldn't wait to get started - I have become to love this sort of post  

So here it goes 

Q1: How many cups of tea a day do you have and how many sugars do you have?

A1: I don't drink tea too often I'm more of a coffee lover. Don't get me wrong I love a good cup of tea and really enjoy it when I do have one.
I always have two sugars in both as well 

Q2: Favourite dunking biscuit?

A2: It's got to be a chocolate bourbon it's got great durability when dipped in to a piping hot cuppa!
Also tastes awesome soggy in both tea and coffee  

Q3: Favourite part of your roast?

A3: My favourite part the roast is the whole roast I don't think I have ever left anything on my plate!
 And if there is any gravy left on my plate, I either drink or lick it off. 
I'm also a big Yorkshire pudding lover - I am a master when making them too, they always turn out huge 
I've been known to eat eight in just one sitting 

Q4: Favourite quintessentially British pass time?

A4: Playing Rugby its a big part of my life and now my Son's life 

Q5: Favourite word?

A5: I don't think I have one but if I did I would probably spell it wrong 

Q6: Cockney rhyming slang?

A6: Isn't that another language they speak down south!
Me being a true Yorkshire man I don't speak a word of it 

Q7: Favourite sweet?

A7: As a kid I was a big sweet fan there was nothing better than gong to the shop with a pound and getting a can of pop a chocolate bar and a quarter of sweets
 You don't get that much for a pound anymore.
I always went for a quarter of Yorkshire mixture I was gutted if I only got one pear drop in the packet as they were my favourite 

Q8: What would your pub be called?

A8: Great question maybe something like 
Bakers Ale House 
But To be honest its something I've nether thought about 

Q9: Who's your favourite British person?

A9: My favourite British person is my son-  he's amazing I love his little Yorkshire accent 

Q10: Favourite shop/restaurant?

A10: I don't really have a favourite shop,  maybe games workshop for my geeky side 
And my favourite restaurant I'd say any curry shop 
I'm from Bradford, the curry capital of England 

Q11: What British song pops into your head?

A11: The spice girls Wanna Be 
Geri looked awesome in that Union Jack dress do you agree?

Q12: Marmite?

A12: I've never eaten marmite by its self

 But frequently I use it in the slimming word Spag Bol recipe it adds a really good flavor to it 

So there you have it - my answers
I really hope you have enjoyed my post if so please feel free to leave a comment below!

I Tagged the two brothers



17 January 2015

Smart casual

If you have read my other posts you will know I don't dress like your average 32 year old 
But if you haven't take a look  here  and here

I live in casual clothes most of the time - its only the odd occasion where I kind of smarten my self up a bit
But since I have started blogging I have noticed that a lot of the male bloggers look amazing and are always dressed really smart.

I must admit I am a bit jealous

So as my last outfit post was about the casual outfit I would wear I think I'd better do one a little bit smarter.

You never know I may get invited to a bloggers meet up or maybe an event so it would be nice to smarten up a little - but not too much.

I wear clothes that I think look good and I feel most comfortable in and if others think I look daft then never mind, I'll live.

To be honest I would pick an outfit I felt more comfortable than I would thought looked good, but that's just me

Comfort is key

I remember once going out for a family meal and dressing smart but I couldn't enjoy my self at all.
I felt agitated all the way thought it.
The pants I were wearing were a good fit but once I sat down at the table they became too clingy and were bugging the hell out of me.
I also had a really nice Ted Baker jumper on but I became too hot and that was just getting on my nerves too.

I can't even remember if the meal was any good or not, which I was gutted about because I'm a big food lover, the outfit annoyed me that much.

The outfit for me has got to be trendy, comfy and look smart so lets see if I can put one together

Once again I will start at the bottom and make my way up to the top
(not a Drake reference)

So for footwear I would want something that looks fresh, not too in your face and not shiny, I hate shiny trainers and pumps - the only footwear that should be shiny are shiny shoes,

So I've gone with these

Nike Primo Court Trainers


They look clean and fresh not too much colour but also not dull.
What I like about Nike trainers it that if you have a wide foot like me they are perfect, and for less than £30 they are well worth it - in fact on pay day I'm going to order some

Now for some smart looking comfy pants - this should be fun

As you know I normally would stay away from the high st stores but I'm really struggling with this one so I'm afraid this time I will be shopping there.

I decided I'm going to go for a nice smart pair of light wash jeans from Topman

They are not scruffy looking and are neither baggy or skinny and will look perfect with the trainers above
The light wash look gives them that just used look - but not too used

  They have a nice straight leg and meet the footwear perfectly
There's nothing I hate more than pants that tie or are elasticated at the bottom

And not too bad at £36


Now for the top half

Do I go for a nice smart shirt or a smart t-shirt?

