23 December 2015

The perfect winter jumper

It's officially freezing outside, so this means only one thing... Get the jumpers and all those warmer clothes out from the back of the wardrobe.

I've never been the biggest jumper fan really but I do own a couple but I don't really wear them much because I always feel too restricted in them and I hate feeling too warm.

But Christmas is the time to be jolly and all of the people who wear novelty jumpers look great and really festive.
My wife actually owns quite a few now, from fairly plain ones with Santa's on to an awesome one complete with a fireplace which looks as though it is alight due to it's battery operated effects.
This year she has a really cool lime green one with a huge Grinch face splashed across the front...it reminds me a little of myself.

I'm seriously lacking in the festive jumper department and this year I wanted to join in on the action a little bit but typically I still couldn't find a novelty jumper I liked so I decided on one which looks smart, isn't too thick but still has a little bit of a festive look.

So I went for the Luke 1977 Hortons grey Cable Knit Sweater From Woodhouse.

Woodhouse have been around for 40 years with a boutique in Notting Hill.

The Woodhouse website is packed with amazing items and is definitely a site which I will be heading back to in the New Year - you guys should check it out too.

Right, now back to my jumper.

 The jumper is constructed from a cable knot cotton jersey and features a crew neck collar, long sleeves, ribbed cuffs and a straight hem and as with all to the Luke 1977 clothes it has the signature logo sitting proudly on the chest.

I know it's not the most festive jumper in the world but it is a start and who knows, I may get myself a novelty one at some point.

The jumper is quite thick but doesn't seem so when it is on, in fact I think it feels quite light and not too clingy at all which is perfect for me.

To bring a festive element I decided to wear the jumper whilst decorating the tree...OK...I tell a lie, I just stood next to the tree and pretended to add some tinsel to pose for a few photos, my wife actually started (and finished) the tree and we didn't even use tinsel!

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* I was sent the jumper for review, all pictures and opinions are my own.

18 December 2015

Christmas gift guide

I can not believe how close it is to Christmas - this year has gone so fast! 

If you are totally unorganised like me then you will have left it very late to go out and grab those last few things and get them sent off to Santa in time for the big day.

But there is still time.

I have put together a little gift list in the hope that if you as laid back as me, it will help you get some last minute things quickly so your friends and family don't have to miss out.

I've also added a couple of things I would love to find in my pressie pile on the big day and these may be ideas for things you could grab for a partner or Dad too.

There's also a few bits for that person who's just had a new addition into the family...like me.

Anybody who knows me knows I'm a big shoe lover and have quite a nice selection of brogues going on at the moment.
This Ted Baker brogue note book from Amara is the perfect shoe-match for me and it also helps to keep me organised and still looking really manly and really quite stylish.

The attention to detail is quite amazing, I love the parrot images on the inside and the bright blue colour is really bright and attention grabbing.
This book will come in very handy for me jotting down all my important blog related notes inside of the A5 size lined pages.
And like any good note book you will never lose the page you are on with the black and gold satin ribbon page saver.

To be honest, the whole book screams out elegance and is a perfect gift idea.

Next up there is a perfect gift idea for the gentleman in your life who loves to look after his shoes.

It has got everything needed to keep those fancy shoes looking clean and fresh.

Gentleman's Hardware Shoe buff Shine kit from Amara

I really do like to take pride in how I dress and will never leave the house in a pair of scuffed, muddy shoes, so this little gift will be definitely getting a lot of use.

It is in such a compact little holder it could be taken out on your travels too.

If you follow me on social media of are a frequent reader of my blog then you will know that my life is super busy at the moment with the arrival of my little girl willow who is 9 weeks old today.

I can not think of anything better really than having a few personalised items around the house for her which we can keep and show to her when she gets older.

This is something we did for my son who is 10 year old now and he loves getting them out and looking through them all.

Creating memories is so important - which is why I love this so much

Personalised Oak Photo Keepsake Cube from Treat Republic

This cube is perfect because you can add you favourite photos to each of five sides and they are easily changeable.

