My name is Carl I'm a 33 year old Father and Husband 

I love all things sporty - I'm still an active rugby player and also love visiting the gym
I'm still trying to keep fit 

I really enjoy most things to do with mens fashion and have my own kind of laid back, quirky style
And I'm hoping to really smarten my image up in the near future 

I'm a big fan of Rap music and UK hip hop and always support local talent

I'm a big kid at heart and love all types of gaming - me and my son spend many hours together on the XBox One and 360 

I also have a bit of a geeky side I love playing table top war games and painting miniatures

I love my little blog and I'm loving every minute of it 

It's something I never thought I would be able to do 

So join me on my little adventure - me giving "A Bloke's Eyeview" 

Hope you enjoy 


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  2. Good work accidentally deleting my comment.
    It said something like this... "I like that you capitalised Father and Husband. :] "


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