I'd go for something like this from ASOS

A nice short sleeved Hawaiian boat print shirt
I mean it's a shirt that makes it smart and a nice print that has to put it in the casual category

I must admit the guy in the pic pulls it of big time.  Maybe I need some tattoos as well

At £15 it's a bargain


Now a nice light jacket to go with it

I think this slim fit blazer from ASOS would go with the outfit perfect
 I love the cut of it and the light oatmeal colour is awesome
  It wouldn't take the attention away from the shirt and at £55 it's reasonably priced

Also a nice sea blue coloured handkerchief would add a nice edge to it also

So there you have it my casual smart outfit
 Its not the smartest but its a big step up from what I normally wear and I think it has got a touch of my personality

Let me know what you think and please feel free to comment

Carl B  


15 January 2015

Dressing Casual for

I wanted to do a fashion post but was unsure what fashion route I wanted to go down for my first one 
Do I go for the easy option by doing one with the top brands I could never afford 
Or do go through the high street store web sites and pick out clothes that everybody else wears 

No chance! 

One, I will never be able to buy all the top bands 
And two I'm not one to shop in the high streets stores, I'm more of an independent label kinda guy

Then I had to decided what sort of look I would go for
Do I go casual?  Do I go for the smart look?  Do I go smart casual?
Or maybe something to wear on a night out? Or do I even do what I think looks good on the opposite sex?

Then I had to think about what sort budget I could use to make it realistic to my lifestyle 

I had a long hard think and I decided to do a number of posts over the next few weeks using a mixture of the above.

I decided my first post will be a casual look for a male on a budget of £110 and not a penny over 
Its gong to be something I would wear and has to include footwear, pants, tops, and maybe something to accessorise
Yep ladies it;s not just you who accessorise 

I may even have a look through some of the clothing brands who have started following me on twitter as I have seen loads of great clothes over the last week and half that I've been blogging 

So lets start at the bottom 

For a casual look I would want my footwear to look smart but also look slick and be super comfy 

I not one to spend hundreds of pounds on trainers anymore don't get me wrong when I was younger and had more expendable cash I wouldn't think twice about blowing £100 + on a pair but things are different now so I look for bargains
As I said above I don't normally shop in high street store but for trainers I have to.

In the past I bought quite a lot of trainers from TK MAX

I find if you look hard enough there's a bargain to be found
And I was right I came across these and at £29.99

Black Puma Suede

If you ask me you can not go wrong with a pair of Puma Suede 
They have recently come back into fashion over the last few years I had a few pairs back in the day


Over the last few years I have struggled in this department
I have always had big legs (people my call them chunky, I say powerful)
So getting a pair of pants to fit right was a struggle most jeans were a no go due to me having to always buy a bigger waist size so they weren't too tight on the legs
But then it looked like a had a baggy arse - which is no good
If you ask me you need to have a quite good looking BUTT!

So I need a comfy pair of pants not too tight but not baggy
To meet this need, over the last few years, I've had to wear a kind of tapered chino style trouser and to be honest I find the cheaper ones fit my large legs the best

With the tapered look they almost look fitted

So my ideal pair are these ASOS Tapered Chino's

And at £20 you can not go wrong

For me the black Puma's will look perfect with these.  The hem would lie perfeclyt on top of them
But please don't wear a white sock like the guy in the picture

Lets add a bit of colour

For me the top is the focal point of any outfit so it needs to stand out.
 I don't mean it has to be a bright jazzy top it just has to be one of a kind

I'm not a big jumper wearer, I do own a couple but I am more likely to be seen wearing a T-shirt

If you have read my other posts you will already know I am a big fan of this clothing line

(If not check it here) 


The white background lets the logo stand out to it's full potential and would contrast perfectly with the black trousers

And at £19.99 I would normally buy two at a time

I have a few Boisht T-shirts and all are really good fitting tops
 A couple are a few years old and still hold great shape after millions of washes

As we are in the middle of winter I think a jacket, or maybe a hoody is a must, but it would have to be a zipped one - you need to open it to show the T-shirt off

As I stated above, I have come across some great clothing stores on twitter, either I followed them or they followed me.
Either way, I've seen some great items

This one stood out a mile for me and I even tweeted them to tell them as I was that excited about it

The name of the clothing line is


And this is the item

I think this top would make the outfit and also keep you snug

 I love the logos and it looks like a great fit

And at £35 it;s a reasonable price too.

So far the outfit comes to £105 and I know I did mention above that I may add an accessory

But I'd rather spend that last £5 on a footlong meatball sub with all the trimmings!
Well, no gherkin or olives

 So that's my casual outfit for £110
I know it may not be everybody's taste but it is to mine

Let me know what you think

Is it something you would wear or want your partner to wear?

Hope you enjoyed this post if so please leave a comment

Carl B


13 January 2015

Liebster Award

So it was a normal Monday night after a busy weekend of work and kids rugby.
I just wanted to relax, as the weekend normally takes it out of me.
So I decided the gym was a no go and it was going to be a night on the sofa watching TV.

I was watching The Voice, which I had recorded from Saturday night and decided to have a look through my Twitter feed, as you do. 

With me only being new to the blogging world I like to read through as many followers blogs as possible.
I've never been known to be much of a reader in the past but I've started to really enjoy it.

I was on my 4th post when I came across one titled 

The Liebster Award

It sounded interesting - I wondered what the blogger had won.
 I had to read through it 

So I started to read it and soon came to realise it was like a pass on nomination post.