The lid can be removed and special little keepsakes, like first lock of hair, can be kept inside it.

It has also got her full name and date of birth across the lid which is a great touch...and it means even I shouldn't ever forget her birthday now.

Another great personalised gift for the new arrival are these Personalised baby wash cloth bundle from Treat Republic 

They are 100% cotton wash cloths and are super soft - perfect for delicate baby skin.
This set includes three personalised, same sized face cloths, with her name stitched on in pink letters (the lettering comes in blue if you fancy that too).

These are perfect for my little girl who really loves her bath time. 

I love the next item so much - a Personalised Christmas Star  from Icedrainbow

This is great, it is so simple but definitely super cute and the fact that it's personalised is perfect - it is something I will be keeping inside of the the keepsake photo box that features in this post too.

It will take pride of place on our Christmas tree, right next to our sons First Christmas bauble which we get out every year too.

Icedrainbow have a wide range of items on offer and cater for all kinds of needs - from personalised keepsakes like this brilliant star to cake toppers as well as jewellery and they also offer a brilliant bespoke service.

We all deserve to shine brightly, and the star decoration was created to do just that - to capture the perfect moments (like a baby's first Christmas) to hang on the tree for many years to come.

I really hope you have enjoyed this little gift guide and that it has helped you out a little bit.

If you are looking for something a little different but still along these lines, make sure you check out the other things available on the website's of all three companies because they are packed with great gift ideas.

I was sent the gifts to review, all pictures and opinions are my own.

9 December 2015

Enjoying A Spa Day

A lot of you will probably know that my life has just become really busy lately due to the birth our baby girl Willow.
You girls don't need me telling you, but it's a tough 9 months being pregnant, well I'm only going of what my wife says.
To be honest I don't think I could cope carrying all of the added weight around, I feel uncomfortable if I've eaten to much and my pants and shirt become too tight. 

But like I said, its been a tough 9 months for her so a treat was definitely in order.

What better treat is there than a spa day? 

Yep that's right spa days are amazing and I was really happy that I'd be invited to Alexandra House in Huddersfield to review some of the treatments they offer.


You didn't think I was going to treat the wife did you?
I didn't think you had to do that stuff anymore especially when you have been together so long.

I'm not really that bad of an husband, I've promised I will get her booked it at some point.

So lets talk a bit about Alexandra House.

Alexandra House is a holistic spa in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.
Their beautiful spa days offer you blissful pampering in a magical peaceful setting. 

Sounds perfect...so let me show you and tell you how I got on, and lets see if I came away relaxed, pampered, revitalised and refreshed.

When I first arrived I was really impressed with the building and the surrounding gardens, it wouldn't look out of place in the stunning countryside somewhere.

I was told by the owner that the leaves had only just fallen the day before and I think they give the place a real rustic feel.

Alexandra House offer an amazing amount of treatments but I opted for the back massage and hot foot soak because my back has been in a bad way since I was involved in a quite nasty car accident.
I've struggled of late with sleeping and getting comfortable in general, so I was hoping that this was going to help.

After I got my self booked in (which was nice and quick) I was directed towards the mens changing room to change in to my robes.

When changed, I was directed to the relaxation room, where I could enjoy a nice beverage - I chose a refreshing smoothie which came with an amazing shortbread biscuit.
The room had a real calm aura about and just screamed out
"I'm comfy, park your backside and relax"

After a few minutes my first treatment started.

My feet were left to soak in the hot water for around 10 minutes whist I sat back and relaxed and then they were dried off my a member of staff.
The room was so nice and definitely relaxing, I could have stayed in there a long longer than I did but I was invited to the treatment room to start my main treatment - the back massage. 

Once again the room was so calm and relaxing, this theme spread all through the spa which is a must if you are wanting to feel at ease during your stay.