Which was cool

 I'd never heard of anything like it before.
  Each nominated person has to abide by the same rules 

Rules (Copied from Aymie Barton's blog):
  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions given by the nominator.
  • Nominate 11 small blogs (under 200 followers) who you think deserve this award.
  • Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  • Notify nominees via social media/blogs. 

On with the rest of the post

The 11 questions were really good and the answers given by Aymie Barton were great.
This nomination post is a really good way of getting to know the person who wrote the post 

So as I was getting to the end of the post I came across a list of names of bloggers who had been nominated.
I read down the list and I came a across a blokes name and I thought to my self - great another male blogger I can add.

 That's one thing I have come to learn - there are a lot more female bloggers out there than male.
So obviously I had to click on his name, which was a great name may I add - it was the same as mine.

 I clicked on his name to see where the link would take me. 


It was me

 To be honest I freaked out a bit when my fuzzy face appeared on my screen because I really didn't expect it.  I was really shocked and at the same time pleased with my self that somebody I have never met may of actually liked my pages and thought I deserved a nomination.

So thank you Aymie Barton for the nomination 

Now it was time to answer the questions that were set for me 

Q1 •  What type of music do you listen to? Include examples

A1 •  I listen to all types of music to be honest I don't dislike any.
 I'm not the type of person to turn a song off if I don't like it I just ride it out and wait for the next.
But growing up I always listened to RAP and RnB
 I used to hide my Snoop Dog "The Dog Pound" tape away from my parents because it had loads of bad words in it and I wasn't allowed to listen to it.
My taste in music has kind of stayed the same but I prefer UK artists now and the one I listen to most is a guy called Jack Flash from Huddersfield - he is one of a kind.
I love songs which tell a story and that are meaningful and Jack Flash's music ticks them boxes.

 Check out his on't sofa session "There No More", its my number one song from 2014


Q2 • What is your favorite movie?

A2 • I'm a big movie fan I like movies like Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit haven't seen the latest one yet)
 But my all time favorite has to be BraveHeart - I've seen it more times than I can remember
It has all the attributes a great movie needs.
 I once went to a fancy dress party dressed as William Wallace and just walked around the pub shouting "FREEDOM!"

Q3 • What three places would you put at the top of your travel bucket list?

A3•  Easy question to answer 
1: New York. But it would have to be at Christmas - you've all seen Home Alone, enough said!

2: Egypt. I remember as a kid always wanting to travel there.  I would of loved to venture through the pyramids and stuff like that - escaping with the Pharaohs gold without getting cursed by the evil spirits.

3: Australia. I don't know why but I have just always wanted to go, maybe just to spend all day on the beach or something like that  

Q4 • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

A4 • I would change my teeth I've not got bad ones they are just small - so maybe have them a bit bigger.

Q5 • What's your dream job?

A5 • My dream job would be something like a youth worker.
I'd love to work with kids as I'm a big one my self.
 I coached my son's rugby team from under 7s to half way through the under 8 season and I loved interacting with them and the respect that they showed me.
 It was like we were all best mates.

Q6 • Who is your hero/inspiration? 

A6 • To be honest I don't really have one.  When I was growing up I went though some hard times so I just used to chill by myself,  listening to music - especially Eminem and TQ .
Not really inspirations but they played a big part in my life 

Q7 • What's your biggest fear?

A7 • A tough question
 I'm really scared of spiders, does that count? 

Q8 • your favorite season?

A8 • It's got to be summer I hate cold weather 

Q9 • Sweet or savoury? 

A9• Sweet.  All day long that question has made me hungry, I could really eat some jam sponge and custard!
But I'm on a diet so it's a no go.

Q10 . Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

A10 • To be honest I ain't got a clue what it means! So my answer is I haven't got a clue 

Q 11• Why did you start blogging?

A11 • I started blogging because I've seen how happy it's made my wife over the last year so I thought stuff it, I will have a go and I can see why she has been so happy.
 She said she has even noticed a real change in me
Check her blog page out its amazing 


Now I have answered all the questions it is time to nominate some my self

I've just picked a few random bloggers and a few I have come to know over the last week 
 As I'm a newbie I don't know that many 

guy with the owl tattoo
Mr Makeup
The Gentleman

My questions are:

Q1 • What would you prefer 2,000 random followers so your blog looks good to brands, or 200 followers who love reading your posts?

Q 2•  What have you really wanted to post about but have not had the guts to do?

Q3 • What's your guilty pleasure?

Q4 • What's your favorite take away meal - please list what you would order and where from?

Q5 • If you were one of the last 2 people on Earth who would you want the other to be?

Q6 • Are you happy?

Q7 • What is your favorite TV programme?

Q8 • What is your favorite game? (can be either a computer game or board game)

Q9 • Out of 10 what would you rate your blog page? (10 being awesome)

Q10 • If your entire life was a blog post what would the title be?

Q11 • Did you like this post? (Be nice remember I'm a newbie)

I look forward to reading your post

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it

 Let me know what you think 

Carl B
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