I can not say much about the back massage because I think I fell asleep, which was totally out of character for me, especially lately as it has been taking me a couple of hours a night just to get comfy.

All I remember was laying down and feeling a nice bit of light pressure on my back, working all my tense areas which went on for around 10 minutes and then for the next 20 minutes I don't remember anything until the member of staff who was performing the treatment said she was going to leave the room so I could put my gown back on.

Which shows how relaxed I was I think.

I was then invited to another room where I had a nice glass of ice cold water and was told to take as much time as I needed to come round.

It was great.

To sum up my time at Alexandra House I can only say good things.
If you looking for a place to get away from the outside world and put all you worries to one side, this is the place for you.

It has a real sense of calmness and relaxation throughout - I didn't leave disappointed anyway.

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I was invited to the spa to review, all pictures and opinions are my own.

3 December 2015

A Formal Christmas Party Outfit


How is Christmas only a few weeks away? 

For me, a father of two now, this is one of my favourite times of the year.
Not only do I get to spend a lot of time at home with my family but we also spend quite a bit of time with our extended family, whether it be going to their houses or going out for meals together.

And this year I am hoping to be doing more of the same.

For me, family time is so important and spending time with each other on these special occasions is key for a great Christmas.
This is why the family on my wife's side always go out for a big Christmas lunch at the same place every year and have done so for years and years - I've been going ever since me and my wife got together and this will be my son's eleventh time going now (he was a month old on his first trip) but this year will be extra special because we have just had a baby girl and she will be coming to join in the fun and continue the tradition.

So with all these factors coming in to play, Christmas, parties, food, family and of course plenty to drink, it means only one thing, well one thing that I especially like to do anyway, and that's "dress for the occasion".

The venue isn't a super posh place where you have to dress in your smartest attire but people tend to really make the effort, there's always a good mix of festive jumpers or men in their smartest shirt and ties and then there's the ladies, who always look amazing - especially my wife.

I suppose it's more of a formal/casual type of a dress code.

We always buy new outfits for the day and this year I don't want things to change, so I'm going to make my outfit extra special, I mean I'd better keep up with my "male fashion influencer" status now hadn't I
(I have actually been told I've become this since I started my blog and I will take that compliment any day)

Let me introduce you then to the outfit I will be wearing this year and also tell you where you can get one just like it.

The items are all from the Debenhams Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant Designer department and by J at Jasper Conran.

First up, my trousers.
If you have read older posts of mine then you will know I'm all about the comfort with trousers so this year I have gone for the Hammond &Co. grey raw denim slim fit jeans.

These are a really comfy fit for a jean - perfect for a long day sat down at the table.

And like I said above, it will be a fairly formal dinner so whilst I don't want to be overly smart I still want to look the part so I'm going for a really nice waistcoat which is the J by Jasper Conran Navy wool blend checked waistcoat.

I love the detail in the woollen check on the front of this waistcoat.
The navy blue complements the grey jeans really well and is perfect for the festive season. I'll be wearing it over a long sleeve shirt which also has a hint of blue in it's pattern.

When I put together an outfit I like to try have a focal point, whether it be a stunning pair of shoes, a nice pair of stylish trainers or even just a nice statement t-shirt - something to make everything stand out a little.
This time I wanted to finish my outfit off with a nice colourful tie, which would definitely add detail to the outfit and make it a little bit more formal.

The tie I chose is the Hammond & Co Gold polka dot silk tie

I think the tie certainly is a focal point, a kind of "Look at me, I'm amazing" type of a tie.
The colour of tit really stands out, yet goes so perfectly with the rest of the outfit. 

What do you think of the whole lot together?

Well, if you like it and think that this is the outfit for you then check out the products in more detail by giving the links a little click.

Also, if you are to visit your local Debenhams store then make sure you check out their gift guides available to help choose gifts for loved ones #foundit

I think I'll be using them to help me sort out something nice for the wife this year...I need all the help I can get...


this post is in collaboration with debenhams, all photos and opinions are my own.
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